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Options The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

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Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Format, Year, Notes (NR = New Release) Approx. start time
THE MOVE  Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited   Options Shazam!. (1970) 0:00:00 Real | )  
JEFFREY NOVAK  What A Surprise   Options After the Ball. LMN. Vinyl. -NR 0:07:16 Real | )  
EAT SKULL  Stick to the Formula   Options Wild and Inside. Siltbreeze. -NR 0:09:57 Real | )  
EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING  Sometimes   Options VA - The World's Lousy With Ideas Vol.7. Almost Ready. 7". -NR 0:12:25 Real | )  
COMET GAIN  He Walked By Nite   Options Broken Record Prayer. What's Your Rupture?. -NR 0:14:27 Real | )  
FRESH & ONLYS  Endless Love   Options s/t. Castle Face. -NR 0:16:50 Real | )  
THE PANICKS  Don't Pick On Me   Options The Complete Recordings. Gear Fab. from OH in the mid-60's -NR 0:20:02 Real | )  
JACK O AND THE TENNESSEE TEARJERKERS  Make Your Mind Up   Options The Disco Outlaw. Goner. -NR 0:22:28 Real | )  
GEORGE HARRISON  What Is Life   Options All Things Must Pass. Capitol/Apple. (1970) 0:25:23 Real | )  
PAUL COLLINS' BEAT  Work-A-Day-World   Options The Beat. Columbia/CBS. (1979) 0:41:06 Real | )  
JEREMY JAY  In This Lonely Town   Options Slow Dance. K. -NR 0:43:54 Real | )  
THE MODERN LOVERS  Old World   Options s/t. Rhino. (1976) 0:47:20 Real | )  
THE FUZZTONES  Black Lightning Light   Options Horny As Hell. No Fun Records. -NR 1:01:52 Real | )  
BUDGIE  Breadfan   Options Never Turn Back on a Friend. MCA. (1973) 1:09:49 Real | )  
IRON CLAW  Strait Jacket   Options s/t. Rockadrome/Vintage. UK heavy-ness recorded in '71-'72 -NR 1:16:11 Real | )  
T-REX  The Groover   Options EMI. 7". (1973) 1:21:00 Real | )  
RINGO STARR  Back Off Boogaloo   Options Apple. 7". (1972) 1:24:24 Real | )  
COCK SPARRER  What's It Like To Be Old   Options Shock Troops: Deluxe Edition. Taang!. (2003) orig. 1982 1:27:51 Real | )  
SPLODGENESSABOUNDS  The Malcolm Opera   Options s/t. Deram. (1981) 1:30:55 Real | )  
TYVEK  Hey Una   Options s/t. Siltbreeze. -NR 1:36:18 Real | )  
THE RATS  Nightline   Options Intermittent Signals. Mississippi. Vinyl. Fred and Toody pre-Dead Moon / Pierced Arrows from the early 80's -NR 1:48:24 Real | )  
SNAKE FLOWER 2  Set You Straight   Options Renegade Daydream. Tic Tac Totally. -NR 1:51:58 Real | )  
THE WILDEBEESTS  One Minute's Time   Options Dirty Water. 7". -NR 1:54:28 Real | )  
LONDON DIRTHOLE COMPANY  Amnesia (I Got the Memory of a Man with)   Options The Stanley Hall Session. Radiowave. Vinyl. -NR 1:57:03 Real | )  
THE CYNICS  Born To Lose   Options Sympathy for the Record Industry. 7". (1991) 1:58:53 Real | )  
HAPPY BURGER  Ballad of Ray Kroc   Options Douche Master. 7". -NR 2:01:34 Real | )  
DETROIT COBRAS  Laughing At You   Options Life, Love and Leaving. Sympathy for the Record Industry. (2001) playing @ Southpaw (Brooklyn) Friday, 6/12, with Dexter Romweber Duo and White Mystery 2:03:24 Real | )  
THE DEMANDS  Radioactive   Options High Wire. Deep Eddy. -NR 2:04:58 Real | )  
THE FLESHTONES  Feels Good To Feel   Options Take a Good Look!. Yep Roc. (2008) playing tonight @ Brighton Bar (Long Branch, NJ) with The Brimstones, Swinging Neckbreakers, Ribeye Brothers, and Casino Evil 2:07:14 Real | )  
GOODNIGHT LOVING  Ol' Geraldine   Options s/t. Off the Hip. (2008) 2:09:22 Real | )  
TRIUMPHS  Lovin' Cup   Options VA - Off the Wall Volumes 1 & 2. Past & Present. CD box set. great 60's garage comps orig. issued in the 80's; now on CD! -NR 2:12:12 Real | )  
THE GHOST OF ROCK  Rummy   Options s/t. Demonbeach. (2004) features Ron LIberti from Pipe! 2:14:26 Real | )  
TENTACLE LIZARDO  Haunted Closet   Options VA - Shiftless Decay: New Sounds of Detroit. X!. -NR 2:16:08 Real | )  
  track 6   VA - Khmer Rocks Vol. 67. khmerrocks.com. CD-R. www.khmerrocks.com -NR 2:17:51 Real | )  
A. ROMZI & THE HOOKS  Zunika   Options Dendong Remaja. EMI Malaysia. Singapore 1968 -NR 2:21:57 Real | )  
SINN SISAMOUTH AND ROS SEREY SOTHEA  New Year's Eve   Options Sleepwalking Through the Mekong (OST). M80. compiled by Dengue Fever -NR 2:24:58 Real | )  
LIVERPOOL  Danca da Chuva   Options Por Favor, Sucesso. Shadoks. orig. 1969 from Brazil 2:28:16 Real | )  
GARDENS  All Is School All Are Teachers   Options In Novelty Land. Italy. 7". -NR 2:29:57 Real | )  
DUM DUM GIRLS  Longhair   Options Hozac. 7". -NR 2:32:20 Real | )  
RODRIGUEZ  This Is Not A Song, It's An Outburst: Or, The Establishment Blues   Options Cold Fact. Light in the Attic. (2008) orig. 1970 2:35:27 Real | )  
IRON HORSE  Magic Love   Options VA - The Electric Asylum Volume 1: Rare British Acid Freakrock. Past & Present. -NR 2:37:35 Real | )  
GLI EVANGELISTI  Sensazioni   Options VA - 60's Beat Italiano. Get Hip. (2000) 2:40:57 Real | )  
MARIANNE FAITHFULL  Hold On Hold On   Options Easy Come Easy Go. Decca. -NR 2:43:49 Real | )  
CAUSE CO-MOTION!  Leave It All   Options Because Because Because EP. Slumberland. Vinyl. -NR 2:46:47 Real | )  

Listener comments!

  Sat. 6/6/09 3:20pm Laurie:

Looooove this Eat Skull. Siltbreeze can do no wrong. Have they ever put out a bad record?
  Sat. 6/6/09 3:38pm seang:

Anybody goin to the Oblivians in Memphis?
  Sat. 6/6/09 3:49pm frenchee:

ah, adopt two dogs and call me in the morning!
  Sat. 6/6/09 3:51pm frenchee:

my sympathies, TT, I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet.
  Sat. 6/6/09 3:51pm mazzotti music:

who sounds reigning soundish? missed it.
  Sat. 6/6/09 3:55pm SueP:

Mazzotti Music - TT was referring to the Goodnight Loving, who be live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic in three weeks (6/27).
  Sat. 6/6/09 3:58pm frenchee:

list of movies TT should avoid for the while:
My Life as a Dog
My Dog Skip
Old Yeller
Amores Perros
Reservoir Dogs
  Sat. 6/6/09 3:59pm slugluv1313:

oh Terre, i had no idea you had lost a sweet lil doggie! i am so sorry to hear this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:07pm eyenoise:

Buy a T-shirt at that Detroit Cobras show, Terre T!
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:10pm Joe Steele:

Back from enjoying nature, greetings TT and listeners.
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:20pm Dean Rispler:

Fuckin' Budgie! Terre - you rule. xoxoxoxox
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:22pm Dean Rispler:

Sorry to hear about your dog. My old dog just died a couple of months back. She was 14. I know it hurts. Much love to you.
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:22pm Joe Steele:

Agreed. Amazing ♥
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:24pm Joe Steele:

About Budgie that is...
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:36pm Macca:

Sorry 'bout the pooch.
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:38pm slugluv1313:

okay, first George, now Ringo . . . will John and Paul *also* be invited to the super-ultra-groovy-Terre-T-Tea-Party?!?!?
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:39pm Dan Qualy:

Hey - who was that about four songs back, with the long guitar solo for an intro, accoustic in the middle and a female vocalist??

That was AWESOME!! I gotta know!
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:40pm Joe Steele:

That song would have been great after some birthday dedication.
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:42pm SueP:

Dan - That's gotta be Budgie, I'm guessing!
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:46pm Dan Qualy:

I'm totally gonna check that out.
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:49pm Joe Steele:

I didn't realize I was a Budgie fan either, Terre.
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:51pm Dan Qualy:

I didn't realize what a kickass station this is!

By the way, greetings from Minneapolis!
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:51pm Joe Steele:

The internet says Metallica.
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:52pm eyenoise:

Yes, Metallica.
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:52pm Dean Rispler:

Yes - Metallica from Garage Days Revisited - all covers. Their last listenable release.
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:52pm Joe Steele:

  Sat. 6/6/09 4:54pm Joe Steele:

She mumbled my name! [swoon]
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:57pm frenchee:

thanks for the clip, Joe Steele
  Sat. 6/6/09 4:59pm Joe Steele:

Don't thank me, thank a yahoo search for "breadfan"
  Sat. 6/6/09 5:06pm Peteski:


one minutes time, that is
  Sat. 6/6/09 5:15pm Topkat:

Hi Terre, Hi SueP,
I have a the 'gold tooth skull' Detroit Cobras t-shirt from several years back that (a bit lit) Rachel signed with "Cobras suuuck!" on the skull....a rawkus show that was!
Great radio as always, ladies!
Hey Dan Q.- I'm in Mpls too. Nice rain today.
  Sat. 6/6/09 5:19pm Topkat:

oh yeah, I got my WFMU swag in the mail the other day!
  Sat. 6/6/09 5:21pm Joe Steele:

Everyone else is reporting received swag. I'm getting excited here.
  Sat. 6/6/09 5:25pm Dan Qualy:

Ha! Yeah. Well, we DO need it.
  Sat. 6/6/09 5:40pm Topkat:

Dan Q.
yeah, my tomatos and chilis are happy plants today.
  Sat. 6/6/09 5:46pm Dan Qualy:

What exactly is the theme of this show? I just discovered it today.

What's the scoop? Is it just great rock, or more punk/metal based?
  Sat. 6/6/09 5:48pm SueP:

Dan - In general, the theme is basically music that Terre likes!
  Sat. 6/6/09 5:51pm Dan Qualy:

I think Terre is my new hero!
  Sat. 6/6/09 6:05pm Peteski:

and I got my Sue Per DJ Premium CD and it rawks (see "HOT!"), thanks!
  Sat. 6/6/09 6:05pm Joe Steele:

Adam's apples?
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