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From the streets of NYC and also in-studio, a unique, pleasantly insane talk show about pop culture, food, technology, the mysteries of the universe, and a whole lot more.

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Options September 12, 2009: World Trade Center 8 Years Gone

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Artist Track
The Rampler  World Trade Center 8 Years Gone   Options
  Topics include The Beatles, conspiracy theories, memories of the World Trade Center and 9/11/01, Monkey Tea, edible scorpions and crickets, 15 Minutes Ago In The Stairwell (Sharks & Donuts), western breakfast (Venom Energy Drink - Mohave Rattler, Stonewall's Jerquee - Original Wild), the mysterious Lysol chip, mental illness, power failure, The Big Kitchen, video game songs, The Green Slime, and a whole lot more. Music: live "Drunken Rampler" by J. Wiz, "The Rampler" by The Lava Children, "March of the Turtles" by Ronnie Marler. NYC recordings: The Beatles (9/9/09) 24:12, WTC Journey - Part 1 (9/10/01) 31:08, WTC Journey - Part 2 (9/10/01) 43:00. Pinball Corner with "Black Knight 2000", "Black Hole", "Black Pyramid", "Black Knight", "Goin' Nuts", "Gold Wings". Phone calls with PT Wheatstraw and J. Wiz from Southeastern Pennsylvania. Theme song “Minimoog” by Matthias Becker and Klaus Stühlen, from “Vintage Synths Vol. 1″ ©1990 Originalton West (originaltonwest.de) - used with permission.

Listener comments!

  Sat. 9/12/09 2:00am Rampler:

Welcome to the show!!
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:00am Neal:

Hi Frank and everybody. Going to take an early morning stroll in thick Irish fog, with The Rampler on my iTelephone.
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:02am peetyL:

hell0 all
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:03am Kendall!:

I have never heard this show before but I'm already amused.
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:03am j. Wiz:

Hey Frank!
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:04am j. Wiz:

play some Rampler Man 2 Night
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:05am Rampler:

no live video tonight
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:06am sherri:

hola, peetyl
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:07am j. Wiz:

  Sat. 9/12/09 2:09am sherri:

i think you'll love it. i surely do
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:10am J. Wiz:

Play Sherri's song too. I love it!
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:10am Ranger Craig:

Good evening from Alcatraz!
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:11am sherri:

thanks wiz!
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:12am j. Wiz:

I used to go to bealtefest as well. I met David Peel there
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:13am peetyL:

I was that way about Abba in the late 1990s.
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:13am j. Wiz:

Love your stuff, Sherri!
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:14am theBG:

hello everyone, hello Frank!!
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:15am Teemu from Finland:

Good morning everyone!
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:15am peetyL:

MTV Intern? Frank! YOU LIE! jk
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:16am j. Wiz:

Was Kurt Loder a douche?
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:17am peetyL:

Tabitha Soren was AWES0ME.
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:18am peetyL:

I bet I know who was a douche among the MTV VJs. One word: KENNEDY.
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:18am Rampler:

Kurt Loder was very cool. Tabitha Soren was after my time there... unfortunately...
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:18am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

still never seen these duck boats u speak of.
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:19am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

uh oh th econspiracy theories have finally crept their way into the rampler on the radio.
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:19am j. Wiz:

I think Tabitha Soren was mentally disturbed. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:20am Chocha Fresca:

Kennedy era una bruja republicana.
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:21am theBG:

I'm Canadian, we didn't have MTV back in the day...
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:21am j. Wiz:

LOL!, peety
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:22am j. Wiz:

It USED to be sad to be Canadian. Now it's preferable
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:24am J. Wiz:

Does "Choca Fresca" mean "free Pussy"?
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:25am Jan Erik:

Crystals are used for timekeeping in current technology. Just saying Frank :)
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:25am sherri:

the mellotron didn't hurt either
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:25am peetyL:

Tabitha was NOT disturbed! She was wonderful!! WONDERFUL, dammit!!!
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:25am j. Wiz:

If it does, ooh la la!
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:26am theBG:

I dunno j. wiz, I would love to live in the states...
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:26am peetyL:

Crystals are for babies.
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:30am J. Wiz:

Hey Frank! Say, "Spap OOP" Doo Dads backwards. It sounds great when said aloud
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:33am sherri:

i really need to see those super 8 films, frank!!
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:36am j. Wiz:

What's the call-in number?
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:37am sherri:

  Sat. 9/12/09 2:40am j. Wiz:

Thanks, Sherri!
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:47am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

haha frank the floodgates are open now, the rampler: coast to coast!!
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:51am Neal:

Pity they couldn't have swapped out a replacement for John Lennon
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:51am doug k:

can't believe i'm up at 3AM but hey, i said, Frank's on. Cool to hear you live!
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:52am Joe Favitz:

Scroll to the 1969 section. Good Paul Is Dead chat on NY's top Top 40 station from way back:
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:53am Rampler:

Hi Doug!
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:55am peetyL:

Ringo's a robot! Just saying...
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:55am doug k:

nice shout out! who knows. seems like it's coming back.
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:58am doug k:

phone used to before all these cordless phones came out.
  Sat. 9/12/09 2:58am Neal:

I have a sudden urge to record a Rampler Cat song.
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:01am Neal:

Podcasting's not dead Frank. We just weeded out most of the bad ones
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:01am j. Wiz:

Sorry for the caturwalling
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:05am doug k:

cool i am hearing u on the radio and streaming mp3...
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:05am peetyL:

I love the Young and the Restless! But I'm MONTHS behind and I'm trying to catch up (DVR)!
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:10am Brian Jude:

Morning all. Is there no Ustream today?
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:15am Brian Jude:

Just got caught up with the comments. Saw that there's no video tonight. Oh, well. Kendall, are you still with us? Still liking the show? Welcome to the Ramplerverse!
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:16am Brian Jude:

Frank, you eat some interesting stuff, but I don't think eating Lysol chips are a good idea...
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:18am doug k:

cool show frank! i'm off to bed. getting you on 91.1 down here by the Jersey shore. Nice and clear. You must be SO happy that the iPod nano has a FM receiver built in now...lol
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:21am Joshua K:

crazy it took them 8 or 9 years to add a built in fm tuner to the ipod
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:22am Neal:

A wireless device that can pick up FM radio? What will Apple think of next?
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:24am Joshua K:

Maybe a laptop that you can put on your lap without burning it
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:25am Brian Jude:

Neal, I hear they might actually come up with a device that picks up FM AND AM radio next! Might take a while to perfect, though...
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:27am j. Wiz:

night all
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:28am sherri:

night, j. wiz
lovely crooning!!
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:37am peetyL:

Is all this stuff going to be in the 5th generation Nano? I have a 4th generation Chromatic...so video, no FM radio?
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:40am Brian Jude:


  Sat. 9/12/09 3:42am pooptron:

sorry, i'm late!
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:43am Rampler:

Yeah, only the brand new 5G iPod Nano is a video camera and FM radio
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:45am Joshua K:

They ran out of room for the laser pointer and 3D hologram projector
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:45am Joe favitz:

Lyric from Theme from the Green Slime:
"You won't believe it 'til it rolls through your head/
You won't believe it 'til you're dead/
Green slime/
Green sliiiiiime"

Glad someone else remembers
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:50am Joshua K:

I remember in 2002 I moved back to NJ and when we would go into the city there would be all these people going to ground zero just to gawk at a big empty pit... It seemed so odd.
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:51am sherri:

i have the song on my itunes but i've never seen the film
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:52am theBG:

the pit represents so much to so many people...this summer it was a giant boulder for me that I stared at
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:54am Brian Jude:

I remember this movie used to be on TV once a year when I was a kid!
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:57am peetyL:

The most disturbing thing I've heard this week...thanks for the Tweetie Sweeties, Frank!!
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:59am peetyL:

Yes, Tweety was in Roger Rabbit...Eddie Valiant was hanging on a telephone wire, and Tweety pried oen his fingers one by one and he fell!! Tweety then said "Oops, ran out of piddies!"
  Sat. 9/12/09 3:59am JB:

they hand out those crickets in columbus circle sometimes
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:00am JB:

when i used to leave school and take the 1 uptown there was always a little women handing out sour cream and onion crickets...
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:00am Joe Favitz:

Green Slime Theme sounds like the Chocolate Watch Band
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:01am Brian Jude:

Maybe you need to eat Lysol Chips after eating scorpions and grubs...
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:04am theBG:

my kind of PSA
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:05am Val from Cape Town:

Hi all! Nice show, Frank - and you read that Public Announcement beautifully!! :)
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:06am sherri:

  Sat. 9/12/09 4:07am ?:

as far as i know.....no
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:08am theBG:

everyone has hang ups... everyone has something to deal with... I think you are mentally unhealthy if you don't
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:08am pooptron:

no, question mark was me
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:08am Brian Jude:

I used to have a nickname of ?
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:09am GreatEscapist:

Mood Putty is NOT normal.
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:10am theBG:

perfection is subjective...nobody is perfect...only uniquely from one person to another
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:56am Rampler:

sharks and donuts
  Sat. 9/12/09 4:58am Brian Jude:

"Sharks and donuts. Perfect together."
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:00am sherri:

  Sat. 9/12/09 5:00am Brian Jude:

Screw Krispy Kreme. We got Tim Horton's now!
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:02am Joshua K:

My favorite music is the rob hubbard soundtrack to desert strike
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:04am peetyL:

You should play Marble Madness for Pinball Corner--do you have it?
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:11am taylor:

black knight 2000, please!
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:16am Brian Jude:

Krispy Kreme is unique, but overrated...
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:20am Joshua K:

Hey frank, headshot has some cases of their stuff that they mislabeled the expiration dates or somethin and they are selling it off online for practically nothing: http://ineed.headshotenergyshot.com/
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:22am peetyL:

The Teriyaki Jerquee is good...the other flavors: not so much...
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:24am Neal:

I paused the show for an hour so am an hour behind. For all I know, you could all be dead at this time.
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:24am Neal:

Wait a minute....the pause didn't work. I'm listening live. Stupid iTelephone.
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:24am Brian Jude:

Vegetarian Jerky is for babies. Baby Jerky is not for vegetarians.
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:25am Neal:

That means I missed an hour, so you could all have died and been revived while I wasn't listening.
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:32am peetyL:

Brian Jude's opinions on jerky are for babies.
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:36am Brian Jude:

And vegetarians.
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:42am taylor:

how about 'black knight'? (not 2000)
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:44am taylor:

another b... 'bride of pinbot'
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:45am Joshua K:

Theres one game on the gottleib pinball collection for psp that was never mass produced where they launch 3 balls out for each play
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:47am Joshua K:

"Goin' Nuts" thats what its called http://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?gid=1021
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:49am taylor:

gilligan's island pinball!
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:52am Neal:

Great show Frank, saving the rest, including the hour I missed in the middle, till podast time. Byebye
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:52am Joshua K:

Nice chiptune tuba
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:55am sherri:

  Sat. 9/12/09 5:56am taylor:

thanks for the pinball action! top shelf!
  Sat. 9/12/09 5:57am peetyL:

Great show once again, Frank!! See ya next week!!!
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