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Options April 13, 2009: Citizen Kafka Lives!

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Artist Track

The Citizen Lives!

(L to R) Kenny Kosek, Citizen Kafka, John Goodman and Ed Haber (date unknown)

The Citizen in 2001 (2nd from right)

The Citizen Kafka Memorial Show - A longtime fixture on NYC's bluegrass scene, Citizen Kafka was probably best known as a radio host for a subversive comedy/music show on WBAI and producer of The Secret Museum of the Air, which also ran on WFMU. The Citizen recently passed, and three of his co-conspirators in comedy and music, (R to L) John Goodman (Buddy Fortune), Kenny Kosek ("Angry" Red Weltz) and Ed Haber joined Irene for a tribute show filled with musical rarities and comedy bits.
Citizen Kafka  Memorial Poem   Options
The Citizen Kafka Show  "...licked clean by eternal flame"   Options
Wretched Refuse String Band  Jalopy Medley   Options
The Citizen Kafka Show  The People's Arena of Justice   Options
Buddy Fortune & "Angry" Red Weltz  community announcements   Options
Saxons  Camel Walk   Options
Citizen Kafka  Camel Walk   Options
Citizen Kafka  Earthquake   Options
Citizen Kafka Rock Band  Earthquake   Options

Kenny Kosek and John Goodman
Kenny and John  memories   Options
Citizen Kafka  The Human Bomb   Options
Citizen Kafka  True-life experience   Options
Wretched Refuse String Band  Arkansas Traveler   Options
NY Folk Trio  Tom Dooley   Options
NY Folk Trio  Among the Leaves So Green   Options
NY Folk Trio  Roll On East, East River, Roll On   Options

Ed Haber, who recorded many of The Wretched Refuse String Band's live shows, and engineered a fair amount of The Citizen Kafka Comedy Hours on WBAI.
Citizen Kafka Rock Band  Warm California Sun   Options
The Citizen Kafka Show  Scarey Doody TIme   Options
The Citizen Kafka Show  Throat Harmonizer Bit   Options
Citizen Kafka Rock Band  The Dream   Options
Mr. Weltz and Mr Fortune  Scarey Doody   Options
Wretched Refuse String Band  Hallelujah to the Lamb   Options
Wretched Refuse String Band  Click Old Hen   Options
The Citizen Kafka Show  Rastakeet   Options

Mr. Weltz and Mr. Fortune  Memories of the Citizen   Options
Citizen Kafka  Found Poetry   Options
Citizen Kafka Rock Band  Castro Palisades Beret Bill Bailey Medley   Options
Wretched Refuse String Band  Mississippi Sawyer   Options
Wretched Refuse String Band  Thumbelina   Options

Mr. Fortune and Mr. Weltz  community bulletin board   Options
Wretched Refuse String Band  Pop Goes The Weasel   Options
Wretched Refuse String Band  Nothing   Options
The Citizen Kafka Show  Dentistry Ragmop   Options
Mr. Weltz and Mr. Fortune  memories of Ritchie   Options
Wretched Refuse String Band  Arkansas Traveller/ Secret Agent Man / Mandolin Andy   Options
The Citizen Kafka Show  Crazy Pops   Options
Mr. Weltz and Mr. Fortune  announcements   Options

Wretched Refuse String Band  Red Wing (Kubla Kahn)   Options
The Citizen Kafka Show  Scarey Doody For Lucifer   Options
Mr. Weltz and Mr. Fortune  announcements   Options
Wretched Refuse String Band  Wheels of Karma-Jalopy   Options
Mr. Fortune & Mr. Weltz  Announcements   Options
Citizen Kafka Rock Band  I've Had It   Options
Wretched Refuse String Band  Elzic's Farewell   Options

Ed Haber, Kenny Kosek and John Goodman bid The Citizen goodbye.

Listener comments!

  Mon. 4/13/09 3:09pm Pearly Sweets:

Hot doggie diddly damn!
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:10pm Cecile:

I like this version.
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:12pm Pearly Sweets:

Me too. I actually always liked the original theme too. But then the show started and usually the channel would change.
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:17pm Pearly Sweets:

I turn away for a minute and it all turns pink!
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:19pm dc pat:

a fine shade of peenk!
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:21pm Lewis:

Any one know where to track down wretched string band recordings?
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:24pm Pearly Sweets:

Already a great start! Hooray!
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:30pm Cecile:

Very Firesign Theater-esque. I'm enjoying this.
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:35pm Yehuda Mann:

Post-Easter-at the annual Citizen Kafka I'm not Dead Yet gig: The Citizen arises and looks around. If he turns around and heads back... Six more choruses of "Another Ice Cold Round".

Awww... Shulkie!!!
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:38pm Marilyn Chambers:

I'm dead.
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:38pm GP:

This sounds like it should have been a B-52's song......or is it?
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:40pm Freud:

Tom Carvel - Oral Sex. hmmmm. Verrry interesting.
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:43pm Pearly Sweets:

Mmm.. I could go for some Carvel right now.
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:43pm GP:

Mr. Goodman, where can one go to find the lyrics to your songs / poetry.

Earthquake baby..yeah yeah!
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:43pm Ismael:

Cookiepuss, anyone?
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:44pm Pearly Sweets:

With my cupcake dinner.
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:44pm Bad R☺nald:

Get your head around Fudgie the Whale Sigmund...
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:44pm Van Ordinaire:

Super Smooth... Creamy and Delicious...
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:48pm GP:

I meant a source for Citizens Kafka's material.
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:49pm Galusha Zane Sturdley:

The Citizen used to bring the Metex to gigs: a tiny, imported miniature toy television set that emitted howling feedback. A real show-stopper...
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:50pm k:

Hi all,
David Peel has nothin on this boy! (Deceased though he may be.)
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:55pm dc pat:

cookie puss seems to have been embezzling from Carvel and may have had something to do w/ his death...
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:57pm Bad R☺nald:

Cookie Puss is Fudgie the Whale in drag!
  Mon. 4/13/09 3:59pm dc pat:

or vice versa, I can't believe they tried to push fudgie the whale over on us. It was so obvious..
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:00pm Pearly Sweets:

Impossible! I have the Zapruder Film of Cookie Puss hanging out next to Fudgie the Whale.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:00pm Carmichael:

What the hell did I just tune into?!?!
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:04pm Carmichael:

I'd like to request a whaling song, please.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:04pm Cecile:

a sea chanty
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:06pm DS Jacobs:

Thank You,Thank You, Thank You Irene! This is just great! I knew Ritchi years ago. Got a good story. Taking any calls?
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:06pm Ben:

I met Citizen Kafka 'cos I am the architect of the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in Soho, NYC, and Citizen was the manager around 1997, about a year after the Bookstore Cafe opened. I think your radio tribute to Citizen is quite wonderful.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:11pm Irene:

No calls today. I think the gents would rather you put your thoughts into the comments page.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:11pm Carmichael:

It just feels wrong to do The Swim to a string band song.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:14pm Pearly Sweets:

I would love to watch the Scary Doody show. In my mind the visuals are quite amazing.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:16pm DS Jacobs:

Please ask Mr. Kosak (Weltz) to talk about thurday night gigs at Arturos pizza parlor in the late 70's
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:18pm Sturd Galusha Zaneley:

Arturo's: Ah yes, Broiled Stuffed Mobster on the menu!
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:19pm GP:

This vocaliser bit is hilarious.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:24pm Ike:

I loved the Secret Museum of the Air. But I had no idea that the Citizen did a comedy show featuring Mr. Goodman back in the day, or (as I just learned from the NPR story on CK) that J.G. was the mock-highfalutin recorded voice at the beginning of each Museum show. Wow.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:25pm Cecile:

We bow to your secret, absurdist past, Mr. G.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:27pm Lester Harry Covert:

Remembering Richie Shulberg and Citizen Kafka group
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:29pm GP:

He heh LOL.....Pi ZAZZZZZZ!
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:30pm Russel Sproutz:

Facebook info about the Wretched Refuse Benefit:

  Mon. 4/13/09 4:31pm Pearly Sweets:

Too much red meat can cause some scary doody.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:32pm Cecile:

I could use some Tormentaline right about now.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:33pm GP:

Pearly...for you:

  Mon. 4/13/09 4:33pm superiorland yooper:

your not wrong walter... your just an asshole
calmer than you are dude
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:35pm Pearly Sweets:

I need to with me all of the time. Maybe I will record it to my phone and figure out a way to play it at a punch of a button.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:36pm DS Jacobs:

Hallelujah Citzen Kafka! We Will Never Forget You!
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:36pm GP:

Pearly, yet another invention waiting to happen...Kind of like those keychain deals that have funny sayings and movie quotes when you press the buttons.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:37pm Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!

Pepto Bismol Pink! Woo hoo!
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:38pm Carmichael:

I actually saw a desktop rimshot machine about 15 years ago. I've been looking for it ever since.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:41pm Lester Harry Covert:

for Carmichael
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:42pm GP:

Who hoo..8 tracks for everyone!!!
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:42pm Carmichael:

If I show up at your show, I'll need an 8-track copy.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:43pm Dr. Ed Habush:

Cassettes? iTunes? Howzabout 8-track tapes?
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:44pm Cecile:

wax cylinders!
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:45pm GP:

Man..triple jinx..I think that is a new record ( or 8-track as the case may be) nyck, nyck!
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:46pm Carmichael:

Yes! Edison Spools! Acetates! 78s!
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:47pm Cecile:

Where is Budgie?
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:47pm Carmichael:

I sense several incoming Budgie jokes.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:47pm Budgie:

Hail Satan, mon!
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:49pm DS Jacobs:

Need Some Ganga Right Now Mon!
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:50pm Cecile:

Budgie, did they sneak some seeds and stems into your feed?
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:50pm Budgie:

Where's my present, mon?
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:50pm Pearly Sweets:

I think we know Citizen Kafka's favorite accuplaylist in-joke.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:51pm Budgie:

Hey mon! I and I been turned into a budgie by this crazy white woman!
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:52pm rastakeet:

is that john goodman sitting in there with irene
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:52pm Budgie:

Natty don't die by dem bald'eds, seen?
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:52pm Carmichael:

That's a big 10-4, good buddy.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:52pm Cecile:

Yeah, mon. I mean, Harry Fortune.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:53pm Budgie:

  Mon. 4/13/09 4:54pm Carmichael:

Lester, thanks for the link.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:55pm Sean Daily:

Beginning English for Adults? Where oh where are the "Good Morning, Vietnam" movie quotes?
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:57pm Budgie:

- is the boom king
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:58pm Irene:

Yes, t'is Mr. Goodman, aka Buddy Fortune.
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:58pm Cecile:

smoking boom at the back of the room?
  Mon. 4/13/09 4:58pm Cecile:

how did i get harry? Der.
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:00pm Pearly Sweets:

Irene, this show has turned a gross bummer of a day and turned it right around. I thank you more than these simple accuplaylist comments can show.
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:00pm Carmichael:

My dad used to play the Mitch Miller album with this song every Saturday night. It had singalong lyrics.
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:03pm Lester Harry Covert:

Do you have CK on theremin? I think he was the only thereminist in the NY musicians union at one point.
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:04pm DS Jacobs:

Ladies and Gentlemen, the great Andy Statman on Mandolin. Give him a hand!
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:05pm Bad R☺nald:

John's voice is very recognizable. Does he have to stoop over in the studio when he stands up?
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:08pm ?:

Ahh the famed "knucklehead smiff mandolin tuning."
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:10pm Cecile:

Please, Mr. Fortune and Mr. Weltz, come and read community announcements every week!
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:12pm Bad R☺nald:

Andy Kaufman is dancing in his grave right now!!!
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:15pm DS Jacobs:

Hey Ronald, don't you mean Alan Kaufman?
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:15pm Pearly Sweets:

At this moment? Someone must tell the rampler!
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:19pm Bad R☺nald:

Him too but I'm sure Andy dug the "Pop Goes the Weasel" bit.
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:19pm Zane Sturda Galushley:

No lie... I watched Shulkey take a Dremel to his tooth.
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:23pm DS Jacobs:

What the hell is a dremel!?
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:25pm GP:

  Mon. 4/13/09 5:25pm Galushkey Sturd Zanely:

Dremel Moto-Tool: a small, powerful drill
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:31pm Pearly Sweets:

If it was meddling andy it would have been about breckman.
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:33pm Irene:

No, it was Andy Statman.
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:33pm DS Jacobs:

OY VEH!!!!!!!!!!
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:34pm Punchy Chicken:

Mo' Votney!
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:37pm Samuel Taylor Coleridge:

Like I said. I was writing the greatest poem in the world, but then I got high, and left you with this crap.
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:38pm DS Jacobs:

We Love This Crap!
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:39pm Budgie's Owner:

I was going to buy you a present... but then I got high.
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:40pm Samuel Taylor Coleridge:

At least the tune was awesome. :D
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:42pm Zodram:

This portion of the Citizen Kafka show is brought to you by Crazy Joey Gallo Vineyards.
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:46pm Pearly Sweets:

I like it when singers use the musical meow in songs.
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:46pm GP:

This has been a wonderful way to start my week. Thanks for this show today!
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:49pm Pearly Sweets:

Agreed. Three cheers. Hiphiphooray.Hiphiphooray.Hiphiphooray.
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:51pm Cecile:

this had been gold, every second of it.
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:51pm parenthetical mu:

Thanks Citizen Kafka!
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:54pm Pearly Sweets:

My head just exploded
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:54pm Bad R☺nald:

Yes, much gratitude to all involved!
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:54pm slugluv1313:

MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:56pm ?:

Chow Chow Chow!
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:56pm LOL cAT2:

Im in ur radios makin mi soundz
  Mon. 4/13/09 5:57pm Budgie:

Oh shit pies! This place is infested with cats! I Gotta jet!
  Mon. 4/13/09 6:00pm maria:

great stuff everybody!!!
  Mon. 4/13/09 6:01pm Crazy Ol' Cat Lady of Hoboken:

yep and that be *my* kitties singing along (THANKFULLY distracting them for a lil while from giving me the soon-as-i-walk-in-the-door STARVING KITTEN ROUTINE!!!!!!!!!)
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