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From the streets of NYC and also in-studio, a unique, pleasantly insane talk show about pop culture, food, technology, the mysteries of the universe, and a whole lot more.

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Options July 11, 2009: Summer 2009 Ep. 3 - Tooth

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Artist Track
  "Summer 2009 Ep. 3 - Tooth" - 3:59:49 / 219 MB - Frank broadcasting live from WFMU (wfmu.org) in Jersey City, NJ, on Saturday, July 11, 2009, from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM. NYC recordings:Tooth (7/9/09) 20:02, Factories (7/7/09) 23:47, Chocolate (7/6/09) 22:41. Topics include going to the dentist, ivory, Slurpee, hovercraft, hologram, Orchid Spangiafora "Flee Past's Ape Elf", chocolate and ice cream wars, mug from Hong Kong Disneyland from Huw from Wales, British newspaper, review of "Dr, Wacko's Silly Sludge", energy drinks "Bawls G33k B33r" and "Black Mamba Venom", dust cloud, guns, earthquakes, Hoot Gibson, salt reviews, and a whole lot more. Pinball Corner with "Terminator 2", "Playboy", "Raven", and Robocop". Phone call with Donavan from Seattle. Songs "Going Off", "Moving to the Sea", "It Falls Apart". Theme song "Minimoog" by Matthias Becker and Klaus Stühlen, from "Vintage Synths Vol. 1" ©1990 Originalton West (originaltonwest.de) - used with permission.

Listener comments!

  Sat. 7/11/09 2:00am Neal:

Good morning! Looking forward to the Rampler
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:01am Frank:

Welcome to the show!! I got my slurpee!!
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:01am Andy:

Yeah! listening live online in Oakland, CA!
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:01am Neal:

Posting at exactly 2am probably makes me look like a stalker. Oh well.
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:02am Spooky:

Hey Frank
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:04am Roel from the Netherlands:

Hi Frank, Neal Andy and Spooky
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:04am spooky:

mmmmmm, Slurpee
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:04am Joshua K:

Oh now my torchwood episode download is almost done... right when the rampler is starting. I need faster internet.
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:05am Andy:

weird--I've got the Rampler WFMU playlist open in one browser tab, and the iphone WFMU page on another tab--the favicons both say "WFMU" in a square format, but different colors, and different TYPEFACES!

hi Roel and Neal, and Frank!
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:05am e-squared (Eve):

Hi from Florida, Frank!
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:06am Pallindrom:

Hey Frank. Knock em dead.-Snoogybunch.:
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:06am JasonInNJ:

  Sat. 7/11/09 2:08am peetyL:

Hi all! What flavor of Slurpee, Frank?
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:11am Frank:

G. I. Joe Liquid Ammunition Slurpee
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:12am Neal:

6 cats are trying to get my attention. I should probably feed them, rather than going straight to the the computer when I get up.
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:13am Frank:

live video from the studio
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:14am peetyL:

Wish we had 7-11 around here. All we have is "7-2-11" and they kinda suck...
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:15am Pallindrom:

Thanks for working on the ustream. Now if you'd just get the microphone a little closer I wouldnt feel like I was listening to you from a barrel in the East River.
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:17am Pallindrom:

Which is live and which is memorex?
Am I SEEING Frank live or HEARING him live?
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:18am Joshua K:

Franks wearin the shirt he tweeted about.
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:18am Frank:

I am working on the video stream audio,,, but I don't have the right cable. Maybe next week...
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:19am Ganjibus:

Are you guys wiretapping my mind?
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:19am dale:

listening again from wolverhampton, uk. great show. like the tshirt!
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:20am Frank:

It' the alien shirt from Chopshop. I also have the robot and vehicle shirts. the new one is monsters
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:20am peetyL:

2:30, tooth-hurting, 2:30, tooth-hurty...
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:22am Joshua K:

Future frank is drinkin slurpees. THe best thing for dental problems.
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:22am ww123412:

Let's see the tooth, Frank!
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:23am Jan Erik:

Good morning from Norway Frank, finaly got around to tune in to your live feed. 08:20 Saturday morning here.

Sitting here at work "looking forward" to a 12 hour shift in the helpdesk here :P
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:23am spooky:

glad your alive, you survived the tooth situation!
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:28am peetyL:

Have you tried the Superfruits Kombucha?
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:28am Pallindrom:

I'm plugging you on Twitter Frank!
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:30am Pallindrom:

Did you think of Olivier in "Marathon Man" at the dentist?
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:32am peetyL:

Or Jack Nicholson (or Steve Martin) in Little Shop of Horrors?
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:33am ww123412:

What color is it Frank?
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:33am peetyL:

Do they still have Mountain Dew Blue Shock Slurpee? They are GOOOOOD...
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:34am spooky:

The bumblebee transformers slurpee
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:35am spooky:

the gallon size is like only 4 cents more!
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:35am spooky:

tastes like anifreeze
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:37am Pallindrom:

What do you think about Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern Frank? Last I'd heard they were talking Chris (New Kirk) Pine.
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:37am Jan Erik:

Heh, the Ustream feed turns black & white when your head move in front of he light in the backgtound :P
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:38am peetyL:

I don't know about the Geek Beer...stuff with guarana in it makes me woozy and sick-feeling for some reason...
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:43am Jan Erik:

Think they use some kind of ceramic plasticy stuff for fillings these days.
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:44am e-squared (Eve):

  Sat. 7/11/09 2:45am spooky:

you needed the laughing gas
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:46am Pallindrom:

You turn into Dennis Hopper from "Blue Velvet" with Nitros Oxide. I LOVED it as a kid.
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:47am Val from Cape Town:

Hi Frank and everyone! :)
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:48am Pallindrom:

Hey Val!
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:49am ww123412:

Can you turn your tooth into a guitar pick?
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:49am spooky:

Pabst Blue Ribbon!
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:49am ww123412:

I would pay for that
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:51am Val from Cape Town:

LOL! The ad on my Ustream is for a fertility treatment hospital of all things!! :)
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:52am spooky:

station id in 10
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:52am ww123412:

Tooth fairies
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:53am peetyL:

I like the Mammoth from the Flintstones that was the vacuum cleaner. He was funny...
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:53am ww123412:

You are insane
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:54am Neal:

Last year I went to the dentist for the first time in 19 years. it wasn't pretty. And it was an emergency.
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:55am Jan Erik:

All this tooth talk reminded me that I have to finish watching the "Hogfather" DVD I bought last week.

Be carefull not to let any wizards get hold of your tooth Frank :P
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:55am ww123412:

Canyou tickle the ivories?
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:57am ww123412:

  Sat. 7/11/09 2:57am Joshua K:

so many beverages, you got a drinking problem
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:58am Roel from the Netherlands:

I see my dentist at least once a week
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:59am peetyL:

You should bring the beard and show it on UStream...
  Sat. 7/11/09 2:59am ww123412:

My brother saved his dreadlocks when he cut them off
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:00am peetyL:

I haven't seen the dentist in a least 15 years...
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:00am Pallindrom:

I'm a heavy drinker myself Frank. Not alcohol mind you but alot of beverages like sodas and spring water.
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:00am ww123412:

Nailed it.
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:00am Roel from the Netherlands:

My brother is also my dentist
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:00am Joshua K:

I have an aeropress for making pseudo-espresso at work, its pretty sweet and made by the aerobie guy.
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:02am Ranger Craig:

Hi Frank!
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:03am spooky:

Im jealous of Hugh, I do have stuff from the temp Disneyland in Singapore and Taiwan
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:03am ww123412:

Should I order wooly mammoth pick?
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:03am peetyL:

Robocop pinball, Frank. Remember?
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:03am joshua K:

aerobie was that company that made flying disks that they sold on tv http://www.aerobie.com/
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:04am Pallindrom:

Andy Kaufman should be your co-host.
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:04am Andy:

Hi Ranger Craig,
I work at the Exploratorium--we can probably see each others' workplaces across the waves
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:05am spooky:

Bah Canada!
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:05am peetyL:

Robocop's Prime Directives: 1) Serve the public trust 2) Protect the innocent 3) Uphold the law
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:05am ww123412:

I ordered a WFMU Catalog of Curiosities from 1995! Nice!
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:06am ww123412:

Until you get bacon grease in your coffee
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:06am Pallindrom:

Lex Luthor?
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:06am Ranger Craig:

A great science museum
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:06am roel from the Netherlands:

Inspire Coffee is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:07am andy:

Exploratorium is world's best science museum--the one that started the whole "hands-on" thing...

thanks, Frank
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:08am spooky:

I dont miss Cali earthquakes, I was in the Whittier and Northridge, both big quakes
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:09am Ranger Craig:

Had a membership for many years to the Exploratorium when kids were young and we lived closer. Use to go WITHOUT the kids so I could do the things I wanted to do!!
Quakes are why I don't want to buy a house or settle down here.
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:14am ww123412:

I tried calling. What's up? I have a funny idea.
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:19am Jan Erik:

The Martian Manhunter guy could move though walls too couldn't he?
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:25am captainludd:

Hiya! from UK :)
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:27am Neal:

My first summer jobs was in a factory, packing artificial Christmas trees.
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:28am Joshua K:

Welcome to mastersweep theater
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:29am ww123412:

Nice sweeping, Tex!
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:29am Neal:

It's weird not having a "retweet" or "mentions" button here.
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:30am ww123412:

Is this when they get arrested? Awesome!
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:33am Joshua K:

"Help childrens cancer"... wouldn't it be better to help stop it instead?
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:33am Ranger:

Yea, you are too cynical - oh, wait, you're in New York.
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:36am Neal:

When someone asks me to help with cancer, I like to say "No, I'm against that"
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:37am ww123412:

I put the link on Ustream
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:38am Ranger Craig:

Like I said, you're in NY (g).
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:38am spooky:

ok, sleep time, i gotta work
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:39am spooky:

night, friends!
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:41am Pallindrom:

Night Spooky!
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:42am Frank:

  Sat. 7/11/09 3:45am Scott Crawford:

Mornin', Frank. Taking more than one call?
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:48am Pallindrom:

See if the Daily Mirror has anything about Michael Jackson's missing brain. I heard they were the only ones talking about it.
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:49am peetyL:

light rail...
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:53am joshua K:

A company I used to work for had the terminator pinball game in the break room, but it would randomly shut down
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:53am joshua K:

Somehow the word company went missing from that post.
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:53am ww123412:

Morning Edition
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:53am Scott Crawford:

British date format, yes.
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:56am ww123412:

Sorry. Early Edition
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:56am peetyL:

Terminator 1 pinball, not Terminator 2 pinball. The older one might be cooler...
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:57am joshua K:

My current company they has a Golden Tee game, but thats busted too.
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:58am Scott Crawford:

w0000 Pinball Corner!
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:58am ww123412:

Gotta crash, Frank. I'll call in next week. Have a great show. 'night all.
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:58am peetyL:

Then we need some Peter Weller after the Ah-nold, if you know what I mean...
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:59am Scott Crawford:

No T1. Just 2 and 3.
  Sat. 7/11/09 3:59am ww123412:

Station ID!
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:01am peetyL:

I couldn't find ipdb.com
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:02am dave from england:

Hi, Frank. Just in time for pinball corner. :-)
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:02am peetyL:

  Sat. 7/11/09 4:02am peetyL:

.org, oh
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:03am Neal:

Station ID!
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:03am joshua K:

The datacenter in Newark my company had servers in has the playboy pinball in their break room! I didn't realize how many video games I have been around at work till now.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:04am peetyL:

  Sat. 7/11/09 4:04am Joshua K:

It was the newer one. I remember voices.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:05am Scott Crawford:

Yeah, Station ID happened already. You need to play some Atari 2600 on the air. We need some Custer's Revenge on public radio, y0h.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:06am Scott Crawford:

Oh, everyone, it's Free Slurpee Day today, if Frank didn't mention it and you didn't hear.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:07am Neal:

Stream delay must be longer than I thought.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:07am peetyL:

Please play Oregon Trail on the air, Frank...
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:08am Scott Crawford:

You have to hook peetyL up with Robocop before the Custer's, though.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:08am joshua K:

This Equinix datacenter is a bit nicer than the one my company moved is in now. The break room has a basketball game, wave racer, the pinball all on free play. The new location doesn't even have a break room.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:09am Ranger Craig:

7-11 on 7-11
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:11am Scott Crawford:

Also: The Rampler is being simulcasted into Heck, my Second Life club, as we speak. I'd do this every week, but I'm not always awake/home, and I haven't figured out how to time-automate iTunes yet.

  Sat. 7/11/09 4:11am Ranger Craig:

Gotta call it a night everyone - bye!
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:12am joshua K:

It was 7/10 when you bought the slurpee though, now you can go after work and get another one for free.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:12am joshua K:

Work... i mean after the radio show.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:14am peetyL:

  Sat. 7/11/09 4:15am Scott Crawford:

Are you saying Frank isn't workin' here? =)

Anyway, yeah, Heck is open, free Slurpees today ("Just a reminder to all: July 11th is once again Slurpee day - a wonderful day to celebrate the creation of the Slurpee. This year, as in the years before, 7-Eleven stores will be handing out 1000 free 7.11oz Slurpees from 7am until 11pm (or until supplies last). Yay! Free Slurpee!!!!"-from the Free Slurpee Day site), and I'd buy that for a dollar.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:15am peetyL:

I'd buy that for a dollar...
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:17am Scott Crawford:

At some point, we're going to all have to chip in to buy Frank a crack pipe for these shifts...
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:18am peetyL:

Serve the public trust...
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:18am Pallindrom:

I think I'd e embarrassed to drink geekbeer whether it's true or not.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:19am dave from england:

Shame you can't play 20 seconds to Comply by Silver Bullet. :-)
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:20am peetyL:

now you have to wait until Robocop says yr name before you talk...it's a personal jinx
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:20am Scott Crawford:

Yeah, but you're gonna build up a tolerance to all that stuff. You'll need "the good stuff" when that happens.

Re: Robocop on a unicorn: there's a Flickr photostream, give me a second. No idea how it started, but I used a ROAU picture as my Facebook picture for months...
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:20am dave from england:

Did you see the robocop Ed 209 shirt yet?
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:21am peetyL:

Nice synthies...
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:21am Scott Crawford:

  Sat. 7/11/09 4:22am peetyL:

Oh...I hate when the ED 209 falls on its butt and can't get up and cries...I feel so bad for it
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:23am Scott Crawford:


  Sat. 7/11/09 4:24am peetyL:

And, ED 209 was called 'ED 260' in its action figure-version for some reason...
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:26am joshua K:

Why does whole foods put palm oil in the damn peanut butter and whos palm do they get the oil out of anyway
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:27am Brian Jude:

Good morning, Ramplerverse!
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:27am Pallindrom:

  Sat. 7/11/09 4:27am Scott Crawford:

OK, folks, I'm calling it an evening. Enjoy your Slurpee later, Mr. Nora and all y'all who have free and easy access to Slurpees.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:29am peetyL:

I can't get no Slurpee satisfaction cuz there are no 7-11s around here! Bah
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:29am Brian Jude:

joshua K: My friend once complained that he bought half a watermelon, a half pound of Swiss cheese, and a container of half and half - and they have the nerve to call themselves Whole Foods...
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:30am Neal:

I haven't been in a 7-11 since they pulled out of Ireland around 20 years ago.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:32am peetyL:

White chocolate Reese's cups are better...
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:35am peetyL:

My favorite Hershey's product is Hershey's Hugs (white chocolate and milk choc. swirled Kisses) with Almonds...yummy, the BEST!
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:36am Neal:

Tesco supermarkets here have started importing Cadbury's chocolalte from U.K., instead of stocking the the Irish version. Same products, different factory. It tastes awful. Different milk or something.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:37am dave from england:

Only get the normal reeses cup in UK, would have loved to have gotten hold of those Elvis cups.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:38am joshua K:

Ya know in japan they have cheetos covered in chocolate
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:39am peetyL:

Twizzlers Fire is OK...I Iike the Pull 'n' Peel Mixed Berry Flavor better...
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:39am Frank:

Elvis peanut butter cups were good
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:40am peetyL:

joshua K...I'm eating Crunchy Jalapeno Cheetos RIGHT NOW!!! Chocolate Cheetos sounds GOOOOODDDDD!!!!!
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:40am Brian Jude:

Love dark chocolate...
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:41am peetyL:

Japan also has cabbage-flavored ice cream.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:41am joshua K:

  Sat. 7/11/09 4:42am Joshua K:

I've heard of tomato ice cream but not cabbage.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:43am peetyL:

yeah I think they also have salmon-flavored ice cream
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:43am peetyL:

Pull 'n' Peel is NOT work...it's FUN
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:46am joshua K:

Heres a recipe for bacon bourbon ice cream http://tinyurl.com/nlp7x5
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:47am peetyL:

joshua K: http://www.who-sucks.com/food/101-frightening-ice-cream-flavors-from-around-the-world
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:48am peetyL:

Sorry I don't tinyurl things...I really should
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:50am Pallindrom:

Can you juggle or anything Frank?
Give us something to watch on ustream while the old stuff is on?
You COULD flip us off or say obscene things in sign language that most of us wont understand.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:51am Neal:

I like doing this. http://tinyurl.com/9m4t7j
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:52am Brian Jude:

Neal - that link doesn't seem to work
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:53am Neal:

@BrianJude It's a tinyurl that goes to tinyurl.com
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:53am peetyL:

Vincent shouldn't have pissed off the Oompah-Loompahs then...sorry LOL
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:54am Neal:

If you do that enough, TinyUrl will swallow it's own tail, and there'll be a black hole or something.
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:54am Pallindrom:

I KILLED at asteroids. Of course that's when I had the reflexes of a child due to my having actually been one at the time. The glory days...
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:55am Pallindrom:

That Toxic Waste Vat was Jack Napier's undoing...
  Sat. 7/11/09 4:59am Pallindrom:

You're the Oscar Madison of radio Frank.
Where's Felix Unger when you NEED him?
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:00am Brian Jude:

Neal - Dude, you're gonna break the internet if you keep doing that and Al Gore is going to come after you with a lawsuit.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:01am joshua K:

I have a gas powered airsoft pistol, but its not the same. Target shooting is fun.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:02am Pallindrom:

Jar Jar Binks was a clutz too & there's a reason they didn't give him weapons...
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:02am Neal:

Brian, I'm not afraid of Al Gore. Well maybe a little bit, but I'm not in his jurisdiction even if he got elected.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:04am peetyL:

almost like a repetitive Negativland...cool
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:04am Brian Jude:

Neal - Yes, but you're closer to the polar ice caps than we are, and if you make him mad, he'll melt a huge iceberg and flood your country.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:05am peetyL:

This album is freakin' cool...what's the name of the group again?
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:05am Neal:

Brian that's fine, when we find water like that we sell it in bottles and make a lot of money
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:06am peetyL:

And you SHOULD have 'Obscure Album Corner' every week or every other week...that'd be so cool
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:07am Brian Jude:

Just in time? It's 5:06 by clock. Is there that much of a delay, or do you have a time frame in which you can do the call letters?
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:08am Brian Jude:

Neal - Ok, in that case go ahead and break the internet and profit from your country's inevitable destruction and see if I care.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:11am Joshua K:

break out the salt
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:11am Neal:

Is there a West orange and an Central Orange too? Is the Orange region divided into Quarters, like Paris?
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:12am peetyL:

hey Palindrom...Flee Pasts Ape Elf is a palindrome
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:12am Joshua K:

Torchwood members are droppin like flies. This mini series has been better than the last 2 seasons combined though.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:14am Brian Jude:

No, there's Orange, South Orange, East Orange and West Orange. South Orange is very upscale, West Orange is upscale-to-regular suburbia, Orange and East Orange are inner-city types.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:14am Joshua K:

The four municipalities are the City of Orange Township, City of East Orange, Township of South Orange Village and Township of West Orange.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:16am Neal:

Brian, a lot of my questions are rhetorical, but thanks for the detailed reply nonetheless.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:16am Brian Jude:

Thanks, Joshua. Orange is a bit nicer than East Orange.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:17am Neal:

I was just hoping the whole place was divided into equal segment. With a town clock in the centre that emits "pips" at the top of the hour. Was that too much to hope for?
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:18am joshua K:

Maybe you should check out http://www.bevnet.com/ for all your beverage news and reviews.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:18am Neal:

I have had caffeine, by the way.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:20am peetyL:

Is that salt better than yr telecherries, Frank?
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:20am joshua K:

eurasian black salt sounds very multi-racial.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:21am dave from england:

I use Liver of Sulphate at work to tarnish silver, smells just like bad eggs.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:22am peetyL:

Good ol' American iodized salt is more pleasin' to my palate, I think...maybe not as healthy though
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:23am dave from england:

Always love it when Frank review the hot stuffs, makes for good entertainment. All you gotta do is eat a dorset naga chilli. :-)
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:26am Joshua K:

Frank, you ever go to Fume cigar shop in montclair
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:27am Neal:

Must go, do Saturday daytime stuff. Will listen to the rest of the show on the download. Getting better every week, Frank.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:30am Brian Jude:

Later, Neal!
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:35am Jan Erik:

Just finished my lunch break here.

Live interaction si cool, but I miss the "pause" button whenever the phone rings or I have to leavethe computer. Have to listed again once you release the recording.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:35am peetyL:

bring on the sludge...
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:36am Brian Jude:

Last night we passed by the cage with all the big balls that every supermarket has. My son wanted me to buy him one. So heartbreaking to tell him no...
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:37am joshua K:

some day he will get his balls
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:38am Brian Jude:

  Sat. 7/11/09 5:43am Joshua K:

The nickelodeon stuff we had in the 80s you could make farting noises by getting a pocket of air on your palm or something... i forget.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:43am Brian Jude:

"Dr. Wacko" sounds like a super villain.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:45am Pallindrom:

His partner is Mr Wizard....
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:45am Brian Jude:

Dr. Wacko goes after his enemies with poison dust. And sludge.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:47am Brian Jude:

Hoot Gibson is the alter-ego of the superhero who fights Dr. Wacko. The owl was Woodsy.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:47am Pallindrom:

Mr Wizard makes Zombie doppelgangers from the teeth of his victims.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:47am Joshua K:

  Sat. 7/11/09 5:48am Pallindrom:

Hoot's motto was "Who gives a Hoot?"
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:50am Pallindrom:

Also, "Give a Hoot, dont pollute!"
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:51am Brian Jude:

I used to see those hovercraft plans for sale when I was a kid in Boy's Life magazine. They were apparently powered by a vacuum.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:52am Brian Jude:

It was Woodsy Owl
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:53am Jan Erik:

Was it a Mexican Hovercraft ;)
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:53am andy from CA:

Yeah Edmunds Scientific!!

I was just going to say the bimetallic discs!! Yes!!!
and the mercury puzzle!
and tank prisms!

and don't forget Things of Science!
You're my doppelganger (except I'm an atheist!!)
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:54am Joshua K:

Remember that sega game Time Traveler that was like a 3D hologram.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:55am Pallindrom:

Sound down on ustream.
Don't make me miss the big finish!
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:55am andy from CA:

another fun show, Frank. I gotta go podcast next time, though--need the sleep...
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:56am peetyL:

"We give a hoot 'cause we don't pollute! Team up! JOIN THE WOODSY TEAM!" Good times...
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:57am dave from england:

this bit always reminds me of TV show cheers, must be the piano melody
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:57am Pallindrom:

And abruptly as that it was over.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:58am dave from england:

Good show once again, will check out the first couple hours on the podcast.
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:58am peetyL:

Thanks for playing Robocop pinball, Frank...you're the best! *coins drops in slot* ROBOCOP
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:58am Brian Jude:

Still running on iTunes...
  Sat. 7/11/09 5:59am Pallindrom:

ustream cut off the last 5 minutes or so.
  Sat. 7/11/09 6:00am peetyL:

Goodnight Frank....Goodnight all.
  Sat. 7/11/09 6:00am Joshua K:

Mentally Deranged Mug
  Sat. 7/11/09 6:01am Brian Jude:

Palllindrom - I did notice that. Bye, all!
  Sat. 7/11/09 6:04am Pallindrom:

Night Brian and all(Or Morning)!
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