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From the streets of NYC and also in-studio, a unique, pleasantly insane talk show about pop culture, food, technology, the mysteries of the universe, and a whole lot more.

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Options September 19, 2009: Night Photography of Buildings
Topics include noodles, pastry, toy review ("BuckyBalls"), semi-dangerous magnetic spheres, Super Snack Time ("Blendy", "Legendarny Smak", "Cucu", "Magic Wave"), hunting, fishing, noodles, Paul is dead, tattoos, "Axcess Magazine" from 1994, old $5 bill, early CD-R drive, Kai's Power Tools, KPT Bryce, Hotline, WFMU Booze Cruise, bachelorette auction cruise in the early 90s, canasta, mysterious lights in the sky, fake alien invasion, and a whole lot more. NYC recordings: Ticket Ordeal (8/31/09) 25:32, Computer Repair (6/16/09) 29:21, Switch (8/27/09) 16:57. Phone call with Jim Sally from Canada. Pinball Corner with "Spring Break", "Excalibur", "Monte Carlo", "Mousin' Around!", "Mystery Castle". (13)

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Artist Track Album Label Year Approx. start time
Matthias Becker and Klaus Stühlen  Minimoog   Options Vintage Synths Vol. 1  Originalton West  1990  0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Tree Bag Ask  The Dark Yellow Radio   Options no album  self-released  2008  0:26:23 (Pop‑up)
Guitari  Thirteen   Options Work In Progress  self-released  2000  0:48:20 (Pop‑up)
Fuzzy Daupner  Only Saw Trucks   Options Modern Sapling  self-released  2000  0:49:48 (Pop‑up)
Tree Bag Ask  The Diskette Fever   Options no album  self-released  2008  1:53:43 (Pop‑up)
Auber, Soprano and Tenor Orchestra Accompaniment  Fra Diavolo   Options no album  Edison Records  circa 1910  2:24:56 (Pop‑up)
Brandon General  Soldier   Options no album  self-released  2009  2:28:21 (Pop‑up)
Carrie Engdahl  You'll Never Win   Options Another Sunday Morning  self-released  2006  2:35:30 (Pop‑up)
Amanda  Chaos   Options no album  self-released  1989  2:39:07 (Pop‑up)
Billy Murray  Gasoline Gus   Options no album  Edison Records  1915  2:51:10 (Pop‑up)
Tree Bag Ask  The Gill Lane Saga   Options no album  self-released  2008  3:28:09 (Pop‑up)
Matthias Becker and Klaus Stühlen  Minimoog   Options Vintage Synths Vol. 1  Originalton West  1990  3:54:04 (Pop‑up)
bryan, hockinfinger, rawax, mikerman  Gee/Ear Candy   Options no album  self-released  2005  3:55:48 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  Sat. 9/19/09 2:00am JimSally519:

  Sat. 9/19/09 2:01am Brian Jude:

  Sat. 9/19/09 2:01am JimSally519:

Good Evening Frankie!
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:02am Scott Crawford:

Hey HEY hey!
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:02am peetyL:

  Sat. 9/19/09 2:03am Brian Jude:

L'shanah tovah, everyone!
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:04am Rampler:

Welcome to the show!! I have dangerous magnets
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:04am JimSally519:

So how is everyone... im pretty messed up right now.... and the track looking back... with my little green bag
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:05am Derek J:

Hey, glad I could make it this week!
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:05am Scott Crawford:

Dangerous magnets? In a studio? That could be bad.
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:05am JimSally519:

Please start Usream and show magnets... but dont hold them oo close to the camera
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:07am anonymous:

play some BG
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:07am Brian Jude:

Not sure how long I'm going to last. Been up since 5:30 AM EDST and fading fast...
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:07am peetyL:

D0n't use danger0us magnets, Frank: I have a plate in my skull!!!
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:07am Scott Crawford:

This is brilliant.
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:08am JimSally519:

i should be good all night... i had a frankie power nap after work
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:09am Brian Jude:

"Put the energy out there" seems to be a recurring theme I keep hearing. Something I need to put into practice!"
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:10am Scott Crawford:

I always wonder what people think when they've never heard the show before, are tuning into WFMU to listen to whatever they usually play, and hit a segment like this.
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:11am Jan Erik:

I for one is pretty good JimSally, all set this morning, have my instant noodles, waterheater and energy drink all ready to go, and got in a *beep* break during the opening music :P
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:11am Scott Crawford:

This is definitely one of the best on-location Rampler segments ever, though. Thanks for enduring this for us, Frank!
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:12am Brian Jude:

Jim - I usually am able to nap. Not tonight. Had a dinner party and subsequent clean-up. Will be entering the dishwasher soon. I think Rampler listeners should have show chores too! ;^)
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:14am JimSally519:

i normally burn dvds when i listen to the rampler
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:17am Derek J:

I've got a Sudoku book along with tea and a dessert to have while listening
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:17am JimSally519:

it weird not having the u stream running? i wonder what kind of magnets frank has?
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:18am Allen P:

hi everybody - I'm Allen short-time listener first time chatter. What's with the math questions huh?
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:18am JimSally519:

im more of a peggle guy myself
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:18am Rampler:

these magnets rule
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:19am peetyL:

Peggle is for babies. And for ME, too...
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:20am JimSally519:

the math ques are dumb you have to do it everytime you post.... it does help keep you awake however
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:20am peetyL:

  Sat. 9/19/09 2:22am Allen P:

Yeah JimSally519 Math does help keep one awake, maybe it's a good thing
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:23am JimSally519:

maybe instead of going to timmys in tha AM for coffrr... ill just do some flash cards instead
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:27am Scott Crawford:

Ahhh, Timmy's. I miss Canada already. Thankfully, I brought a can home with me this time.
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:28am Allen P:

I've always preferred coffee at home - I buy the beans from a health food store and away I go
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:28am JimSally519:

Anyone got a 360, im gonna hop online and play some 1943, I need to shoot some guns !!!
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:31am Teemu:

Hello everyone!
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:33am peetyL:

hellu Teemu
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:33am MadPod:

Frank! Hello..
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:35am JimSally519:

The end of the video stream... this is a sad day in Rampler history! \I cry a bit now... tears of greif
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:36am Allen P:

I'm no alien - I'm 100% American Grade A Earthling-man lol
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:36am Joshua K:

those named after buckminster fuller or whatever his name is? those are different buckyballs
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:37am peetyL:

RIP Rampler on WFMU UStream video stream
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:39am JimSally519:

Ita weird, but i think this might be the end of JimSally on the chat room, without the video stream to look at, its not as interesting here. Im gonna keeplist
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:40am peetyL:

no JimSally: you should stick around. Don't be a...BABY lol
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:41am JimSally519:

I dont believe Frank, these magnets are fake
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:43am Scott Crawford:

Who are the proper authorities for magnet swallowing issues?
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:45am JimSally519:

Good night chat room, email jimsallyipod@gmail.com if you need me,, tootles
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:45am Scott Crawford:

  Sat. 9/19/09 2:45am JimSally519:

i meant jimsallysipod@gmail.com
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:45am peetyL:

JimSally bailed...that is for babies
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:45am Joshua K:

is v good to your health? are these true blood fortunes?
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:46am Allen P:

nice wisdom for the ages
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:47am peetyL:

radio killed the video star, Frank...
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:48am Scott Crawford:

Frank's not really using the CD player. It's all a lie.
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:49am Allen P:

What's a CD? Isn't that something to do with banking?
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:51am Derek J:

I love this Fuzzy Daupner tune...
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:51am Joe:


  Sat. 9/19/09 2:53am peetyL:

Listen Joe and you shall learn...
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:53am Scott Crawford:

Joe: it's a live broadcast of a conference on real estate, happening as we speak in Thule, Greenland.
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:53am Joshua K:

Leaving a radio show because there is no video is for babies
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:54am peetyL:

you said it, Joshua K. JimSally will be back, though....
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:58am Joe:

I am a true blue FMU head and also I'm really drunk but seriously this shit is crazy but I think I'll keep listening because it's actually pretty entertaining word.
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:58am Scott Crawford:

I couldn't even make it halfway through "Abbey Road", it was actually irritating to me.
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:58am peetyL:

I don't think one can host their mp3s on mp3.com anymore. They made me transfer all of mine to last.fm and everybody's on there now
  Sat. 9/19/09 2:59am joshua K:

The old paul died staging the moon landing
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:01am anonymous:

play some BG
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:03am Allen P:

What ever happened to good old-fashioned Jolt Cola?
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:04am Allen P:

remember Jolt?
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:04am Joshua K:

The guarana leaked out
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:06am peetyL:

Don't criticize the Dew, LEAKY Volt...
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:07am Brian Jude:

Joe - Keep listening, and you'll be hooked like the rest of us!
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:08am Scott Crawford:

Sounds like it leaked.
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:09am peetyL:

I knew it...Jim...
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:09am chuck in ct:

jolt tasted like flat rc cola left a gritty sugery film on your teeth ..plus it had like a cancer warning on the can.saying how many lab mice it killed or something
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:09am peetyL:

playing XBox is for babies
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:10am Joshua K:

I'm playin shadow complex on 360 right now. the video would be distractin
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:10am Joe:

I am NEW but I support not having video because this is RADIO my man you're not in internet land anymore you've got alot of truckers and tollbooth operaters and drunk people depending on you to put your whole game into that microphone in front of YO FACE. And playing XBOX is awesome and Im gonna also go do that.
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:11am Joe:

Shadow Complex is dope
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:12am chuck in ct:

this is on til 6??
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:12am chuck in ct:

this is on til 6??
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:13am yebber debber:

Frank! how about bbq salmon? or salmon with a lemon? its irresistable!
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:13am Brian Jude:

I've been a vegetarian on and off over the years. Been carnivorous for two years now. Munching on some leftover brisket as we speak...

Chuck - yes.
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:14am Joshua K:

I have had udon with a mushroom broth
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:15am ??????:

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhhhhahaaahhahhaahhahhahahhhahhhahahahahhaahhha this is so not funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:18am Brian Jude:

?????? - It's not necessarily supposed to be funny.
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:19am peetyL:

I ate the Nissin (?) Brand Oriental package Ramen (in the blue package) for years because there was no fish or shellfish in the ingredients. I'm a vegetarian. I stopped eating them, then a couple of years ago I decided to buy them again and they have the Allergen Information on there that says it's manufactured in a facility that also processes shrimp products. By law they have to do that now. So have I been possibly eating shrimp all along? Yuck! I was mad...
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:20am Joe:

Only the top, dead layer of skins heds - the bottom part where the ink is is alive and stays aright
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:21am peetyL:

training yr hair is for babies
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:21am fred durstenberg:

hi everyone. whats upp? a/s/l??
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:23am Derek J:

I had been eating meat as recently as last year, then went for six months with just fish, then vegetarian since March this year
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:23am Scott Crawford:

Did Frank miss the 3 AM station ID?
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:25am Rampler:

no, I did the 3am ID
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:25am peetyL:

Scott: I thought he did it...I remember...(I think).
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:27am fred durstenberg:

what if he didnt? frank is the man! a/s/l?
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:27am Scott Crawford:

I could just be senile, but I don't recall a 3 AM station ID.

I'm glad Jim didn't totally bail, and I'm kinda glad Joe appears to be hanging in there, assuming it's the same Joe.
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:28am Scott Crawford:

fred: 6, but a mature 6/no thanks, I'm too tired/hell
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:29am Brian Jude:

Kudos to you, Derek! Ethically, I would prefer to remain a vegetarian, but to maintain a GOOD vegetarian diet and give your body everything it needs is difficult. I do like a lot of vegetarian dishes, substitutes (a la Morningstar Farms, etc.), so I'll often substitute meat with that stuff. I'm allergic to seafood and poultry, so beef and pork is pretty much the only animal stuff I eat.
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:34am fred durstenbergs nutritionist:

If you receive a hearty nutrition(fair balance between "meats" and the "potatos") eary on in life (from birth to approx. age 16), only then you can afford to become a vegetarian.
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:36am Brian Jude:

Interesting! I've never heard that before! Definitely something to consider...
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:39am jim:

did they have health class back in the 70's?
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:42am Brian Jude:

I remember a dentist visiting my 2nd grade class in 1978.
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:43am jim:

and talking about stds?
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:44am Jan Erik:

I'm very much against poor treatment of animals, but I don't rely have any ethical problem with eating meat as such. No offense to anyone but most vegitarians seem to be urbanites that just don't have a lot of contact with animals other than pets. For most people in rural areas raising animals for meat is just a normal fact of life, not some horrible shocking thing *shrug*
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:48am Jan Erik:

That said, mass production of meat is a bad thing, it's not sustainable in the long run and leads to factory farms and other such horrible things.
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:50am ?:

thats certainly true, the only problem with people in the city eating meat is the often inevitable overconsumption of the product. People living in rural areas, whatever their budget for food may be, contain their meat consumption. Not to say they eat it once a week or so, but compared to city people who eat a breakfast sausage in the morning and then a cheesesteak for lunch and steak for dinner (for instance), then yes, the urbanite carnivore does consume more than your average "farmer"
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:51am Joshua K:

too many words to read
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:53am Jan Erik:

Lol, sorry, forgot about the TLDNR thing :P
  Sat. 9/19/09 3:53am fred durstenberg:

  Sat. 9/19/09 3:56am Joshua K:

Windows is tricky to boot off usb, but you can run the apps from there.
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:02am Joshua K:

What if you ended up in another dimension and there instead of WFMU the call letters are different but everything else is practically the same... But like it would seem weird and you might not feel the same towards the station cause its not exactly the same.
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:04am Brian Jude:

Too many words to comprehend! ;^)
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:10am peetyL:

I was a sophomore in high school in 1994
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:11am jim:

I made poopies.many
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:14am ?:

Soldier? One Last Gift?
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:14am Joshua K:

I remember when Blender was a CD-ROM magazine with really low quality video files on this horrible interface with animated menus like MYST or something
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:14am Escapist (from LA):

Excellent show so far FEN! Great content.
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:18am Scott Crawford:

Frank, you're just inches from talking about the old Hotline client/server protocol.
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:19am Joshua K:

I was just thinking about hotline. That was ahead of its time before stuff like napster
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:21am Scott Crawford:

Hotline, back when it was Mac-only, was pretty much paradise on Earth.

Also: Record Fair rules.
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:22am Joshua K:

It also had chatting and people ran the servers, so it was like IRC and file sharing all in one, fun little communities. But then it all got over taken by the banner add stuff.
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:23am Dave from England:

Morning all, just tuning in. Sounding great Frank.
Got into computers a lot later than some of you guys but remember the good ol days of MP3.com. Didn't get online till 98.
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:23am Scott Crawford:

KDX is a good solution for that, too, but it's nagware.
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:30am theBG:

there's no way that he's playing me right now...lol
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:31am theBG:

Frank...you the man
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:31am ????????:

you should play some truly awful outsider music as well there are those kind of people out there like Amanda
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:35am Allen P:

Yeah play Amanda I remember you played her a couple of weeks ago Frank, and she was excellent
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:35am JB Reed:

YES PLEASE...... thank you for letting the world experience some Mr. General
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:36am Dave from England:

BG and Carrie Engdahl, very nice indeed. :-)
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:37am ????????????:

now play the weird stuff
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:40am Scott Crawford:

Quite liked that BG stuff. Downloadable anywhere, or (God forbid) purchasable?
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:40am ???????????:

  Sat. 9/19/09 4:40am Ken From Hyde Park:

Wake up, you guys! Amanda's on!
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:41am Scott Crawford:

This is also full of win.
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:42am peetyL:

OK, I'm back. I've been having computer issues...and the first voice I hear is AMANDA'S...wtf
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:42am theBG:

thanks for the comments guys...I'm working on a downloadable format...right now its just on my myspace page www.myspace.com/brandongeneral
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:44am peetyL:

hey everyone: it's Frank-manda...
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:46am peetyL:

you forgot...Gasoline Gus...and his Jitney Bus
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:46am Scott Crawford:

Brandon: if you need hosting, drop me a line. I just "fanned" you on Facebook (ah hates teh MySpace). We can probably work something reasonable out.
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:47am hurr:

What was that myspace for Amanda again?
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:49am peetyL:

  Sat. 9/19/09 4:50am theBG:

Hey Scott thanks, I'll get to you on facebook for sure...I need a site
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:51am peetyL:

Gasoline Gus every week...yes...actually it should be the Rampler on WFMU theme song!!
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:51am peetyL:

  Sat. 9/19/09 4:53am Scott Crawford:

I wonder what we'll get on Pinball Corner tonight...
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:54am Dave from England:

Gasoline Gus can be downloaded here http://www.archive.org/details/edba-2684
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:55am Joshua K:

I discovered this new snack at the supermarket, its called.. straw... berries? They are red and come in a plastic thing... i dunno
  Sat. 9/19/09 4:57am Allen P:

I think I remember the Gasoline Gus...didn't you play it a few weeks ago? Nice tune, though
  Sat. 9/19/09 5:01am Joshua K:

Is this the smak http://farm1.static.flickr.com/9/69463697_80f0b5ee92.jpg
  Sat. 9/19/09 5:04am Joshua K:

I think thats a different smak, those are sticks
  Sat. 9/19/09 5:05am Joshua K:

Theres a smakatowy mix http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2471/3545269891_bda9ec7fc5.jpg
  Sat. 9/19/09 5:05am Joshua K:

  Sat. 9/19/09 5:09am ?:

  Sat. 9/19/09 5:11am peetyL:

I'd prefer a Wite-Out flavored energy drink...do they have those?
  Sat. 9/19/09 5:13am fred durstenberg:

the first few letters of my last name mean "thirst" in germanica.brrmm brrmm brrooooooommm.
  Sat. 9/19/09 5:14am Joshua K:

I think that makes your name like THIRSTYLAND
  Sat. 9/19/09 5:17am theBG:

Dead Nipple Yanni is the name of my next album...its now official
  Sat. 9/19/09 5:19am fred durstenburger:

well, close. when my last name was still durstenberg, it meanst "thirstymountain". now it means thirstybunswithapattie
  Sat. 9/19/09 5:19am ??????????:

believe me Yanni's nipples are very much alive trust me ooooh I know what I'm talkin about
  Sat. 9/19/09 5:20am theBG:

I wonder an alive Nipple Yanni would play
  Sat. 9/19/09 5:29am theBG:

did I hear The Andy Griffith Theme song being whistled in there at the end?
  Sat. 9/19/09 5:54am suni:

love this show :D
  Sat. 9/19/09 5:54am Dave from England:

Great show once again. Nice one! :-)
  Sat. 9/19/09 5:56am Teemu from Finland:

Thanks Frank, cracking show as always!
  Sat. 9/19/09 5:56am peetyL:

Wonderful show AGAIN, Frank! You know how to keep the great ones comin'! Have a great week and see you next one!!
  Sat. 9/19/09 5:57am Scott Crawford:

Yep, beauty work here. Take 'er easy, Frank.
  Sat. 9/19/09 6:06am Allen P:

hey Frank I'm a fan of peetyL's maybe her only one but could you please play one of her songs on next week's show? Here's her MySpace:
She's very shy and modest so that's why I didn't mention her during the show. Play "Yr L0ve Can't Keep Me" it's a great instrumental tune. She knows me but didn't recognize my name on the chatroom because I'm using a fake one. It was her birthday yesterday, and she's been going through some rough things in her life, so it would be a nice surprise for her next week if she listens. Thanks a lot Frank! great show!
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