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Options June 1, 2009: Live remote from the Moon! (fill in for Liz)
WE will be attempting to broadcast some special sounds and experiences from the Moon. Since everyone else seems to be remoting these days we thought we'd give this a try.

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Artist Track Album Comments New Approx. start time
Various  spacemuzik collage   Options        
Clinic  Mr Moonlight   Options Walking With Thee       
Nicky Andrews  Stag Beetle   Options Reality Psychosis    *    
Carl Sagan  Reads From Pale Blue Dot   Options        
  Full Moon and Empty Arms          
Scanner  #3   Options rockets, unto the edges of the edges       
David Bowie  Moonage Daydream   Options Ziggy Stardust       
Arthur Russell  This is how we Walk ON The Moon   Options        
Fleetwood Mac  Sisters of the Moon   Options Tusk       
Some Guy on UTUBE  Going to the Moon in a Cardboard Box   Options        
Rah Band  Clouds Across the Moon   Options        
Savage Garden  To The Moon and Back   Options        
ELO  Ticket to the Moon   Options Time       
Orlando Riva SOund  Moonboots   Options        
Brian Eno  Under Stars   Options Apollo       
Wreckless Eric  Walking on the Surface of the Moon   Options Greatest STifffs       
Dudley Moore  Moon Time   Options Bedazzled       
Cas Haley  Walking on the Moon (police)   Options        
Moondog  Blast Off   Options Big band       
Television  Marquee Moon   Options Marquee Moon       

Listener comments!

  Mon. 6/1/09 11:59am Cecile:

this is going to be so awesome, Maria!
  Mon. 6/1/09 12:02pm annie:

  Mon. 6/1/09 12:04pm v k:

first time listening to one of your programs - looking fwd - best of luck
  Mon. 6/1/09 12:11pm Joe Steele:

I was just watching something about the moon yesterday. Apparently the Russians sent some rovers up there after the first few Apollo landings.
  Mon. 6/1/09 12:12pm Krys O.:

I feel lighter already!
  Mon. 6/1/09 12:13pm dc pat:

hi Levitsky! Blast off!
  Mon. 6/1/09 12:18pm 'Space' Smith:

Come on, Maria, it's life or death!
  Mon. 6/1/09 12:18pm Marshall Stacks:

Hi! Is there much of a music scene up there? How's the food compared with, say, Spain? I hear the cheese is good, if you can get past the color.
  Mon. 6/1/09 12:19pm Krys O.:

Watched a documentary on John Dobson the sidewalk astronomer. He calls out, "Come and look at the moon!" At the end of the credits, they thank the late WFMU dj Lou D'Antonio. It's a small world after all!
  Mon. 6/1/09 12:20pm smooth-sided monolith:

Dig me up!
  Mon. 6/1/09 12:25pm hotel whiskey juliet:

"There is always the possibility that concentrated deposits (water, ice) exist in a few of the shadowed locations not visible to radars on Earth, But any current planning for landers or bases at the lunar poles should not count on this."
  Mon. 6/1/09 12:35pm Jesselectric:

I am already feeling the anti-gravity effect...
  Mon. 6/1/09 12:35pm Parq:

Nice to see Miss Kryss and Niki A along for the ride.
  Mon. 6/1/09 12:40pm Jenniqua:

Wow. I am loving this show. You really knocked it out of the park for me when you put Carl Sagan on. I am up on the moon with him in my thoughts right now. Thank you!
  Mon. 6/1/09 12:40pm Bad Ronald:

I hope we don't get scrooched by any moon men!
  Mon. 6/1/09 12:40pm N'Lo:

Such soothing sounds of Sagan! loving this, Maria!
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:03pm dc pat:

Alright Wendy! Lay some cheese on us.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:08pm "Space":

Keep an eye out for Leopard Women.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:09pm Emily:

This is so exciting!
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:11pm Marshall Stacks:

Did you remember to bring the Tang?
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:11pm Cameo:

and Alligator Women!
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:12pm Alan Sheppard:

I you find a golf ball, it's mine.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:13pm Cecile:

he sounds like benjamin walker
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:13pm Bad Ronald:

Can you please bring back one of those diamond hard blue apples?
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:14pm JPL:

I thought the moon was made of BBQ spare ribs..
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:15pm Gerry O'Driscoll:

There's no dark side of the moon really ... as a matter of fact, it's all dark.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:16pm Lee:

this show is making me hungry
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:17pm Cecile:

I don't know if you should call the moon gigantic.
He might get body issues
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:18pm Carmichael:

Well, what a show this is. Hi DJs and listening persons.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:18pm The Moon:

I'm Huge!
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:19pm doug from dc:

NASA confirms cheese claims: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap020401.html
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:20pm Carmichael:

A possibility of lunar fondue?
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:22pm Wisconsin:

Moon cheese is crap.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:23pm Marshall Stacks:

The Swiss are working on the appropriate fondue technology.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:24pm Cecile:

the best fondue I found is in a bag in the grocery store. It's called Swiss Knight.

And fondue RULES.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:24pm Giggles:

the moon cant have an expiration date b/c its au natural!
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:25pm AnAnonymousParty:

Moon cheese is naturally vacuum-packed.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:26pm Carmichael:

If there's no entertaining music, it must be Bryce's show.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:31pm AnAnonymousParty:

Are the moons of other planets composed of cheese as well or perhaps other foodstuffs?
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:31pm Ralph Kramden:

Did you happen to run into Alice up there?
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:32pm Cecile:

AAP, yes, I want to know where the pie in the sky is.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:33pm bryce:

you're the best, carmichael!
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:33pm Uranus:

You don't wanna know what our moons are made of.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:33pm Lance Armstrong:

my son calls Spongebog "Cheesebob".
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:34pm AnAnonymousParty:

I'm hoping for a moon made of chocolate.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:34pm dc "pat":

why is my name Lance Armstrong? Good question...
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:38pm Artemis/Diana:

there's a double meaning to that sisters of the moon song. Just sayin'
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:39pm Carmichael:

Hey Maria, how about Alan Parsons' "Children of the Moon"?
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:40pm Mooninite:

The Moon rules!
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:41pm Carmichael:

The pleasure is all mine, Bryce.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:41pm Bad Ronald:

Or Wreckless Eric – "Walking on the Surface of the Moon"...
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:42pm The Fungineers:

We're whalers on the moon
We carry a harpoon
But there are no whales, so we tell tall tales and sing a whaling tune
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:45pm Carmichael:

Or maybe a chant by followers of Rev. Moon.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:46pm Cecile:

this cardboard box thing is amazing.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:47pm Ignignokt:

Some would say that the Earth is our moon.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:48pm molerat:

Seconding the thumbs up for the cardboard guy.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:49pm HotRod:

  Mon. 6/1/09 1:50pm Cecile:

There is, I hate to mention, the Police's Walking on the Moon. One of their good ones.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:50pm dc pat:

yeah, gotta take a break to watch the cardboard box guy video...
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:52pm noely-d:

everybody look at the moon!
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:52pm maria:

Hi Everybody it is kind of cool up here on the moon y'all should come up sometime
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:54pm Cecile:

maria, which version of the cardboard box vid did you use?

And I was envying you getting some cheese up there.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:56pm Neil Armstrong:

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, sold it on e-bay then bought it back years later at 10X the price for nostalgia sake.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:57pm maria:

Going to the moon in a cardboard box
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:58pm Cecile:

there are like seven of them.
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:58pm fectso:

Galileo? Illuminati!
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:58pm bryan:

how about camper van b's version of "sister of the moon" -- a very different one from the original.

and you've got to play at least one version of marquee moon! maybe one of the live, 15-minute long ones?
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:58pm 2600:

It's REALLY cool on the, er, "Dark Side" of the moon. As in hundreds of degrees below zero!

Can't believe nobody has suggested that.

A cut from the "Dub Side of the Moon" would be pretty cool, too!
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:59pm dc "pat":

Skinhead Moonstomp!!
  Mon. 6/1/09 1:59pm molerat:

This one, no?

  Mon. 6/1/09 2:00pm Cecile:

that's what I thought, but I wasn't sure!
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:00pm Marshall Stacks:

Angst did a great song about you, Neil.
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:01pm bryan:

btw, hey, maria! congrats on the photo show you have up right now!
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:01pm Joe:

Second on the Dub Side. Greatest Reggae note-for-note Pink Floyd cover album ever. -EVER-
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:01pm dc pat:

anything by Keith Moon
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:02pm Cecile:

they did Marshall!
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:02pm Bad Ronald:

Yeah, from "Both Sides of the Moon"!
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:05pm Pink Floyd:

We'll be out back if you need us.
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:06pm Van Morrison:

Me too.
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:07pm Alice Cramden:

Not me.
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:07pm Simaryp:

I'm coming with you guys...
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:07pm Morton Subotnik:

yeah, give me a call.
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:08pm Morton Subotnik:

yeah, give me a call.
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:13pm Joe Steele:

You got your SPF on right?
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:14pm Ralphy Boy:

I was gonna say, if she goes out back w/ those guys....pow...zoom...
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:17pm bryce:

am i on the air?
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:18pm Cecile:

I don't know.
Did you have cheese and pretend to be the man in the moon?

who's singing lead on this? Doesn't sound like Jeff Lynne...
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:21pm BSI:

Just tuned in (finally), and aah, ELO's forgotten classick... Cecile, yeh, I'm sure that's Lynne. I played the hell outta this record in '81 for some reason.
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:22pm BSI:

Bryce, you ARE the air.
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:22pm maria:

Bryce,you are IN the air
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:23pm BSI:

...and that's a good thing, I reckon.
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:23pm John Paul Young:

bryce is in the air, everywhere I look around
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:32pm BSI:

bryce & beans make a complete protein, or so they say...
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:33pm scott NY:

  Mon. 6/1/09 2:33pm 2600:

Oooh! Brian Eno!

Great choice!
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:34pm Danimal:

Why havent you found Pamela Lucia
walking on the moon?
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:39pm Cecile:

  Mon. 6/1/09 2:39pm Bad Ronald:

Yay! Love this Wreckless tune! Thanks Maria!
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:40pm Greg from Detroit:

NUN-PLUS: "walk about the craters of the moon" - psychedelic easy-listening nuns.
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:41pm Steve Gugel:

How about some Tomita Planets?
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:41pm still b/p:

Just back from lunch. Y'all funny good in heah today.
Some Moondog, Moondog, Moondog?
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:44pm Steve Gugel:

You know, Iso Tomita from the seventies? Killer trippy music thingy
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:46pm Krys O.:

Hope your re-entry into the earth's atmosphere doesn't burn you up! Stay ultra cool.
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:47pm Carmichael:

Ya, hope your tiles don't fall off.
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:48pm Parq:

Yes, Miss M, we don't want to hear "JC, we've had a problem."
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:49pm AnAnonymousParty:

Just smear some of that cheese on the wings and 'au gratin' it in.
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:51pm Cecile:

this is a great cover, and he has a great voice.
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:54pm Ken From Hyde Park:

That's a handy moon phase diagram. I'll print it our for my kids. To follow the phases of the moon, follow the chart counter-clockwise, it seems. Monday means "the day of the moon," come to think of it, and today is Monday.
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:55pm Luis Prima:

C' 'na luna mezz'u mare
Mamma mia m'a maritare
Figlia mia a cu te dare
Mamma mia pensace tu
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:56pm bryan:

yeah baby.
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:57pm dc "pat":

hey Luis, what's that song about your baby being up in a rocket ship?
  Mon. 6/1/09 2:58pm Matt:

Funny, I was thinking, what does Television have to do with the moon?
  Mon. 6/1/09 3:00pm AnAnonymousParty:

Let's all moon Maria goodbye!
  Mon. 6/1/09 3:51pm PGB:

Maria, You've just forced me to get out my copy of ELO/Time and listen to it again!
  Mon. 6/1/09 7:33pm Ozzy Skateboard:

This is an excellent show, Maria. I sent it too some friends too.
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