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Options The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

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Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Format, Year, Notes (NR = New Release) Approx. start time
THE MOVE  Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited   Options Shazam!. Repertoire. CD. (1998) from 1970! 0:00:00 )  
DIRTY LOOKS  let go   Options va: the stiff records box set. demon. Boxed set. (1992) from 1980! outta Staten Island! this track is on disc 3 of the box set. 0:07:20 )  
BOX ELDERS  Alice & Friends   Options alice and friends. goner. CD. -NR 0:10:21 )  
THE DICKIES  Rosemary   Options Stukas Over Disneyland. Dickies. LP. (1983) 0:12:39 )  
HEAVY TRASH  bedevilment   Options midnight soul serenade. big legall mess / fat possum. CD. -NR 0:14:45 )  
BETTY DAVIS  Don't Call Her No Tramp   Options They Say I'm Different. Light In The Attic. CD. (2007) from 1974. 0:17:47 )  
THE LOVIN' SPOONFUL  4 eyes   Options Hums of the Lovin' Spoonful. Kama Sutra. LP. (1966) 0:21:35 )  
WET DOG  nancy riley   Options Enterprise Reversal. Angular. CD. -NR 0:24:19 )  
TAMPAX  ufo dictator   Options va: killed by death, #7. Redrum. LP. italy! 1980 0:25:56 )  
LOS EXPLOSIVOS  luie luie   Options los explosivos. get hip. CD. -NR 0:30:02 )  
THE SATELLITERS  Everyday's Mourning   Options va: ballroom bash. Soundflat. CD. (2008) from 2007. 0:32:03 )  
THEE MIGHTY CAESARS  Loathsome 'n' Wild   Options Archive From 1959: The Billy Childish Story. Damaged Goods. CD. from 1985 -NR 0:34:14 )  
A-BONES  Outcast   Options not now!. norton. CD. -NR 0:36:48 )  
THE ZEROS  Don't Push Me Around   Options don't push me around. bomp. LP. (1991) rare and unreleased classics from '77. 0:49:24 )  
THE ZEROS  Beat Your Heart Out   Options bomp. 7". (1977) playing at Maxwell's (Hoboken, NJ) on Monday, 9/14! 0:51:52 )  
THE ZEROS  wimp   Options don't push me around. bomp. 12". (1991) rare and unreleased classics from '77. 0:54:18 )  
THE ZEROS  wild week-end   Options bomp. 7". (1977) playing at Southpaw (Brooklyn, NY) on Tuesday, 9/15! 0:56:55 )  
THE ZEROS  Cosmetic Couple   Options don't push me around. bomp. LP. (1991) rare and unreleased classics from '77 0:58:07 )  
THE CHOKE  face for the radio   Options CD. -NR 1:10:39 )  
YOUTH BRIGADE  Sink With California   Options 1:13:08 )  
PENY DREDFUL & THE BLOODY VALENTINES  Don't Be Happy in Front of Me   Options va: this is ming beat: a tribute to sexton ming. Rim. -NR 1:17:14 )  
THE AMBER JETS  Badside Manner   Options 7". split 7" with Velocity. -NR 1:19:56 )  
JEMINA PEARL  After Hours   Options break it up. universal. CD. -NR 1:21:46 )  
THE MALE NURSE  My Own Private P. Swayze   Options guided missle. 7". (1998) 1:24:47 )  
EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING  Yo-Yo Man   Options Eddy Current Suppression Ring. goner. CD. -NR 1:29:08 )  
THE DAKOTAS  The Spider and The Fly   Options va: Rubble, Vols. 1-10. Past & Present. Boxed set. (2002) from disc 1 -- the Psychedelic Snarl. 1967! from a single after departing from Billy J. Kramer. 1:32:36 )  
TRUBADURZY  osiewcsyna/pejsas   Options va: Modesty Blaise No. 1. Past & Present. CD. from 1967. -NR 1:35:41 )  
STEREO SHOESTRING  on the road south   Options va: acid dreams testament. Past & Present. CD. from 1968. -NR 1:53:52 )  
SULLIVAN  hashish faction   Options va: french cuts. Panatomic. CD. (1998) 1:59:16 )  
STAFF CARPENBORG AND THE ELECTRIC CORONA  All Men Shall be Brothers of Ludwig   Options va: Psych Funk 101. world psychedelic funk classics. CD. -NR 2:00:04 )  
CAN  mushroom   Options Tago Mago. spoon. CD. (2004) from 1971. 2:03:48 )  
JACQUES DUTRONC  Hippie Hippie Horrah   Options Et Moi et Moi et Moi: Jacques Dutronc 1966-69. rpm. CD. -NR 2:07:44 )  
TY SEGALL  Die Tonite   Options Lemons. goner. CD. playing 9/20 at the Mercury Lounge (NYC)! -NR 2:11:06 )  
THE BEATLES  Sie Liebt Dich   Options Past Masters. emi / apple. CD box set. from 1964. -NR 2:26:30 )  
THE BEATLES  Hey Bulldog   Options Yellow Submarine. emi / apple. CD. from 1969. -NR 2:27:44 )  
THE BEATLES  i need you   Options help. emi/apple. CD. from 1965. -NR 2:30:25 )  
THE BEATLES  i wanna be your man   Options With The Beatles. emi/apple. CD. from 1964. -NR 2:32:44 )  
GIANT CRAB  e.s.p.   Options va: artificial faces. Crazy Apple Boutique. CD. california! 1969. -NR 2:41:35 )  
THE 'N BETWEENS  Evil Witchman   Options va: the genesis of slade. Cherry Red. CD. (1996) from 1968. 2:43:59 )  
LOS POPS  no no no   Options va: Sensacional Soul, vol. 2: 32 groovy Spanish soul & funk stompers 1965-72. Vampisoul. CD box set. from 1967. -NR 2:46:12 )  
SHEETAH ET LES WEISSMULLER  Hallucinations   Options !Hola Ye-Yeah!. Screaming Apple. CD. -NR 2:47:56 )  
THE DEMANDS  what i want   Options High Wire. Deep Eddy. playing Tuesday, 9/15 at Maxwell's (Hoboken, NJ) with wau y los arrrghs! -NR 2:51:33 )  
JONNY CHAN & THE NEW DYNASTY 6  See My Way   Options I Hate You Baby!. Sound Camera. CD box set. from the unreleased album from 2000! -NR 2:52:58 )  
LA NUEVA  Zorongo   Options Sabor a Fresca. vampisoul. CD. -NR 2:56:04 )  

Listener comments!

  Sat. 9/12/09 3:12pm Edzo:

Wow, Dirty Looks! Ain't heard them since high school!
(Were they from Staten Island?)
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:19pm michael:

OH, the Dickies.... ! Thank you. Good evening from cologne in Germany.Just reading Lester Bangs over "Kraftwerk" and the German Thing in unemotional music..... .So here we are.......
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:22pm slugluv1313:

hi Terre! sending you LOVE POWER from Hoboken! your show ALWAYS cheers me up!!!!!!! p. s. and i LOVE Betty Davis, is she not INCREDIBLE or what?!?!?
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:27pm Will in Paris:

Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" otherwise known as " the Glorius Ninth" to Burgess or Kubrick fans...is the official European anthem.
Is there a punk version??
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:40pm Mike Fun:

Having a tough time with the board today? I still love you, anyway, Terre
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:44pm Will in Paris:

Pierre Henry is still alive!
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:47pm John W:

Mike it's good to hear you again and to benefit from your musical euridition.
Rock on Terri! Rock on Mike!
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:50pm animals and men:

Wet Dog! If its the one we think it is they supported us on a gig in London. They were excellent. Great hair cuts. Good guitars
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:12pm Andrea Norlander for Richard Hell:

Hi Terre, are you able to promote Richard Hell's reading/first performance in over 2 decades at The New Museum, tomorrow Sunday 13 @ 430P. Richard is giving away 3pr of tickets and 3 autographed new cds.
Please advise
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:13pm Chris:

ty segal is doing an in-store here in chicago in about 2 hours - should be pretty cool.
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:17pm Will in Paris:

Stiv Bators is doing a posthumous concert here in Paris,
but only for spirtualist fans possessing a Ouija board...
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:17pm greg:

sometimes I really feel this is accurate out here in San Diego!
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:18pm lota:

youth brigade! heard it in 1986 last time,
I think. thanks.
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:20pm Chris:

i could have sworn saw stiv bators working at whole foods
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:22pm osvi:

Terri you rock! Nice to be off, no work to interrupt my WFMU time. Thanks for providing the soundtrack to cleaning house time!
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:26pm Baltimore Dana:

The Muffs do a real good cover of "Beat your Heart Out". the Zeros,
like many bands from that era,never got the recognition that they deserved.
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:33pm Keili:

Love The Male Nurse!
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:38pm Brosef:

That band you played at 4:24 PM was HOT!!
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:39pm raccoon:

skinned me legs from beer biking last noche...when I heard
the new old ECSR, my arm jerked me scab off!
play on Terre!
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:39pm Ron:

Somehow Terre T does it again, turning my blah Saturdays into afternoon parties! Keep it going! And thanks for the roooock!
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:41pm frenchee:

Man that Modesty Blaise comp is rockin'. Hi cuties!
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:43pm frenchee:

  Sat. 9/12/09 4:47pm slugluv1313:

omg, if Stiv WAS indeed still "alive," he WOULD be working at Whole Foods, or maybe even some other kinda health-food store/restuarant . . . !
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:58pm kevin in BayRidge:

Have no fear Terre! I will find an old Charlie Chan VHS & submit for your disposition.
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:59pm animals and men:

Mini cooper? An Italian Job fan? That Richard Hell show sounds unmissable
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:02pm brosef:

Only Asians can make fun of.....
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:04pm MikeyRiggs:

T.T. - you're like the Bible Belt Anti-Beatle Crusaders. You know, when They burned the Beatle albums 'cause J. Lennon said that the Beatles are more popular than J.C. You go out and buy that racist statue to take it off the market? Girl, you are the racist manufacturer's Dream Come True. You buy / Racist Manufacturer Sells Even More!!!
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:13pm slugluv1313:

VEGANS are ALWAYS welcome!!!!!!!
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:21pm Will in Paris:

Jacques Dutronc is still alive, too; despite spending 5 minutes of his life in psychedelia.
Stiv Bators is currently playing in a group called "The Live Girls"...
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:34pm kong:

your not going to believe this but it is 66.6 degrees here on Satan Island
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:36pm Tom:

I cant remember when they sounded so good
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:39pm mb:

T-Rez!! Woo to the Hoo!!!
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:43pm Joe Steele:

Does Terre have a nerd fan contingent?
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:43pm Kalli:

They're the Beatles. They're always gonna sound good. ;)
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:43pm tc:

worst day to forget my cell.- I woulve been all over those Ty.sea / Golden Triangle tix. I was swerving all over the belt pkwy trying to reeach under my seat to find it.
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:46pm slugluv1313:

omg T-Rez you worked at Tower too?????? (did you know that there is even a FB group, "I Used To Work at Tower Records in the Village" !!) re: THE BEATLES nooooo i did *not* go to see them at Shea but omg i was TOTALLY bugging my poor Dad to get tickets when i was like . . . six years old? (the company for which he worked -- Sun Chemical on . . . STATEN ISLAND! -- had connections!) but alas, by the time he relented to my endless nagging, all the tickets were gone! but at least he tried, bless him!
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:49pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Excellent presentation as always. Looking forward to the show from Kutsher's. You guys are the blast! Do people still say that? The blast?
  Sun. 9/13/09 9:43am matteo:

ciao, great show
  Sun. 11/1/09 1:52pm dave:

Re Wet Dog, yes, this is the one that supported Animals & Men at the Hub - what a gig! Hope the lineup gets repeated sometime!
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