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Options April 30, 2009: You're Bold, You're Sophisticated, You Want it ALL(in for Scott Williams)

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Stars of the Lid  Adamord   Options Music For Nitrous Oxide (1992 - 1994)     
Edward Ka-Spel  And The Stars   Options Dream Logik Part 1     
Subway Music    Recorded by Mr Mike Ballou a couple of weeks ago     
Animal Collective  Bluish   Options Merriwether Post Pavilion     
Emeralds  Alive in the Sea of Information   Options What Happened     
Subway Music         
Funckarma  Strip   Options Elaztiq Bourbon 5     
Kemialliset Ystavat  Tassa Maassa Kun Nain Makailen   Options Split Series #19 (Kemialliset Ystävät/Sunroof!)     
James Carter and The Mighty Stars  You Don't Know   Options Oh Graveyard, You Can't Hold Me Always     
Subway Music    Ballou     
Injury  meddelande fran rymden   Options embellishment collection 1 comp.     
Agatha  African Brothers Band   Options Agatha     
Dan Deacon  Snookered   Options Bromst     
Magnus Moriarty TM  Don't Lose Yr Dub   Options Did You Order A Radar?     
Abba  The Visitors (Crackin' up)   Options The Visitors     
We Are The Arm  Togetherness   Options Togetherness     
Germlin  Key Lime   Options you are hear sessions 2002-2006     
Gen Ken Montgomery  Fabio's Muffler   Options      
Stock, Hausen and Walkman  ?   Organ Transplants Vol 1     
Big Blood  Heart Of Glass   Options Under Covers (For WFMU)     
Fjaribandet  Pleas Honey   Options Embellishment Collection Vol 1 (v/a)     
Califone  A Chinese Actor   Options Roots & Crowns     
pHoaming Edison  None of My Business   Options I Think It's Broken     
Astral Social Club  Flamingo Moon   Options      
Subway Music         
Soul Oddity  Chrome Ozone   Options Tone Capsule     
ELO  Strange Magic   Options Face The Music     
The George Edwards Group  Just a Minute   Options      
The George Edwards Group  Some Fun   Options      
The George Edwards Group  Solar Flare   Options 38:38     
Zashiki- Warashi  Carter Thornton   Options Mail Wars!     
Tonto's Expanding Head Band  Jetsex   Options      
Walter Murphy  a fifth of beethoven   Options      
Glomag  Warm LEatherette   Options      
Bee Gees  Marley Purt Drive   Options Odessa    2:48:50 ()
Del The Funky Homosapien  Wrong Place (Instr)   Options     2:53:09 ()
Hauschka  Things w. TG Mauss   Options Versions of the Prepared Piano    2:57:25 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 4/30/09 12:00pm Cecile:

Hi, Maria! Looking forward to the show!
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:01pm GP:

Off to get my car inspected..yeehaw!
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:01pm annie:

i am so thrilled....yay!
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:04pm maria:

howbodddy doodie everybodododilly yecks to shee you onzeagain
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:08pm Parq:

And how dang marvelous to see *you* again Miz Mareeya. Settling in for this afternoon's treats on this near-all-girl Thursday.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:08pm hello caller:

Maria! yes. this day is getting better by the minute.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:10pm BSI:

Drinkin' in the droney goodness. cheers.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:11pm doug from dc:

The drone keeps makin' itself known.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:12pm BSI:

the drone takes care of its own.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:13pm Uncle Dave:

Sounding good ML! Keep it up
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:15pm Pearly Sweets:

Ah sweet drone. You help me work harder, faster, longer, and thicker.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:19pm Alan Sherman:

I know a man whose name is Lang
And he has a neon sign
And Mister Lang is very old
So they call it Old Lang's Sign
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:25pm maria:

Do not sit on the floor
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:28pm maria:

Say the alphabet while washing your hands
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:31pm MM:

  Thu. 4/30/09 12:31pm maria:

I'd like to invite you commentors to help the US Gov come up with a new name for the swine flu. all those letters and numbers are giving letters and numbers a bad name.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:34pm Cecile:

piggly wiggly disease
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:34pm C:

no! where's the glass?
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:35pm BSI:

Freedman's name for it yesterday was something like
and that works for me!
Bring it on! C'mon, apocalypse!
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:35pm Bad Ronald:

whottabout the "fuggetaboutheconomy diversion"?
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:35pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

"Porky Pig Flu"
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:36pm Parq:

[I'd like to invite you commentors ...]

How about "That New Shit We're All Panicking Over"? The beauty part is, we woudn't even need to change the name from scare to scare.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:36pm still b/p:

"Sow are you?" flu.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:37pm Cecile:

"BBQ flu"
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:37pm doug from dc:

Pig plague.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:38pm Devin:

Mexi flu
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:38pm David:

Snorky Porky
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:39pm Cecile:

Maria, are you going to be back on the fall schedule? I hope!
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:40pm Cecile:

Pig under a blanket
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:41pm doug from dc:

gripe de los cerdos
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:41pm maria:

could we leave the poor little piggies out of it?
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:42pm Cecile:

Oh, ok.

The crud.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:42pm BSI:

What the hell is everyone upset about?
It's the newest viral sensation!
These days, that's a good thing, right?
Give that microscopic sumbitch its own reality show!
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:42pm besil:

no no not the alarmist flue again!it can only be called the NAFTA flue what else can be appropriate.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:44pm maria:

wash your hogwash before you floo it
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:44pm Devin:

Great idea BSI! I'm actually lookin to catch the Mexi Flu so my bodu is better prepared for Hong Kong Flu 2, the return of the flu.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:45pm doug from dc:

A viral virus.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:45pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

"The 5-0 Flu"
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:47pm Cecile:

doug, the viralest virus that ever viraled
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:48pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

"Hong Kong Fluey"
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:48pm still b/p:

Indirect pig (tail) ref. = Curliflue.

Madoff Flu -- no one want anything to do with it, and if you get it, you feel drained and miserable. Fitting to associate him forever with something awful and avoided.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:48pm doug from dc:

Pork, the other black death.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:49pm maria:

  Thu. 4/30/09 12:49pm BSI:

We gotta start thinking like true capitalists....There's probably some good sponsorship potential here. Do BACOS (tm) still exist? I can see the campaign now...

"snif... hell's crapper! I touched a doorknob & done caught Bacon Bits! Call a doctor! I must have salad!"
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:49pm Glenn L:

Cecile, an unrivaled viral.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:51pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

"..done caught Bacon Bits!" - BSI LOL!
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:54pm doug from dc:

GNFAB, but already taken: http://cdbaby.com/cd/baconbits
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:55pm Cecile:

Maria says ixnay on the igpay.
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:58pm ariamay:

ankyouthay ecilecay orfay uoryay upportsay
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:59pm david from ks.:

another fascist agribusiness scheme to force poor countries into accepting our American eatsh*t mentallity;yeeeeaaa happymeals;;asMDC once sang"murder and starvation from death coorporation",,,,,
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:59pm still b/p:

Elvirus - Mistress of the Pandemic --
but El Virus would have to be Jefe del Pandemia.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:01pm the rain:

instead of h1n1 how about hot14u
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:02pm What!:

You're Bold, You're Sophisticated, You Want it ALL...inspiration from the PATH posters?
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:04pm BSI:

I'm totally holding out for Gopher Flu.
That would be fully awesome.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:10pm Ecilecay:

ohnay oblempray
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:11pm GP:

LOL Rain and BSI don't you mean "fluly" awesome?
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:13pm thomas:

this is silly comment for silly game on today's show, you're bold/you're sophisticated/you want it all/ the caddyshack flu, nome officiel for gofer flu?
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:15pm What!:

I've got the gnu flu.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:21pm BSI:

gnu flu!
I got the wheezin' wildebeest!
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:22pm GP:

O.K...last flu comment. I swear...

"Bacons Revenge" - can't claim that though, saw it on a t-shirt.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:22pm doug from dc:

And the whooping waterbuffalo.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:23pm GP:

Thanks for the Dan Deacon!
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:23pm Hypeluenza:

can I haz kewl name plz? ktxby
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:23pm Glenn L:

It's the New Flu Revue, coming right at you.
It's the Gnu Zoo Reflu, coming right at you.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:25pm thecleef:

i like this track but i find the rest of the album annoyingly droney
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:27pm dc pat:

man, I was just in an Apple store and you should've seen all those rich people consuming...ain't no recession around here.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:28pm The Appler:

An App's gotta do what an App's gotta do
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:30pm dc pat:

don't eat stuff off the sidewalk
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:31pm dc pat:

..and when the president tells you to wash your hands, you better wash yer fuckin hands!! <s>
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:32pm GP:

Dang DC, I just a FANTASTIC looking half eaten burrito...
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:33pm GP:

"I just a" needs a "saw" in there
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:34pm BSI:

GP: I fell for that once. ... spent the next nine weeks recovering from Creeping Chalupa. Do Not Trust.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:37pm stingy d:

my swine flu is hot, my swine flu is poppin
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:37pm Cecile:

wow, you know hearing a non-overexposed Abba song is kind of refreshing
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:38pm What!:

and when the Vice President tells you to stay off of airplanes, subways, etc because we are ALL going to die DIE DIE you'd better...well don't do anything because it's Joe B, fer god's sake.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:38pm GP:

yea, I think it had a rope attached to it, ready to pull me into the trap.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:38pm maria:

DJ Trent Turned me on to that one Ceci
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:39pm Cecile:

it's very cool
My sisters had that album, but it's been over, well, a very long time since I heard it.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:40pm GP:

Just reading about Absinthe..has anyone tried it?
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:41pm Cecile:

my friend was making it for a while during the time it was illegal.
I prefer ouzo, better for washing down greek food.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:41pm stingy d:

yea dab some synth in there!
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:42pm maria:

absinutely not
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:42pm dc pat:

GP: I did. You don't need it, so don't eat it. It made me sick and I hallucinated slightly.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:43pm ronnie!:

rock on grrlfriend!
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:44pm GP:

Stingy..Absynth..either a new band or an exercise machine.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:44pm BSI:

The best absinthe still isn't distributed here in the States. Kubler is alright, but there's better out there if you're willing to do an expensive int'l web order.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:44pm just a guy:

@GP I had a bottle a few years back. ORderd it from the internets and it came in a box with "unsolicited gift" written on it. Not sure if it was illegal at the time (6 years ago I think?) or just illegal to sell it over borders or whatever.

It tasted pretty good. I dropped some sugar into it as i guess you're supposed to. Didn't seem to do more than make me drunk though.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:46pm Steve:

Try it with about 6-to-1 water and a sugar cube, it's pretty nice that way. Good stuff is pricey though ...
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:46pm dc pat:

could have been my tendency to over-do everything...
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:46pm GP:

Yea, this is one that is imported here now:
I don't know, it just looks interesting.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:47pm david from littltemiddle ks:

Last flu season The Hutchinson News,the newspaper from the "town"where i "live" actually published a whole 1/2 page, sunday front, showing the proper procedure on how to propely wash your hands.......yes,,,, wash your hands,,,,,,,LearnnewthingsfromKs.[we do have 1 credit though our library does have a copy of "The Art and Music of WFMU"]thanks 2 some weirdo patron]
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:47pm BSI:

The Absinthe Duplais (verte) is marvelous stuff. Gotta do it properly (the whole dilution ritual, etc) and it's delicious. See here:
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:49pm GP:

LOL Maria...this muffler thing is hilarious...
Fabio: I'm motoring to get some butter that I can't believe is not butter...BRB

Thanks BSI
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:51pm maria:

if U get the Phloo Drink a lot of Absolynthe heated up with some butter innnit. U will feel no pain
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:51pm just a guy:

Is Fabio's Muffler the reason WFMU is soliciting car donations?

I love this big bloody blondie cover.
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:53pm What!:

A colleague flagged me down in the hallway and told me that it sounded like someone was screaming in my office. It was the Stock, Hausen and Walkman track. Thanks for that!
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:54pm Parq:

Luv this BB version of "Glass", but I just have to note, the original line is "It's just no good you treating me like dead wood", not "you teasing me like you do."
  Thu. 4/30/09 1:56pm james gallagher:

Ah - I though I heard Big Blood from my computer speakers. Never heard this one before. Love the weirdness!
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:00pm Glenn L:

"Riding high on love's true fluish light"
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:03pm Parq:

Glenn, is that it? I always thought it was "on love's poor Jewish guy".
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:06pm Glenn L:

Do you think that's a Chris Stein reference, Parq?
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:07pm trent:

  Thu. 4/30/09 2:08pm maria:

YAY Bike!!!!! Ok BIKE#1 let's go Bikeeee
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:09pm Parq:

Glenn, what about that guy who got dicked out of being in the band when they got back together ten or so years ago. No wait, didn't he have an Italian name? Your theory might just hit the nail on the head. And it's yours, too!
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:11pm Luisa:

Maria! Your back on! Yeah! COME OUT DANCING TONIGHT!
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:11pm GP:

Trent, is that an old school bike?I think Free Spirit used to be a Sears brand....built like a tank.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:14pm trent:

GP - yes, it's pretty old school. the guy said it has these steel seams that make it sturdy. it looks like it might be sears. but it is awesome and light.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:15pm Glenn L:

It would explain why Chris Stein got so sick, Parq, but I think the Blondie member who was not brought on for the reunion was (guitarist?) Frank Infante.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:15pm GP:

Cool, enjoy riding around. I'm looking for one myself.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:16pm Steve:

Just tuned in. LIke what I'm hearing.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:17pm trent:

Just tuned in. LIke what I'm hearing.

GP - if you're in the city this place Brooklyn Board and Bike on Vanderbilt and Dean is awesome and pretty reasonable.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:21pm GP:

10-4 Trent and/or Steve..
You are about 1500miles too far away!..Texan here.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:24pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Maria, thanks for taking my psychic radio request. Not ten minutes ago I was thinking, "Hmm, I'd sure like to hear some ELO." True story!
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:27pm Arthur Rimbaud:

Let's derange our senses!
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:27pm Diana B.:

Oh the highs and lows--hysterical mother-o-three that's me! now that's a laugh track that speaks to me--you rock
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:28pm Devin:

GP- Where in TX? I'm in Denton.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:28pm Glenn L:

Strange magic indeed!
Which ELO record was that from,
"A New World Pandemic" or "Out of the Flu"?
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:31pm GP:

Down in the Houston area. Still trying to get away, but somehow I always end up back here.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:32pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Hi Glenn! I just logged on to the playlist. Nice to see you!
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:32pm trent:

i'm from dallas. maybe i can warp you to the bike store
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:32pm SH:

Can you pls play something by Blues Control?
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:33pm chris:

you crazy lady! really enjoying your show.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:34pm Devin:

Trent- your in Dallas? Just how many TX'ns are on here?!
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:34pm Gabe:

Pour me a fifth!
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:35pm stingy d:

nooooOO!!!! funky beethoven nNNNOOOOOO!!oooooOOO!OO!!!!!
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:35pm Steve:

Oh my god, disco Beethoven. I think I have this 45 somewhere, bought when i was 7.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:35pm GP:

Beam me up Trent.. I like NYC but only to visit, can't imagine riding a bike there but it could be fun.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:36pm GP:

Disco Duck is next.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:37pm Glenn L:

Right back at you, Wendy.
Whatcha up to today?
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:39pm From Washington Post...:

Since we were on the flue topic --

News Alert
1:54 p.m. ET Thursday, April 30, 2009
Obama Security Advance Team Member Has Suspected Case of Swine Flu
A member of the security advance team for President Obama's recent trip to Mexico is suspected of having contracted swine flu.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:40pm Terry:

All versions of WL terrify me...but I can't look away.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:40pm BSI:

breaking glass in dee underpants!
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:40pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Getting a slow start to today, Glenn. On the agenda is writing more of the business plan, doing some contract work (writing), and bringing some stuff to the new apartment. Et vous?
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:41pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Terry, WL are my initials. I didn't think I was *that* scary! haha.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:42pm stingy d:

riding a bike in nyc is tons of fun! it sucks getting hit by cars, but i've had worse.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:44pm Terry:

The non-audio WL: oh noes! I'm sure your current version is non-scary.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:46pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Terry, I guess it depends who you ask :-D
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:48pm stingy d:

yo i smoked weed yesterday... can you believe that shit!?
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:48pm Winston Smith:

State imposed censorship of art/language. It's just great to an Amerikan. Support your troops. Wave your flag.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:48pm Glenn L:

Working 'til about 7, Wendy, then designing some creative shelvery in my tiny new apt. Gotta downsize my storage space & get some of my crap into my home before the MTA fares skyrocket. Glad to hear things are progressing w/ C&W!
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:50pm vaporizer:

Stingy, your mother and I are very concerned about you.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:50pm stingy d:

i just wanted a pepsi
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:51pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Glenn, that sounds like a major project, especially if you own LPs! Which I'm sure you do.
Stupid MTA.
And thank you :-)
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:52pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I love this Bee Gees song. Great choice and great show, Maria!
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:53pm doug from dc:

can you sell anything if it's labeled "tuscan?" http://fancyfeast.com/elegant-medleys/tuscany/
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:54pm Cecile:

Weed. Wish I had some at Mastodon last night.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:54pm stingy d:

being in the wrong place at the wrong time!!!!
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:55pm What!:

Yeah, this has been a damn fine show.
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:56pm LOL kat:

I can haz Italin fud?
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:56pm maria:

yeah StingeeeDEEE
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:58pm maria:

thanks Wendy!
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:58pm stingy d:

can't nobody put no rap record past me! cool show maria! hope to see you around here again soon
  Thu. 4/30/09 2:59pm maria:

and everyboddy

we dont haz Gnu Floo boo hoo

bye til next time
  Thu. 4/30/09 3:00pm Cecile:

bye bye maria!
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