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I'm A Doors Fan

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Artist | Song [Comments]

> The Doors | Break on Through Options

> Ray Manzarek | Paris: The Mystery Options

> Bruce McCulloch | Doors Options

> Jim Morrison | An American Prayer Options

> Ray Manzarek | Jim Morrison's Leather Pants Options

> 386 DX | Light My Fire Options

> Ray Manzarek | Why The Music's Still Popular Options

> Kenny G | Riders on the Storm Options

> John Oswald | O'Hell Options

> Kenny G | The End Options


> George Vaccaro | There's no difference between .002 dollars and .002 cents Options []

> Justin Breame | Counting Time Options

> Szkárosi + Konnektor + Bernáth(y) | One-two-three- Options

> Charles Bernstein | 1-100 Options

> Orchid Spangiafora | Ambulent Options

> Neil Mills | Number Poem for Voices Options

> Harry Lorayne | Number-Consonant Memory Technique (excerpt) Options

> NATO | Phonetic Alphabet Options

> Dick Sebouh | Setting the Temperament Options


> M.A. Numminen | Der Tannhäuser Options

> Simon Fisher-Turner | Tusalva Options

> Life Without Buildings | New Town Options

> Astro Age Steel Orchestra | Little Girl Lost -And- Found Options

> Caballero Reynoldo | Theme from Lumpy Gravy Options

> Ariel Pink | One More Time Options


> Galina Ustvolskaya | from Composition No. 1 "Dona nobis pacem" Options

Listener comments!

  Wed. 3/25/09 12:06pm Sean Daily:

Yay Kenny G comments!

And... first comment! Woo hoo!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:07pm Ike:

This dead air is much better than the Doors.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:07pm Lizardner Dave:

Kenny's comments and Ken's comments are both live at the same time. Wow.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:08pm Carmichael:

Ya, it's like stereo.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:08pm still b/p:

It's a revolving Doors.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:09pm John from Oslo:

Both places that is - is -is- just like the Multimate Ultimedia Experience!!!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:09pm Jimmy Safechuck:

It's symbolism: Dead air, dead Jim.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:10pm still b/p:

Or it's Arnold workin' the pot...up, down, up, down, up, down...
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:10pm FCC:

Do not toy with our frequencies. Dead air is punishable by a fine of up to 1 million dollars. Now play something.

This is your only warning.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:10pm Cecile:


John from Oslo, you are funnier in English than I ever could ever be in Norwegian.

Well done!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:11pm AnAnonymousParty:

"Arnold workin' the pot" heh, heh.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:11pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

I always think that Ray really wishes he had kissed Jim every time I hear him talk.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:12pm Mark:

aw man. this is so sad. Jim morrison left us with the blues for the rest of eternity.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:13pm John from Oslo:

Is Morrison DEAD?! Cecile, tell me it is a lie!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:14pm Bäd R☺nald:

Ray Manzarek would tour Morrison's corpse if he could!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:14pm Mark:

I'd go see him.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:16pm Cecile:

Sure. But that would be a lie, too.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:17pm Jimmy Safechuck:

Mark, step right up:
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:17pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Ray Manzarek: I Want to See Jim Morrison Dead. I want to see Jim Morrison dead.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:17pm Sean Daily:

Q. What would Jim Morrison being doing today if he was alive?

A. Clawing at the lid of his coffin.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:18pm Carmichael:

Boy, this is sad. Gary Coleman should be touring on the memories of Conrad Bain.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:18pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Q. What would Ray Manzarek be doing today if Jim Morrison was alive?
A: Being very quiet.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:19pm John from Oslo:

Ray Manzarek is just like this guy that turns up at parties with blow, and fills up the kitchen with people, and then he starts talking, and talking, and talking... and people just leave one after the other - except the girl who you had yer eyes on - sitting there big-eyed, listening to the idiot blabbering away... oh shoot
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:19pm Bäd R☺nald:

<sung to the tune of "Riders on the Storm">
"Someone fill the tub..."
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:19pm Sean Daily:

Yay Bruce McCulloch!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:20pm Ray Manzarek:

Man, I suck...
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:20pm Jed:

i am better than the Doors
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:20pm Sean Daily:

Morrison akbar! Ai yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:20pm ?:

please play the tape of that guy reading his school project about the Doors . . .
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:21pm Val Kilmer:

I was the best Jim Morrison.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:22pm AnAnonymousParty:

Without BASS, the Doors could never make it today.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:23pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

John, why do you always have to bring up that party again. We both lost out on that girl thanks to Ray's nasty fandango!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:23pm Joe:

I saw Riders on the Storm. Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, Ty Densmore and THE GUY FROM FUEL singing.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:24pm John from Oslo:

OH MY GOD! I never thought about it - but Morrisons voice is excellent for cut/up!!!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:24pm Mark:

Well, maybe you lost out because neither of YOU ever made love to the Lizard King.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:24pm Doug from DC:

Jim's not dead. He's a gynecologist in Arizona now:
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:25pm Jim:

Come one, come on, come on, come on, now, don't touch me, Ray; can't you see I ain't your soft parade -- so how much late scratch have you made?
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:25pm Lizardner Dave:

I loved the Doors when I was about 16.

Jonesy hanging up on Ray Manzarek
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:26pm Bäd R☺nald:

Please tell us how you saw an Indian dying by the side of the road again uncle Jim, please!!!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:27pm Mark:

The oliver stone joint sort of sucked, but this sequence was effective.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:29pm Mark:

That music is originally from the Adagio by Albinoni.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:29pm Carmichael:

And Doug Lubahn, Kenny.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:30pm Cecile:

damn, I missed the bruce mcculloch song
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:31pm ?:

oh, god, make him stop . . .
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:31pm Sean Daily:

Leather pants? THE FOOL!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:31pm Spiny Norman:

  Wed. 3/25/09 12:31pm Cecile:

You don't get leather pants?
*shakes head*

  Wed. 3/25/09 12:32pm Budgie:

Hail Satan!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:32pm Cecile:

macadamia nuts. pecan nuts, peanuts, walnuts.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:32pm Doug from DC:

He makes Jim a pair of Lederhosen, right?
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:33pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Ray Manzarek: Show me some leather. I want to see Jim Morrison Dead.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:33pm still b/p:

  Wed. 3/25/09 12:33pm Carmichael:

Sheez, Manzarek sounds like Rick Dees. Does he think he's a friggin' On Air Personality?

Continue to regale us with your minutiae. When you left the store, did you step first with your left foot, or the right? I need to know ....
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:34pm Ray Manzarek:

Here we go again...
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:34pm Sean Daily:

Apparently their leather connection was Jackie Mason.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:34pm Nerd Fanfic Writer:

I think Ray just invented the genre of Mazarek/Morrison slash fiction.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:34pm Mark:

No, he was in the friggin Doors.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:35pm Carmichael:

"Kind of a billowy quality".
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:35pm Cecile:

Ray Manzarek's wardrobe by Botany 500
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:36pm stingy d:

damn dude... eat shit
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:36pm Nerd Fanfic Writer:

same difference, mark
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:36pm Joe:

  Wed. 3/25/09 12:36pm Miles:

Hey Manzarek, it's "Mr. Davis" to you
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:36pm Cecile:

always with the right bon mots, stinge.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:37pm texas scott:

that's funny,stingy d
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:37pm Bäd R☺nald:

France wasn't far enough Morrison had to off himself to get away from this guy!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:37pm Mark:

Why don't you? You speak it.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:37pm Carmichael:

Dicker & Dicker of Beverly Hills.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:37pm philosoraptor says::

This guy likes talking.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:38pm neil hamburger:

coltrane's playing his braaains out!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:38pm still b/p:

Listening to this, I feel like Bartholomew and the Oobleck.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:38pm Carmichael:

"Trane was elevating to the 5th dimension, wearing a suit and tie."
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:38pm Sean Daily:




Does he wear leather pants? Nooooo! He wears mukluks! Mukluks! Muuuuuukluuuuuuks!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:38pm Lizardner Dave:

Mammmba. I like the way he says that. Mammmba.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:39pm Carmichael:

Bad Ronald, best post of the day!!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:39pm Cecile:

pinenut, almond nut, Brazil nut
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:39pm frenchee:

blah blah blah blah
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:40pm Carmichael:

Does Eilert Pilarm do any Doors? I bet Manzarek would jam with him.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:40pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Ray: 50% about Jim. 49% about Ray. 1% "those other guys"
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:41pm G:

386 DX should do a duet version of "Daisy" with HAL from 2001...
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:41pm Freddy:

I wish I was a Black Mammmba from the waist down
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:42pm Joe:

God no please stop.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:42pm stingy d:

people that like the doors tend to have that crazy "i might be missing" type of look in their eyes, in my experience.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:42pm HAL:

that's funny,dave
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:43pm Bäd R☺nald:

Thanks Carmichael.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:43pm stingy d:

god is a loser
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:43pm Jim Morrison:

Ray is such a dickhead. oh, geez, stop, all ya'll are killing me.

  Wed. 3/25/09 12:43pm Carmichael:

Manzarek: "We'll be right back to the music here at KROQ The Rock after these important messages".
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:44pm Dave:

Play the pod bay Doors, HAL.

Play the pod bay Doors, HAL!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:44pm texas scott:

was ray in the original spinal tap,the new originals?l
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:44pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Ray Manzarek: Let's grab that power. Show me some leather. I want to see Jim Morrison dead.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:45pm AnAnonymousParty:

Why's Harry Shearer talking about the Doors?
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:45pm stingy d:

yes! save us with misery kenny!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:46pm Cecile:

This is the funniest damn show/comment matchup to date
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:46pm Carmichael:

Texas Scott: No, but he did play with Ronnie Pudding in The Pudding People.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:47pm texas scott:

too much,carmichael !
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:47pm Doug from DC:

If Jim had lived, would he have ended up like Elvis?
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:47pm Little One Track Manzo:

Then Jim spun in his grave until he turned to butter, which I poured on my pancakes.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:48pm stingy d:

venereal amazement???
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:48pm G:

Pudgy Age-50 Jim and Vegas = Perfect Together
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:49pm Doug from DC:

Or would he have gone synth-pop in the '80s?
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:50pm Ike:

Wow, Kenny! Nice vocals. Nice reverb. Rock on.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:51pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

"Indian says... nothing at all. So I asked Ray and he wouldn't shut up for five fucking hours"
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:53pm Carmichael:

The Australian Doors do a killer version of Stairway to Heaven.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:53pm risky!:

  Wed. 3/25/09 12:54pm Cecile:

stay freaky, this is amazing, I gotta go to a meeting. bah.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:55pm AnAnonymousParty:

Oh my, I do believe I'm getting the vapors!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:56pm Negator:

I don't remember Morrison's lyrics being so relevant. I'm gonna have to re-examine his work. THanks, G!
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:57pm Ike:

A warm friendly hand? Really? That doesn't sound right.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:57pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Brian Eno may not know about the warm progress, but he knows a thing or two about those jets.
  Wed. 3/25/09 12:59pm Carmichael:

Gotta run off to a meeting. Keep on bashing!
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:00pm Marshall Stacks:

Oh Hell, we love you, Kenny G!
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:01pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

It is now my turn to go to a meeting in the lunch room with my s'ghetti. I don't want you to keep on doing anything. I want complete silence until I get back so I don't miss anything. So stop doing everything.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:01pm Jimmy Safechuck:

Not like those *Other People*.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:02pm Dummy:

First time listener, Kenny G- you're blowing my mind
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:03pm postmanpaul:

ken, youre a trip youre killing me too and i still believe your homepage rules.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:04pm Sean Daily:

So is Martin Sheen going to butcher Marlon Brando with a machette now?
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:06pm Doug from DC:

I can't wait until he gets to the "mother" part.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:06pm Negator:

Man, this Jerry Lewis Doors tribute to The End is making me feel like riding the snake to the lake.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:08pm megisi:

For the record, I never totally agreed with that whole "west is the best" thing.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:09pm Doug from DC:

Oedipal reversal?
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:10pm Bones:

He's dead, Jim. I mean,
He's dead Jim.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:13pm Sean Daily:

Jim Morrison died - twice! - so that others may live.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:15pm AnAnonymousParty:

Man, that Jim Morrison is da bomb!
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:18pm Sean Daily:

He was scared of writing prose because a copy of "The Year's Best Short Fiction" mauled him when he was a boy. Nearly killed him, man.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:20pm cosmic:

jim morrison owes me nothing! ask not what jim morrison can do for you..
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:23pm AnAnonymousParty:

Intolerant of intolerance? Now wonder he died.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:25pm Sean Daily:

Jim Morrison would burn a cross on intolerance's front lawn. That's how intolerant he was of intolerance.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:28pm cosmic:

this guy gone out to buy a calculator?
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:31pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

George is taking me to school.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:32pm Art Smass:

You can't fix stupid, and you can't educate a CSR.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:33pm AnAnonymousParty:

Math is hard. Good thing it wasn't 3Kb for a dollar and he only bought two.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:34pm Sean Daily:

$0.002 equals 0.002¢? Makes perfect sense to me! Shut up you stupid... consumer! Obey Verizon! You shall be assimilated!
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:36pm jeff-a-chusetts:

hilarious and timely - off I go to call verizon about my bill. wish me luck.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:37pm crom:

i'm heading down to the basement now to listen to Kenny G!
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:37pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Isn't it nice that WFMU just asks for some pledges once a year? Lucky they don't have this guy charging us .02 cents per minute.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:38pm cosmic:

if this was the uk, theyd put you through to someone else. youd go to 3 departments, then two in dehli, then back to the same guy who'd say: youve come through to the wrong depatment, wait ill put you through to..
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:39pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

The best part is that sigh before he starts to explain again.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:39pm cosmic:
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:40pm cosmic:

that was a quote of her
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:40pm risky!:

  Wed. 3/25/09 1:41pm Marshall Stacks:

Wow, this is the most patient man in the world.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:43pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

You know he just wants to start throttling these people.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:45pm AnAnonymousParty:

Is it any wonder the economic situation today?
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:45pm Bäd R☺nald:

Yeah he could handle this dolt but I betcha he'd go running if he was cornered in the kitchen by Ray Manzarek.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:45pm Marshall Stacks:

Our schools are failing us.
Fortunately, we can trust the computer.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:46pm Justin:

This is amazing.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:47pm Glenn L:

Five to one, baby, one in five.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:47pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Ray Manzarek: I want to see the fraction of the cent.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:47pm Ike:

This is weirdly entrancing.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:47pm Bäd R☺nald:

  Wed. 3/25/09 1:49pm mark:

yes, very. I want to know how it ends!
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:49pm Frederucj:

If it's not too late, I'd like to suggest the Jonesville 5 minute interview from November 2003 on the archives as an excellent addition to the doors special feature.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:49pm holland_oats:

i'm on her side, there's no difference
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:50pm Mark:

holy christ
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:51pm Bäd R☺nald:

I bet she couldn't pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel!
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:52pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Mark, on his blog (which kenny has the link too) he has the full story, including his e-mails back and forth. He does, eventually, get a full refund.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:53pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Scott, how's your second Wednesday treating you?
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:54pm Timothy Geithner:

Here's why there's no difference: cents are different from dollars, but .002=.002, Platonically speaking.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:55pm risky!:

80!!!!! awesome show kenny making my dayy!
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:55pm Sean Daily:

Let's learn to count the Guantanamo way, kids!
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:56pm stingy d:

100 was a let down
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:57pm Timothy Geithner:

.002 trillion here, .002 trillion there. Pretty soon you're talking about real money.
  Wed. 3/25/09 1:58pm texas scott:

hey I understand the strangeness that is kenny g.
so far, i have been slightly amused
and annoyed at the same time...
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:02pm Mark:

thank god for that. Justice is a wisp of wind.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:04pm jan:

Kenny G is my number .001 DJ
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:06pm Marshall Stacks:

Some thematically appropriate audio here:
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:07pm Ken From Hyde Park:

This memory technique bit was on a couple months ago on WFMU. It was an evening show.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:08pm STINGY D:

  Wed. 3/25/09 2:08pm Sean Daily:

Well, who wouldn't want to picture a naked boy sitting on a chair?

And I probably shouldn't have shared that with you...
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:09pm Mark:

getting too risque, Kenny?
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:09pm texas scott:

where did harry,sitting on the naked boy go?
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:10pm Mark:

Or was it just not boring enough?
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:12pm Sean Daily:

Yes, it's "Tuning Your Piano with Bela Lugosi".
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:13pm G:

Marshall McLuhan was total shit at tuning pianos. So he was last week.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:15pm Ike:

Jan, HA!

Bryce is my number .00444444444 DJ.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:16pm bc sterrett:

I did a show like this for my old radio show "The Sound Museum" on KWCR, and got fired.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:19pm AnAnonymousParty:

I saw Dick Sebouh tuning a piano at the Montreaux Jazz Festival. Pure magic.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:20pm jon:

yes that's all well and good, but what is the Paris Mystery?
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:22pm Cecile:

AWESOME comments. I will have to listen to the archive later.
My gosh, you guys and gals were on fiyah!
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:22pm jon:

I was in a meeting... I assume it has something to do with Mr. Morrison.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:23pm Cecile:

bc sterrett
I shudder to think of the blackmail file Kenny G has on this station.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:24pm Cecile:

yes, and probably Ray Manazek reading his grocery shopping list from 1972
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:25pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Well only the shopping list that he and Jim wrote together. You know they were totally BFF all the time. And did everything together.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:25pm jon:

maybe the people from Ghost Hunters on SciFi channel made a real connection with the ectoplasm that was once Mr. Morrison. I betcha it did not smell good.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:26pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Ray Manzarek: I want to see Jim Morrison dead. Show me some leather. We are god.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:27pm jon:

funny smells are often a sign of paranormal activity. could be sweet, could be not, but if it was Mr. Morrison it was probably bad... mixed with pernod.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:27pm Cecile:

Ray Manazek:
why would you want to cover your p-nis in leather?

Rob Halford: Why wouldn't you?
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:28pm jon:

I wanna see him dead too.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:29pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Ray Manzarek: I don't know, Rob, if I can find a good place in town that makes leather trousers.

Rob Halford: You better figure it out, square. I'm pretty hell bent on getting some.

(rim shot)
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:29pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

You can take that rim shot anyway you want it too. I did mention Halford.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:30pm Cecile:

Bwah to pearly (hey-yo!) and everyone.

I still want to hear afroman, though.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:30pm Jason:

this song is great. I always think she's saying "I'm looking in your ass". Does anyone else ever get "eyes" and "ass" confused?
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:31pm Sue Tompkins:

Lookin' in ya aaasss
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:31pm jon:

maybe Ghost Hunters International has some recording with Mr. Morrison talking to us from the great beyond. I doubt he was talking French, but was probably still unintelligible to these Ghost Hunters.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:31pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Jason you beat me to it.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:32pm texas scott:

she's looking in your ass
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:32pm WaveyDavey:

Whenever I get eyes and ass confused I end up with a crappy outlook on life.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:32pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Cecile, maybe they can get Andy to sing it on 7SD tonight. If enough people post on his facebook.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:34pm jon:

I think it's perfectly reasonable that Ghost Hunters are plumbers by day. They deal with similar issues, need to problem solve, etc. And if they would only look into each others ass, there would be clarity. So much so, they can find where those funny smells come from.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:34pm Cecile:

that would rule.
or maybe BIlly Jam will get an earworm and play it at 4:19 Friday...
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:34pm jan:

Love Astro Age Steel Orchestra - only heard on WFMU- and not available in any store! thanks
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:35pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Yeah, you have to import them in for big money.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:36pm jon:

Mr. Morrison would have benefited from looking in his ass. inspiration is rare. you need to snatch it where ever you find it.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:37pm Glenn L:

Weird scenes inside the gold mine.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:38pm Paracelsus:

Morrison/ourobouros (look it up).
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:38pm texas scott:

Mr.Morrison was an eyehole
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:38pm jon:

precisely, Mr. L. precisely.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:39pm Glenn L:

Break on thru' to your inner side.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:39pm jon:

third eye truly blind, tex.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:40pm jon:

Paracelsus, do you mean that Mr. Morrison ate his own ass? that's... that makes a lot of sense.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:40pm Cecile:

blinded by, well, not the light, that's for sure.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:42pm Paracelsus:

Yes, but not all at once.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:43pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

A spoonful at a time?
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:43pm jon:

a long slow... digest. it's a lot to take in.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:45pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

That Ariel Pink's really got somethin'
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:47pm Cecile:

Ariel Pink, you've got it going on.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:48pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

You think he was sitting there, at the age of eight, listening to a Steve Perry solo album and was like. "I can fucking do this bullshit. Bring it on! I WANT TO SEE JIM MORRISON DEAD!"
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:50pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Kenny is going with Ken to the West Coast ? Hmmm...
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:50pm Paracelsus:

The Lizard King?
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:52pm Wiley Post Modern:

Yes, they're going for K Pride Week.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:54pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Irwin is going to call out of next week out of principal. If the Ken’s get to go on a vacation, Irwin gets to go on a vacation. Irwin was also angry: A. He wasn’t invited to go with Billy Jam. B. He wasn’t invited to be in the Disney Movie. C. There Weren’t Enough “Budgie” posts in playlists this week. And D. That he didn’t get to see Jim Morrison dead.
  Wed. 3/25/09 2:57pm AnAnonymousParty:

Now I'm now expert, mind you, but that piano sounds like it's in need of a tuning.
  Wed. 3/25/09 3:01pm 515:

so hard to know, during this transition, who is who...
  Wed. 3/25/09 3:48pm crom:

hi, i listened to Kenny G and a little of Irwin but i had to come back upstairs from the basement!
  Wed. 3/25/09 7:27pm Bob:

I've never listened to Kenny's spot before and today I turned on the radio and he was playing Ariel Pink... efffin gnarly! thanks KG!
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