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I am but a vessel. (Visit homepage.)

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Options September 6, 2009: The Mighty High

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Artist Track New Approx. start time
The Girard High School Bell Choir  Stairway To Heaven   Options   0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Pascal Comelade with Robert Wyatt  September Song   Options   0:03:15 (Pop‑up)
Instrumental  Moonshaker   Options   0:07:47 (Pop‑up)
Chris Connor  A Taste Of Honey   Options   0:11:28 (Pop‑up)
JJ  Intermezzo   Options *   0:14:32 (Pop‑up)
The Clean  Moonjumper   Options *   0:17:13 (Pop‑up)
Magnifique  Magnifique   Options   0:22:55 (Pop‑up)
Canyons  Fire Eyes (Jacques Renault’s Living In The Jungle Mix)   Options *   0:25:43 (Pop‑up)
Los Girasoles  El Cerrojo   Options *   0:39:13 (Pop‑up)
Banda Di Avola  The King   Options   0:41:31 (Pop‑up)
Banda Y Coros Campesinos De Repelon  Macondo   Options *   0:47:27 (Pop‑up)
S. Hazarasingh  Badan Pe Sitare   Options   0:50:22 (Pop‑up)
Mos Def  Quiet Dog Bite Hard   Options *   0:53:33 (Pop‑up)
unknown  track 17   Options *   0:56:28 (Pop‑up)
Magic Magic  Sleepy Lion   Options *   1:00:36 (Pop‑up)
Mighty Clouds Of Joy  Mighty High   Options   1:01:14 (Pop‑up)
???  Tempest Merengue     1:16:28 (Pop‑up)
Russell Jacquet  Tropical Fever   Options   1:16:40 (Pop‑up)
Chris Connor  You Don't Know What Love Is   Options   1:18:36 (Pop‑up)
Orchestre Super Jheevs Des Paillotes  Ya Nan Lon An   Options   1:22:34 (Pop‑up)
Explode Into Colors  Sharpen The Knife   Options *   1:25:14 (Pop‑up)
Dorrough  Ice Cream Paint Job   Options *   1:29:18 (Pop‑up)
Vivian Girls  The Desert   Options   1:33:11 (Pop‑up)
Amy Annelle  The Cimarron Banks   Options *   1:40:25 (Pop‑up)
The Blue Nile  Happiness   Options   1:43:51 (Pop‑up)
Jessie Evans  Let Me On   Options *   1:48:14 (Pop‑up)
Sisters Of Soul  I'm Your Lady   Options   1:51:13 (Pop‑up)
Staple Singers  Let's Go Home   Options   1:54:20 (Pop‑up)
Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Marie Knight  I Hear Music In The Air   Options   1:56:20 (Pop‑up)
John Phillips  Overture/Man On The Moon   Options *    

Listener comments!

  Sun. 9/6/09 7:06pm sabrina lane:

monica--all i can say is happy labor day weekend,,,i hope everybodys having a great weekend!!!!!!
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:07pm cb2:

just ran in from pavilion dining.

September Song - tres cool!

  Sun. 9/6/09 7:09pm dale:

are you in a reflective mood this evening? This instrumental is beautiful...
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:11pm musical feng shui:

end of summer pensiveness
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:13pm CB1:

Three perfect days and perfect music to match. Thanks, Mo!
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:15pm sabrina lane:

monica-- i'm just wonderin why won't you play the cake anymore? btw great tunes.
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:17pm the rube:

c'mon sabrina, enough with the cake requests, respect the dj :) she is what she plays
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:18pm paul m.:

sabby lane is in my ears and in my eyes
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:18pm dale:

I usually turn to Spinning on Air at 7, but I haven't since you took this airtime. that's a compliment...
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:18pm All points:

Rube is right. Mo knows what to paly.
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:20pm depilatrix:

Ushering in earlier sunset with Monica!
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:24pm Paul:

Gee, wish there was a dancefloor! I'd be twirling.
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:26pm texas scott:

across the street from my condo,there is 50, deep purple crepe myrtles,15teen feet high, that line the entire street
and it fills the sky with reds and purples at sunset.


the summer always gives back.
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:29pm phillyd:

How do you so consistently do it Mo'? Another wonderful smooth string of tracks, thanks SO SO much!
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:30pm seang:

i'm on board this evenin, love you all!
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:30pm monica:

balmy end o' summer greetings to CB2 (sept song goin' out to you)...Dale and Musical Feng Shui (yep a wee bit pensive...CB1 plowin' the north 40 or whoever... thanks dear rube and All ... T. Scott, ain't a show withgout ya... Philly D, thank YOU... and sabrina lane aka ozzy skateboard under one of his many female guises.
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:32pm pseudonym expert:

t scott isn't here?????????????
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:34pm texas scott:

yo, pseudo,where ya from?
nu joisey????
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:36pm phillyd:

OH NO!!! I didn't know Chris Connor had passed...oh, such an under the radar artist....dang!
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:37pm sabrina lane:

moncia--my real name happens to be CHERI i'm 100% woman and why is everybody callin me ozzy????
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:39pm texas scott:

i love monica cuz of her musical tastes....
her real name happens to be WEASEL....
10000000000 % Vessel.
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:42pm seang:

does everything great in this country come from the midwest? like those great barber chairs
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:42pm texas scott:

what happened to seang?
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:44pm Fiona DeWittt:

I am but the Vessel's pedestal.
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:44pm ?:

sing seang seung?
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:45pm Monica:

Hey seang, great to have ya here, agree w/u re" midwest....you too pseud ex... phillyd, tis true, sister marie knight passed too... Fiona!! the voice of reason...
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:47pm fudgie dellamoor:

i am but a Vessel's handle.
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:51pm caribou bellichiago:

Fudgie stinks
her middle name is loiuse

nice cocktail music,Ms.Monica
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:52pm Dagmar Paley:

I am but the ground beneath the pedestal that hold's he vessel's handle.
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:52pm slugluv1313:

Monica, yer show is totally rockin' & i am totally lovin' it . . . i am but a vesell's cocktail napkin . . . !
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:52pm G:

The boat don't float unless the vessel has a pestle, but the doors don't work cuz the vandals took the handles
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:52pm Cold Sesame Noodles:

Banda and Banda, c'est magnifique! As Sunday nights always are, thanks to you, Monica.
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:55pm sabrina lane:

well g'nite moncia,,happy labor day
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:55pm texas scott:

i am but the earth that holds
the vessel
that holds
all the sticky that is
the honey
simmer down
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:55pm Renee Z:

Darling! All of Hollywood knows Fudgie's middle name!!
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:57pm caribou bellichiago:

that's what makes her special

i call her biggie
  Sun. 9/6/09 7:57pm sabrina translator:

no cake, i book
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:00pm cake:

you can't have me.


eat me, too.
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:03pm monica:

hi ?... Fudgie, you so deep girl.. caribou, stand up lady... dag you my hag...Slugluv that's what i'm sayin...G, you know from when you speak xo...COLD SESAME NOODLES!!!! Brooklyn rep... reness z, you is she... seeya sab...
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:09pm texas scott:

Monica,you really should consider programming WFMU
full-time.and they pay you ,too,and you have lots o'fans who love you, night and dayand will each send a dollar cause they love you.
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:15pm cheri sabrina:

please don't eat my cake
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:18pm cake:

you can eat me, sabby baby.

o, lovin' the tuneage!
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:19pm cheri oteri:

who is This Bitch?
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:21pm Parq:

Miss Monica, your show is providing the ideal soundtrack to a lazy Sunday evening. After an early dinner with my lovely wife at our favorite local public house, I'm reading the Moondog biography that was included in my 2007 swag and drinking a nice cup of strong tea, lest the evening become a bit too lazy, if you know what I mean. Not thinking too much about dessert, but if anyone is taking orders, I prefer pie or brownies.
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:22pm anne:

j'ouvert tonight too!
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:25pm caribou bellunciaga:

double fudge brownie,parq
double fudge,everyone!
and everytime a bell rings, an angel is born.
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:26pm baby angel:

i wuz just bornded!!! {winks}
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:27pm anne:

and doubles!
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:27pm Dagmar:


Does this make the Avon Lady sacred?
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:27pm seang:

parq, you got class-on another note, i thought Jo Stafford might be from the midwest but she's from CA
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:28pm fmu idiot:

Here I am, late as usual. My 20 year old daughter borrowed my bike last week for a cruise. She hit a buck 20. I don't know if I should be proud or pissed. What do you think?
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:28pm porcelain throne:

double fudge brownies and double drinks all around?

ut oh
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:30pm slugluv1313:

recalling our conversation a loooooooong time ago about Willy DeVille's TOOTS -- i found *this* ! http://digiom.wordpress.com/2009/08/08/what-ever-happened-to-toots-deville/ (and i KNOW i still have photos of her in old issues of "Rock Scene" and such -- i have not forgotten, i will send them to you when i find 'em!!!!)
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:31pm Parq:

Idio, with a 19-year-old girl of my own, I ask -- need "proud" and "pissed" be mutually exclusive? Exactly how, for instance, do I react to her charming her way into a "21-and-up-only" music event?
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:32pm caribou bellunciaga:

my pimp keep hisself strong,
i love fudge.
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:33pm monica:

tex scott, thanks but i am singularly unqualified for that gig, brian turner puts it down solid gold every week.... Parq!! thanks so much to you and wifey... You too Mlle. Anne.. and Mizz Baby Ange, glow on halo grl... C'bou, Dag,, Porcelain throne, FMU Idiot, you know how we do... Thank you alll...
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:35pm Bertozzi:

Hi Monica--That-Orchestre Super Jheevs track is amazing--are they the Led Zeppelin of Senegal or something? This set is tearing it up!
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:35pm fmu idiot:

parq, I know your trying to tell me something, but what?
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:36pm texas scott:

brian turner rox, but you could make them say "WHAT"
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:38pm Parq:

Thanks for that link, slugluv. It's noteworthy how -- I think someone touched on this in a Monica comment a couple of weeks back -- Willie DeV both really wasn't and absolutely was Punk, whatever meaning that word may be given.
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:40pm Parq:

Ido, it's Sunday night on a holiday weekend. I thought it up, I composed it, I typed and posted it -- are you telling me I also gotta make it mean something? Just trying out a little dad-of-daughter connecting.
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:44pm fmu idiot:

parq, I kinda get your point, but yours is a little less life thretening
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:46pm texas scott:

nutella and cream cheese on a bagel

litle bit o'heaven

  Sun. 9/6/09 8:49pm fmu idiot:

I'm thinking proud, but never telling.
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:51pm monica:

hi bertozzi, dunno anything bout 'em but you can find it on the CD African Scream Fest, it's killer.
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:51pm colleen:

hey. what was the instrumental you played before and during the last break. instrumental that sounded like I wanna be sedated. xylaphone maybe. really good show tonight.
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:57pm monica:

collen, that was nutley brass "i wanna be sedated" and thanks,,,And thanks everyone for checkin' in tonight!! have agreat holiday!!
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:58pm Parq:

"Proud but not telling" sounds like pretty much what I was playing at. Honestly, I'm not completely sure what means "hit a buck 20". Or did I read it wrong?
  Sun. 9/6/09 8:59pm fmu idiot:

thanx Monica
  Sun. 9/6/09 9:01pm slugluv1313:

THANX for another great show, Monica!!!! and you have a FABULOUS holiday too!!!!!!!!
  Sun. 9/6/09 9:09pm fmu idiot:

parq, a buck 20 means 120 mph.
  Sun. 9/6/09 9:10pm ?:

Whew. I see your point. Miss Mon, bon holiday to you. Thanks for a great little show.
  Sun. 9/6/09 9:11pm Parq:

Sorry, that was me.
  Sun. 9/6/09 9:15pm fmuidiot:

I know she can handle it on the open road, but shit happen.
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