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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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May 1, 2009: How Gay Is That?

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up Weirdo  

Listener comments!

  Fri. 5/1/09 6:04pm Danne D:

saying first - is that kinda gay?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:06pm larry:

i think this show is very, very gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:06pm Staubgold:

Not as gay as being second girl friend!
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:06pm mb:

Dag, I missed the theme song.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:07pm Jøe Steele:

Ha! I love guido jokes.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:07pm Ike:

The "gay = lame" meme? What are you, 12?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:08pm Danne D:

Hey mb, I'll paraphrase it for you:
Dum Dum Dum, Dum Dum Da Dum Dum
Dum Dum Dum, Dum Dum Da Dum Dum
Dum Dum Dum, Dum Dum Da Dum Dum
Dum Dum Dum, Dum Dum Da Dum Dum
Dum Dum Dum, Dum Dum Da Dum Dum
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:08pm malx:

hey that's why I came out because I didn't want to get married, have kids, then leave the wife for a choir boy! It's just wrong, and I don't regret coming out when I did. Great show guys, I LUV WFMU!!!! People Like Us Rule!!
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:09pm ?:

Ladytron is gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:09pm G.:

People who love themselves more than they have any reason to.

  Fri. 5/1/09 6:09pm malx:

Soft Cell or Depeche Mode is gay!
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:09pm Danne D:

Next week on Shut Up Weirdo. Frangry tells your fortune by playing MASH:

  Fri. 5/1/09 6:09pm Nick:

Fashion is Gay.

also: I'm bored.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:10pm jay:

eqq salad sandwhich is gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:10pm Ike:

But I agree with Jøe Steele about guidos. They are always funny.

Frangry's original idea was much more interesting. It doesn't have to descend into saccharine territory.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:10pm Jøe Steele:


I agree with everything Frangry says so far by the way.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:10pm larry:

Next week on Shut Up Weirdo:
Frangary berates Andy and everyone laughs. For an hour.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:11pm ?:

oh, god..this guy
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:11pm Lack of Prep:

I'm gay too. If anyone cares.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:12pm Stuabgold:

Is having same-sex sex gay? I dunno...
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:12pm ?:

this dude calls into Tom Scharpling's show.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:13pm Andy Kaufman:

I was gay. Tell me I'm wrong here.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:13pm jay:

cell phones are gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:13pm ?:

sucking ***** gay?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:14pm Danne D:

my voice is not gay. But it's really sucky for radio.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:14pm bill:

This is really borderline. There are even PSA's on TV now, about how use of the word 'gay' in context, as an adjective, is an offensive slur. I really am frightened for these DJ's=they are already the worst ones on FMU. ;-(. This show is hard enough to listen to regularly, but this theme..I am reaching for my off button now ...Saturns and VW's are "gay"- Guidos? This is this is worse than a bad high school car trip. STOP already....>click<
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:14pm the cake:

wrong! super hero guy is way f*cking cool, possibly homosexual, definately not lame
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:15pm the cake:

shows that find their legs are gay...ghey
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:15pm Jøe Steele:

But that seems so guido.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:15pm malx:

Soft Cell or Depeche Mode is gay!
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:15pm Danne D:

Superhero guy article link:
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:15pm jay:

laptops are gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:16pm larry:

Next week on Shut Up Weirdo:
Frangary acts even more like that teenager you hated in high school, while Andy laps it up. For an hour.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:16pm jay:

is all technology gay?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:16pm Uh huh, uh huh:

And Starbucks
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:16pm Jøe Steele:

I'm confused.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:16pm malx:

nah, pink shirts are TOOOOO gay on a guy.....nah underwear aint gay above the belt.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:17pm the fake nick denton:

men and some women who read Gawker -- they're gay. or better yet, Gawker -- that's gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:17pm Danne D:

'nother show idea: "I know you are but what am I?" :)
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:17pm the cake:

vampires are not only lame, but many times are also homosexual.... have you seen Interview with a Vampire?!
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:18pm bill:

Geezus......here is the link to the PSA "Think before you speak" these guys are a classic example of what NOT to do. www.ThinkB4YouSpeak.com.
FMU, get these guys off the air, ASAP. This is totally offensive. Christ.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:18pm the fake nick denton:

"men" who listens to cher, madonna, shania twain -- that's gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:18pm ?:

reality TV shows are extremley gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:19pm larry:

Next week on Shut Up Weirdo:
Dead air? please God?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:19pm G:

Future show meme:

"Black, black, no trade back!!!"
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:19pm the cake:

auto tune is DEF ghey
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:20pm the cake:

what if your mechanic is a guido?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:20pm the fake nick denton:

half cut off shirts on men to show -off their abs; tans, spiked hair guidos from NJ Staten Island; mepa, murray hills, east viallge frat boys; those are gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:21pm Danne D:

crap forgot to ask about IROCs
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:22pm zedprophfer:

rnb singers + vocoders= TERRIBLE COMBINATION
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:23pm ?:

being dped is GAY
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:23pm ?:

i normally like your show, but this totally sucks.

youve claimed not to be just making a show of offensive jokes using the term "gay" in a pejorative sense, but that's all youre actually doing. genuinely disappointing to hear.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:23pm Professor Trout:

various Ed Hardy Attire = ultra gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:24pm Kyle:

Girls who fake tan and become orange.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:24pm Danne D:

You guys should have a screener update midshow (basically asking the screener what the caller batting average is, what the caller outrage percentage is, etc.)
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:24pm hipster grifter:

billyburg hipsters -- that's gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:25pm zedprophfer:

marvin gaye?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:25pm Hey, I'm starting to get it!:

"Gay" = Anything someone average doesn't get or doesn't like.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:25pm malx:

it's true, here in Britain it's called Deep Heat
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:25pm fuchyeahladygaga:

lady gaga music -- that's gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:26pm jay:

a dog?
a cat?
a hamster?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:27pm ?:

"no, marvin gaye's definitely not gay. everyone likes marvin gaye."

you just fucking said that on air.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:28pm John McCabe in LA:

I forgot to say something. sometimes I feel guilty because I love Frangry so much more then Andy. Is that a gay?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:28pm A Clue:

Um, that trucker with the southern accent was *not* FMU's target audience, people
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:28pm John McCabe in LA:

I forgot to say something. sometimes I feel guilty because I love Frangry so much more then Andy. Is that a gay?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:28pm obviously:

Chelsea boys -- what do you think?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:28pm ?:

saying "long time listener, first time caller" gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:28pm the cake:

brooklyn is REALLY really REALLY gay..... i mean, REALLY REALLY gay. fuck brooklyn. brooklyn you aint nuthin!!!
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:29pm Danne D:

looking forward to the next time the alabama guy listens to fmu and goes wtf
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:30pm actually:

John McCabe in LA , if you love Andy more THAN Frangry, then that's gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:30pm the cake:

Crocs are ghay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:30pm jay:

is man gardening gay?
is a women gardening gay?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:31pm no way:

flip flops are way more gay than Teva sandals
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:31pm malx:

nah, marvin gaye is deffo gay, he was shot by his dad!!!
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:31pm Ha!:

I know an FMU host who thinks writing about gardening out of context is *totally* gay!!!!!!
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:32pm ok, one more time:

this topic is gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:32pm ok, ok:

true dat, ok
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:33pm zedprophfer:

high school musical= SUPER GHEY
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:33pm surlybastard:

Dancing with the stars
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:34pm ?:

does she realise that without giving what callers have to say and being so quick to be outspoken is GAY. That's how a gay talks.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:34pm snugglebearvomit:

  Fri. 5/1/09 6:35pm the cake:

brooklyn is still gay, williamsburg being the worst offender
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:35pm revroth:

Brawny has always been referred to in my household as "the homoerotic paper towel"
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:35pm miley cyrus:

Hannah Montana - gay

Eric who constantly calls this show, and whatever he says -- GAY
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:35pm ?:

this caller is gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:36pm Danne D:

homophobia is gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:36pm the cake:

bed-stuy, though, is not gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:37pm jay:

is herman melville gay?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:37pm surlybastard:

dating columns are gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:38pm d- nasty:

wearing scarfs around your neck in summer = gay
guys wearing jean shorts = gya
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:38pm zedprophfer:

people who don't write their name when posting a comment in the shoutbox is gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:39pm CDC:

Media capitalizing and spreading fear on the Swine Flu epidemic...super gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:39pm jay:

hmmmm was that guy gay?!?!?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:39pm the cake:

swine flu is totally gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:40pm I called it first!:

This caller has "issues"!
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:40pm US Olympic Team:

Michael Phelps --- geigh
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:40pm freddy ridge:

vanity license plates
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:40pm Danne D:

what would the buzzwords be for the "Shut Up Weirdo" drinking game?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:41pm the cake:

no shit! summit NJ! i live in summit, woodland ave by CVS! Summit is gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:43pm David Karp:

Twitter is sooooo gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:44pm Eureka!:

They are sneakily trying to alienate every single FMU listening group!
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:44pm Danne D:

That's gay of you Frangry. I don't drink - dad had a problem with it so I never started.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:45pm the cake:

my girlfriend doesnt drink, and i love her and all, but its really annoying, hence it is gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:45pm oh I get it:

everything Frangry doesn't like is gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:46pm the cake:

and the pope is a nazi
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:47pm I agree:

kissing eric's butt on air IS gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:47pm zedprophfer:

signing up to forums with names like "supersexyboy3984739857" is gay.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:48pm the cake:

nazis are gay, hence, the pope is gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:48pm ?:

All of us will
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:49pm Aha moment:

Andy is more in touch w/ reality than Frangry!
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:49pm John McCabe in LA:

the Jonas Brothers are gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:49pm the cake:

who goes to the shore on a rainy day?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:52pm the cake:

there's nothing gay about cargo shorts
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:52pm ?:

love her logic
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:53pm ?:

s8ers? hat is this 1997?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:53pm the cake:

on air violnce is the OPPOSITE OF GAY
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:54pm Mhmm:

what logic? lmao

it's just " i like" and "i don't like" and we are supposed to bow

definitely not dating material!!!!!
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:54pm the cake:

fanny packs were gay, but i think theyre coming back around
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:55pm the cake:

carlos mencia is gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:56pm Irin:

Pinkberry, mullets and romantic subplots in action films are very gay
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:56pm Danne D:

the Eric thing is all cuz he's the Teacher's Pet.

Carlos Mencia isn't gay - he just steals material that's gay. Well I guess that's kinda gay.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:57pm John McCabe in LA:

lol good call
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:57pm ?:

  Fri. 5/1/09 6:58pm Eric Part Deux:

totally gay. sorry.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:59pm ?:

another fine show
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:00pm Danne D:

Dum Dum Dum, Dum Dum Da Dum Dum
Dum Dum Dum, Dum Dum Da Dum Dum
Dum Dum Dum, Dum Dum Da Dum Dum
Dum Dum Dum, Dum Dum Da Dum Dum
Dum Dum Dum, Dum Dum Da Dum Dum
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:00pm ?:

hey. just before the show ends i want to let you know just how crass and offensive this show has been start to finish.
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:07pm **:

If by "gay" you mean "awesome", this is an acceptable topic. If not, no. Seriously disappointed.
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:38pm dumbass:

re: the last comment....yeah right
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:39pm dumbass:

sorry, i meant the "another fine show" comment
  Fri. 5/1/09 10:10pm Kenny Breckman:

Acting like pre-teens on a listener supported station? Ghey.
  Mon. 5/4/09 12:53am Frangy's Mom:

I listened to your show.
Your ex-mother
  Mon. 5/4/09 1:01am frandy:

Frangry sticks up for Gay Eric caller because she wants him to stick it up to her , but he can't since he's gay
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