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The Rite of Spring

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Artist | Song

> Kenny G | Sings Wittgenstein Options

> Blossom Dearie | It Might As Well Be Spring Options

> John Cage | "Spring" from The Seasons Options

> Noel Coward | Something To Do With The Spring Options

> Alice Coltrane | Spring Rounds from Rite of Spring Options

> Maria Calas | Printemps Qui Commence (Sampson et Dalila) Options

> Lypsinka | How Do I Love Thee? Options


> Jonathan Meese | Marlene Dietrich in Dr. No's Ludovico Clinic Options

> Harold Rome | Art in the Night Options

> Danny Kaye | Tschaikowsky Options

> Tony Mason-Cox | Black Options


> Brother Bones and His Shadows | How Am I to Know? Options

> Sun Ra & His Astro-Solar-Infinity Arkestra | Blues on Planet Mars Options

> Alan Melville | There Are No Fairies At The Bottom of My Garden Options

> Allen Ginsberg | NY Youth Call Annunciation Options


> Jed Hershon | Staples Options

> Brown Wing Overdrive | Perils Of Flight Options

> Alvin Curran | Avviso de Garanzia Options

> Michael Zagorski | Vibrato vs Tremolo Options


> Waza Trumpet Ensemble | Akhuro Options

> Dave Soldier & students of Yinhatil Nab'en | Yol K'u - Mayan Mountain Music Options

> David Moss | Kalimba Loop Options

> Pierre Bastein | Tut Options

> Moondog | Utsu Options


> Raimund Kummer | Excerpts from a sculpture/sound installation and a performance, Montreal, 1984 Options

> Charlemagne Palestine | Untitled For Solo Voice (1979) Options

> Colette Magny | Les Cages a Tigre Options


> Roger Roger | Frederick's Song Options

> Jeremy Bernstein | Jackpot Options

> Francis Lai | 5th Street Options

Listener comments!

  Wed. 4/8/09 12:12pm @ @:

  Wed. 4/8/09 12:13pm Jarrod:
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:13pm Cecile:

love it. Primo Kenny.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:13pm Pearly Sweets:

I want a slip mark five.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:13pm dc pat:

I'm not sure Wittgenstein matches up with Stravinsky
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:14pm Pearly Sweets:

I might actually get to get out of work a few hours early today! I am quite excited about this.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:15pm Pearly Sweets:

I dunno, dc pat, Kenny is really hammering it in there.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:16pm jan:

Gilbert and Sullivan; Wittgenstein and Stravinsky
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:17pm dc pat:

Oh Kenny's performance is without match but I'd have chosen Jean Giono or something for the libretto.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:17pm Carmichael:

Satchel and Paige. I'm off to a meeting.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:17pm mike:

i love wednesdays
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:19pm dc pat:

or Knut Hamsen or some shit...
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:20pm fishmonkeystew:

Kenny, this is waaaaay cool.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:24pm ∆å˜jan:

I want a libretto so that I can read along.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:25pm Pearly Sweets:

I'd just like a playbill.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:35pm risky!:

  Wed. 4/8/09 12:36pm Bill W:

This is the most fun I've had since I lost my job Monday. Actually, it's tied with that.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:39pm Marshall Stacks:

One libretto, hold the mayo:
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:39pm Karinne:

Kenny G you are making my whole life better.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:39pm Jack:

I love Wittgenstein.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:39pm Cecile:

wow, kenny, this "slab" stuff is really working with the music.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:40pm jan:

is this live or prerecorded
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:40pm risky!:

  Wed. 4/8/09 12:41pm risky!:

  Wed. 4/8/09 12:41pm dc pat:

thanks Stacks, that helps! BRING ME A SLAB!!!
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:41pm Pearly Sweets:

I'd like to think this is going on live.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:41pm Miriam Eusebio:

I do like the music with this, but I'm wondering about the left hand only music written by commission for Paul Wittenstein, Luddwig's brother.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:42pm risky!:

live! it IS LIVE!
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:42pm dc pat:

totally live. I don't think Kenny does it any other way..
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:43pm nna:

that....was GREAT
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:44pm Cecile:

Kenny works without a net.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:44pm jan:

how, then, can I make Kenny's Wittgenstein "song" my ring tone?
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:45pm Pearly Sweets:

A tiny taste of heaven.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:45pm risky!:

John Cage... clutch!
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:47pm Cecile:

jan, maybe he can send you a mp3. :)

"SLAB! SLAB!" "Hang on, I have to get this..."
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:48pm Webhamster Henry:

Look for : Noël Coward's "I Hate the Spring!" (sung by Bea Lilley)
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:48pm Cecile:

typical Noel Coward to criticize Nature's interior design choices.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:51pm Pearly Sweets:

I hope that "Sings Wittgenstein" is in the Keys to the Kingdom II... because then it is all mine! mine mine mine!
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:51pm dc pat:

whoa, what version of Rite of Spring is this in the back? Sounds like a chamber version
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:52pm Cecile:

Coral is more in, Kenny.

Jumpsuit, right on trend, though.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:52pm nna:

Kenny, what is this music behind you?
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:54pm Marshall Stacks:

This sounds like Jean Shepherd with a slightly more emphatic delivery.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:55pm Cecile:

Kenny, you should edit InStyle magazine.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:55pm Cecile:

calas? Humph.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:56pm still b/p:

"Do these rants make me look fat?"
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:57pm annie:

holy shit, comments??? wow, i just came in to see who was singing.. here.. this is fun:
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:59pm Cecile:

CALLAS, Kenny.
  Wed. 4/8/09 12:59pm annie:

no where do i know is written a description of the act sex so wonderful.... "thrum jump and belly bump".
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:08pm dc pat:

she smells like booze...
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:09pm Cecile:

I have to go make some art now. brb
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:10pm dc pat:

yeah me too Cecile, I'm starving!
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:10pm Pearly Sweets:

I heard about this on the North Pole, myself.
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:11pm chris:

sounds like Werner Herzog on acid
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:12pm still b/p:

I'm pretty sure Scarlett smells like grape or cherry bubble gum and graham crackers.
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:14pm risky!:

ART ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:14pm Marshall Stacks:


Frank, I mean.
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:16pm Archie Leich:

  Wed. 4/8/09 1:16pm Webhamster Henry:

Tschaikovsky! is the perfect segue!
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:20pm Cecile:

"song of the south", the pantomime years
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:22pm Pearly Sweets:

I was singing this song the other day while walking down the street and got quite the clobbering. A catchy song is catchy! right?
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:26pm Listern Bruce:

What's this 'policy' you speak about.
I though this was a free-form radio station I pledged to!
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:26pm lolcat:

catchy songz is catchee
less u get caught singin bad wordz
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:30pm Pearly Sweets:

Kenny, do you have any songs from Alice in Wonderland: An Adult Musical Comedy? I'd love to hear "What Are You Doing On A Knight Like This".
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:30pm lolcat:

I'm innuendo, making lewd double entendres
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:39pm Listener Bruce:

Is the 'n' word prohibited by FCC rules or by a specific WFMU policy?
What else is excluded by this policy?
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:40pm GP:

Ike, et al, not ignoring your questions from Kens show, just got pulled into a meeting and had to stop listening for a bit.
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:41pm Bruce the Listener:

Orange Jews?
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:43pm Orange Julius:

@Bruce, the Funny Candy Company says
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:50pm Cecile:

Man, put a deep house beat to this vocal and it would be the greatest dance song ever.

as it is, it's pretty dang cool
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:54pm El Daddie:

Shallow Shack!
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:57pm Parq:

Okay, so, a town board in a predominantly Jewish community is asked to rule on whether or not a small Christian sect can continue its annual procession through the center of town with a statue of the written Jesus. Led by a coalition of hard-line Jewish members, the board votes to rescind the permit for the procession. The Christian congregation protests on the next Sunday by singing a hymn, "Jews To Close Our Walk with Thee".
  Wed. 4/8/09 1:59pm annie:

  Wed. 4/8/09 2:10pm Pearly Sweets:

  Wed. 4/8/09 2:14pm Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:18pm Parq:

Sean! I need your expertise. Does a time-traveler go "across" or "through" a time warp?
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:24pm RSTVMO:

No comment! Ever! Whoo hoo!
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:26pm Ike:

I'm not Sean but I'd say "through" and not "across."
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:28pm faux Sean:

it's much too late for goodbye
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:29pm Carmichael:

Kenny, you're the only other person I've ever known who knows who Lypsinka is.
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:29pm Pearly Sweets:

I'd also say "through" but only because it is a warp. If you were to just travel in time, I'd say across. "I time travelled across time... I went through a time warp."
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:29pm dc pat:

it's much to late for Sean
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:31pm dc pat:

ah jeeze! a typo right in front of Ike! GODDAMMIT!
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:31pm Sean Hourly Or More Often:

you talkin to me? you talkin to **ME**?
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:32pm annie:

ike, how long will it take bryce to remove the apostrophe from cds in his bio> just askin, only.
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:33pm G.:

what apostophe's?
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:33pm Stephen Hawking:

Mr. Parq, you actually don't *travel* through or across time, since it is simply an observation based upon your relative positioning to the object of study. You are thus *repositioned* by a relocation in space and time.

I must go teach a class. Please buy my audiobooks.
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:33pm Koko:

I don't understand this gorilla at a teletype metaphor, human.
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:34pm Ike:

Annie, it will take the same amt. of time as it does for Bryce to go through a time warp back to 500 apostrophes ago.

Wait, Kenny, back when 6th Ave. was *what* now? I missed that part.
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:34pm G.:

i've met him. his wife translates a lot...
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:38pm Hawking's Wife:

He said buy more of his books. Thanks, we have to go now.
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:41pm Sister hairy hymen:

Is this Justin Bond
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:42pm Ike:

Kenny, got any good Bruce Nauman?
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:44pm annie:

you know i'd love to hear some of lenny bruce's radio interview bits
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:45pm dc pat:

Yeah, I could use the entire Good Boy Bad Boy soundtrack. You played a litle before
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:45pm Parq:

Thanks, Prof. H! Your wife is a *total* fox, by the way. Carm, this isn't even the first time I've heard Lypsinka played on FMU. Way cool, isn't she?
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:48pm Lizardner Dave:

I tried friending Kenny on FB but he never responded.
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:49pm Hawking's Fox, I mean Wife:

Yes, I am totally f---able. You noticed, duh. To be added to the widowhood waitinglist, send financial statements and a fullbody photo to
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:49pm Lizardner Dave:

That would explain it.
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:50pm Ike:

I only use FB occasionally. I don't let it dominate me. E-mail is still awesome in my world.
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:52pm Ken:

Yeah, the slam andy feature! YESSSS!!!!
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:52pm Peter Hurts:

I'm hurt that Irwin doesn't want to be my friend on Facebook
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:53pm Parq:

What are you insinuating, fictitiously named posting person? I am quite sure that Mrs. Hawking married the Prof solely because of her emotional resonance with his fine mind. Truly! How could anyone think otherwise?
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:53pm Ouch Donut:

I'm also hurt
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:55pm Cecile:

LMAO! I missed all the good stuff.
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:55pm The 21st Century Fox:

ixnay qarpsay, he can still read yknow, on the d-l please
  Wed. 4/8/09 2:57pm R. Kelly:

HELP! I'm still trapped in the closet!
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