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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options July 23, 2009: The Pimp-hand of Failure

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Artist Track Album
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party 
Trevor Wishart  American Triptych   Options Voiceprints 
Pastor John Rydgren  Search It Out   Options Silhouette Segments 
John Zorn  Metamorfosi...   Options The Big Gundown: John Zorn Plays the Music of Ennio Morricone 
George Teperino  Outer Call   Options  
Circuit des Yeux  The First Day   Options Sirenum 
Eternal Tapestry  Prism Light Traveller   Options Palace of the Night Skies 
Dr. Timothy Leary  various   Options Turn On, Tune In, and Drop Out 
Circuit des Yeux  shedevil   Options Sirenum 
Timothy Leary, Ph. D.  One Final Word   Options Turn On, Tune In, and Drop Out 
Gol & Charlemagne Palestine  Pandenmoniahbleeummm!!!! (Pt. 2)   Options Pandenmoniahbleeummm!!!! 
On  Oh Run Slowly   Options Your Naked Ghost Comes Back at Night 
Black Sabbath  Black Sabbath   Options Black Sabbath 
Pierre Henry  Trance   Options Variations on a Door & a Sigh 
Pierre Henry  Death Rattle   Options Variations on a Door & a Sigh 
Pierre Henry  Snoring   Options Variations on a Door & a Sigh 
Bruce Haack  Super Nova   Options The Electric Lucifer 
Pierre Andre-Arcand  Perceps   Options Eres +21 
Neu!  Seeland   Options Neu! 75 
John Zorn  Once Upon A Time In The West   Options The Big Gundown: John Zorn Plays the Music of Ennio Morricone 
Sir Richard Birshop  Rudra's Feast   Options Improvika 
Geoff Mullen  Untitled #4   Options Thrtysxtrllnmnfstns 
Greg Malcolm  Bone   Options Leather And Lacy 
Jacaszek  Pentral VIII   Options Pentral 
Axolotl  Illiaster   Options Chemical Theater 
Zoviet France  Vlaag   Options Loh Land 

Listener comments!

  Thu. 7/23/09 3:42pm BSI:

Belated thanks for the Trevor Wishart piece. That sucker could've gone on for hours & would've been fine by me.
  Thu. 7/23/09 3:43pm Cecile:

Fabio, great to hear you again live and in the flesh!

Wasn't John Cazales also engaged to Meryl Streep before he passed?
  Thu. 7/23/09 3:44pm annie:

just tuning in.. yar i am, present!! tired, but here, nonetheless.
  Thu. 7/23/09 3:45pm Carmichael:

Hey Fabio, hey listeners. Thanks for the Zorn/Morricone.
  Thu. 7/23/09 3:45pm Cecile:

I'm glad you got rest. (Grandma mode) you should eat something, hon!
  Thu. 7/23/09 3:46pm annie:

thanks, grandma, not quite hungry yet.. but close to repaired... such a good gramma you are!!
  Thu. 7/23/09 3:48pm Cecile:

LOL! Well, great-aunt now, but yeah.
I like chicken broth with loads of white rice in it. And some cooked carrots...
  Thu. 7/23/09 3:50pm annie:

sounds wonderful, but have to have water for that. still no plumber. i could scoop from the little pond, but i think i might pass...
  Thu. 7/23/09 3:51pm Carmichael:

Mr. Teperino sure has this 60s grooving thing happenin', laying hard on the wah wah pedal.

I'll have to look this fellow up in my Funk & Wagnall's.
  Thu. 7/23/09 3:52pm Cecile:

AGH. Can someone saddle up the horses and bring you some soups from town? You poor thing
  Thu. 7/23/09 3:54pm annie:

it would be nice. ahhhh... yes, soup.. hmm.
  Thu. 7/23/09 3:56pm annie:

the chills have gone. and i am no longer doing the smaper dance, if you know what i mean..
  Thu. 7/23/09 3:57pm annie:

insert an "m" in that funny word there.. :)
  Thu. 7/23/09 3:57pm Cecile:

I do!!!!! Do I ever. I'm happy to hear that.
  Thu. 7/23/09 3:58pm Cecile:

this is an amazing mix, Fabio. This is such a great groove.
  Thu. 7/23/09 3:59pm annie:

i'll eat tomorrow.. not like i'm gonna waste away... yeah, my head is bouncing all over to this great beat
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:00pm Cecile:

Just stay hydrated!
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:00pm Ike:

I recovered from something similar about a week ago, Annie. Everybody take your vitamins. Something might be going around. Anyway, nifty sounds!
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:02pm annie:

funny, ike, about that; i'm pretty isolated up here. ..weird. and just so you know i am locked out of FB for the time being. i think i got hacked, as my sister sally's account has friends i do not know.... hhmm..
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:06pm ?:

Hey, everybody! I have diarrhea! What should I do?
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:06pm Ike:

Yeah, Annie, I saw you mentioned that earlier. Yikes. Too many FB apps maybe? Oh and I kept meaning to get back to you about the garlic. Dang. Too late?
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:08pm annie:

hey, you can't say that on the radio, ?.

oh,i shut down all my apps ike. but i think it might have been precipitated by my posting a very fine photo of a glass of pre-diluted absinthe to the brewer, herself. check out my pic.. towards the end, it's a nice shot. sorry about the garlic.. yes, too late.
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:09pm brock:

Fabio, if you like Eternal Tapestry you might want to check out some of the members other projects:

Dewey: Plankton Wat, Blood Biker;
Jed: Heavy Winged, Blood Biker;
Nick: Tunnels, Jackie-o MF
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:09pm Marshall Stacks:

Who plays Fabio in Dog Day Afternoon?
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:18pm Cecile:

@brock, Blood Biker is a great band name! Do they sound as good as hteir name?
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:18pm BSI:

blast your mention of absinthe, Annie, and I'm all out of the good stuff, & too poor and too lazy to order more from yonder europe place...
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:19pm annie:

bsi. where do you live?
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:20pm Parq:

I know the answer to the trivia question! It takes place in a bank. What? Oh wait . . .
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:20pm Carmichael:

I believe I heard some Jackie O MF on this station within the last day or two. I was scanning through playlists and saw it. Brian Turner, maybe?
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:21pm brock:

Yeah, they have a pretty intense 10-15 minute set.

There's been a move among the experimental dudes in Portland to move into hardcore, example being James Squeeky of Argumentix band The Cysts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPAcDDF2yic
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:21pm Carmichael:

When the phone rings, he says, "WNEW plays all the hits."
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:25pm BSI:

Annie: in DC... I've been ordering the old swiss-recipe Absinthe Duplais (verte, the David-Tibet label stuff) ... it's the tastiest liquid on earth. ... but hard to rationalize an order now, with 1/2 the household unemployed. ouch!
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:25pm Cecile:

cool. thanks brock!
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:26pm annie:

dc is tough.. sorry, here is her website and places to buy it..
http://www.delawarephoenix.com/buy.html she makes premium stuff, to be sure!! if you are on fb, she has a fan page
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:27pm Cecile:

  Thu. 7/23/09 4:30pm Ozzie:

Waga mugga fapo blona zup?
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:30pm Ozzy:

(mumble)..fnord...smur,f blah blah (mumble )...(unintelligble) wot eh...
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:31pm annie:

ozzie!! i miss you!!
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:31pm Invader Zim:

  Thu. 7/23/09 4:32pm Chris:

Dang, IZ, beat me to it.
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:33pm Invader Zim:

Type faster, Earthling! MWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:35pm Chris:

Well played sir.
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:38pm Dib:

Wait, didn't anybody see that?? He was floating above the floor when he laughed! He's an alien! An alien, I tell you!!
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:40pm Slightly pudgy blonde at the other end of the bar:

I'm free to get picked up too!
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:40pm north guinea hills:

how about a lathe cut cd, or the lathe cut laser disk i have from dream catcher....
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:42pm Red Skelton:

I'm too lathey to rethpond to that.
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:44pm Slightly pudgy guy at end of bar:

Hey, how you doin?
  Thu. 7/23/09 4:53pm Ike:

Hmmm, where did all these non-existent and expired commenters come from? I hereby officially certify that I am a distinct, discrete, extant human being, and that this radio program is awesome.
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:02pm Cecile:

This isn't the census. I welcome our imginary brothers and sisters to the commenting ranks.
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:03pm Cecile:

  Thu. 7/23/09 5:03pm Ike:

You welcome them because you ARE them! ;)
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:03pm Slinky Redhead in the middle of the bar:

Here, here!
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:05pm Cecile:

Some of them, yes. I must admit that.

Thank me for making me so welcome.

I'm welcome
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:05pm BSI:

Don't you dare threaten my reality by making it any more REAL than it has to be! ... I've never been real!

and how did that slinky get up on the barstool?
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:07pm Slinky redhead:

ok, ok, it's a wig!!
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:08pm annie:

bsi, did you catch the link i posted?
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:14pm anyone to everyone:

i just came back from driving around and that last set really made the mood
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:15pm BSI:

Annie: yeh! I need to check it out from the home mac -- Firefox is gettin' wiggy here in the office. But looks like there are outlets in NY and CNY... Must check this out!
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:16pm annie:

yes, bsi. if you know anyone who is traveling down from up here, there are several places where it can be bought. .... what up with your firefox> mine's been weird too
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:20pm BSI:

too many updates with firefox, it's gone out of control, barely functions like it used to.

I'm due for a trip to NYC anyway (god I miss Panna 2: the curry + the xmas lights) -- a bit of record & absinthe shopping does a body good. Now, to find "disposable income"....
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:21pm annie:

i hear ya!!!
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:23pm Ike:

Firefox starts up REALLY slowly for me lately but that improved when I deleted temp files.

Panna 2, really? I've had WAY better Indian in NoVA, like at Minerva. Lately NYC Indian seems lame at best. I like Sigiri (Sri Lankan) on 1st Ave. near there though.
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:24pm annie:

so firefox wants me to update, should i pass?
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:31pm annie:

being as my day started out pretty poorly, this is the best way to end it.. great show fabio. thanks!!
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:31pm BSI:

I'd prefer the curry at Bombay Bistro (rockville MD) over Panna2, but it's the whole mind-altering experience of that place..... I first went to Panna2 in the late '80s, when it seems they had even MORE lights & craziness, more random stuff nailed up, and the food was much much much much better then as well.
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:37pm annie:

man, up here it's american, italian, chinese, .all really badly made. one exception is the phoenix cafe which is run by an indian man and he makes great food AND his own paneer!!
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:43pm Ike:

BSI, I must admit, I always liked those Xmas lights too, but I'm swearing off Manhattan Indian food for a while. NJ is better. Say, you've seen Tyler Cowen's Ethnic Dining Guide, right? That's how I heard of Minerva in Fairfax. Amazing weekend buffet.

Great show!
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:55pm BSI:

egad, the thunder is back.
gonna run for the bus.
Brilliant show, sir Fabio.
as usual.
  Thu. 7/23/09 5:57pm Carmichael:

Thanks for the show, Fabio. You're fab!
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