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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options January 22, 2009: Sure nuff n' yes we did

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Artist Track Album Year Comments Approx. start time
Captain Beefheart  Sure Nuff n Yes I do   Options Safe As Milk       
The Clash  A.S.U. Eht Htiw Derob Os M'i   Options S/t    like canceling a spell!  0:02:33 ()
Meercaz  Future News   Options S/t      0:04:17 ()
Changing Holes  Sleaze Please   Options S/t      0:07:32 ()
Grateful Dead  Here Comes Sunshine   Options Wake of the Flood      0:11:31 ()
Altered Images  I Could Be Happy   Options Pinky Blue      0:15:36 ()
A Flock of Seagulls  Space Age Love Song   Options S/t      0:20:54 ()
Baris Manco  Kucuk Bir Gece Muzigi   Options Dunden Bugune      0:25:18 ()
Dave Soldier  Fiesta De Los Maya   Options Yol K'u: Inside the Sun: Mayan Mountain Music from Seeds of Knowledge School      0:27:28 ()
Meredith Houston Goettel  My Eccentric Grandfather (Eastern New England)   Options Americans Speaking  1967    0:29:50 ()
Eric Burdon & The Animals  White Houses   Options Every One of Us      0:33:00 ()
Mama Béa Tekielski  La Mort - Musik   Options La Folle      0:44:50 ()
Father Murphy  Hide Yourself In The Woods   Options ...and he told us to turn to the sun      0:58:58 ()
John Fahey  Will The Circle Be Unbroken   Options The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party and Other Excursions      1:02:34 ()
Ralph White  River Daughter   Options Navasota River Devil Squirrel      1:07:10 ()
Edgar Broughton Band  Hurricane Man / Rock 'n' Roller   Options Oora      1:11:37 ()
Gwilly Edmondez  Hollow Points Four   Options Urdevice Pyroclasm      1:17:45 ()
Annie  Lloyd Alexander's "The High King"   Options       1:31:29 ()
Bread  Make It With You   Options 45 @ 33, off-center too    for Clay Pigeon  1:35:06 ()
U.S. Girls  I Can Hear Music   Options Kankakee Memories 7"    for stingy  1:38:44 ()
Jerome L. Anderson  My Eccentric Grandfather (Inland Northern)   Options Americans Speaking      1:41:11 ()
Lustmord  Testament / Element   Options [Other]    accompanied by Lila reading "A Sleepy Story"  1:42:45 ()
Glass Candy  Feeling Without Touching   Options Deep Gems      1:56:31 ()
Jean-Claude Charlier et Son Orchestre  Ce Soir, Jean-Claude Charlier et Son Orchestre Vous Interpretent   Options Ssssh...      2:04:54 ()
Ensemble Economique  In A Weightless Night   Options At The Foot Of Nameless Roads      2:09:11 ()
Bonde Do Role  Geremia   Options Bonde Do Role With Lasers      2:10:39 ()
Julia Holter  Neighbor Neighbor   Options V/a, 4 Women No Cry      2:13:19 ()
Broadcast  Pendulum   Options Haha Sound      2:15:49 ()
Y Pants  Luego Fuego   Options S/t      2:21:19 ()
Amon Düül 2  Jalousie   Options Vive La Trance      2:24:19 ()
Matching Mole  Instant Pussy   Options S/t      2:27:48 ()
Vernon & Burns  Don't Tell   Options sing it softly to the pebbles      2:30:45 ()
Sacros  Manos Duras   Options S/t      2:33:16 ()
The Association  Never My Love   Options 7"      2:36:21 ()
The Illusive Dream  Spirit In The Sky   Options The Sound Foundation      2:45:55 ()
Aphrodite's Child  Loud Loud Loud   Options 666      2:48:47 ()
Red Krayola  Ravi Shankar: Parachutist   Options God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail with It      2:52:53 ()
Big Blood  Indang Pariaman   Options Strange Maine 1/20/07    cover: a Sumatran pop song  2:53:58 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 1/22/09 12:02pm Sean Daily:

First comment! Woo hoo!
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:05pm PG:

ehT hsalC ...looC !
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:06pm GP:

This actually sounds strangely good backwards.
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:06pm oguH:

The hsalC does sound better this way.
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:11pm Doug from DC:

The college radio staion where I have a community volunteer slot has a motto "Music Going Forwards." After playing some music in reverse I announced it as "Music Going Backwards."
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:12pm doRtoH:

m'I gnilriws
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:13pm Doug in DC:

Actually, it's "Music Going Forward," not forewards.
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:13pm nick Berard:

perfect way to come in all lightheaded and dizzy from shoveling. thanks man.
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:13pm oguH:

Music should be played backwards at the wrong speed ...
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:14pm Doug in DC:

and 7" rekkids should be played off-center
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:14pm The Most:

GD alright man how's about Sun Before Arises from EX-Cocaine
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:17pm stingy d:

these comments remind me of the black lodge
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:18pm Jesse:

Way to rep the Dead, Scott. (Listening on a delayed iPhone stream.)
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:18pm oguH:

New thing: De-centered music ...
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:21pm Swami:

The Black Lodge? Have I told you about my cousin's favorite chewing gum? (Sorry, I ain't typing that backwards).
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:22pm dylan:

catastrophe, very nice
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:22pm Scott:

Was thinking of you Jesse! Skull dancing in lockstep, eh?
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:23pm Sean Daily:

A flock of seagulls, huh? Well, I guess it was inevitable...
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:23pm jon:

you are hurting me... now I am stuck with this damn SpaceAgeLoveSong in my head.
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:24pm Doug in DC:

So that's what happened to this band, sucked into a jet engine.
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:25pm Scott:

Sean -- yes. It sure was. That band you liked is coming back in style. (and no one's whining about Altered Images?!)
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:25pm paulthepostman:

It is in context Shaun. Part of the bigger picture.
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:27pm paulthepostman:

...Sean, apols!
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:27pm jon:

ahh that's much better. thanks.
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:29pm stingy d:

aaaa! no that band is not comigng back in style!!!
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:30pm paulthepostman:

or bagpipes.
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:30pm frank:

What does the S/t in the playlist mean?
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:31pm Hugo:

Jeez, got some AI albums. Haven't played them in 25 years or so.
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:31pm Parq:

Just so long as the haircut isn't coming back in style. And had Scott not switched gears, I might have suggested Haircut 100.
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:32pm Sean Daily:

@paulthepostman: Lemme break out my little old gypsy woman (everyone should have one) so I can pull a proper whammy on you for getting my name wrong... Ah, here we are.

  Thu. 1/22/09 12:32pm Scott:

"S/t" = "Self-titled" (Stingy, I's just trying to nod back at all those black lodgers up top -- that band ain't ocming back in style, except on that VH1 reunion show few years back)
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:32pm Hugo:

Heaven 17?
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:40pm stingy d:

yea man that band bends my arms back
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:46pm HotRod:

oh YES!
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:52pm HotRod:

Sometimes my arms bend back....
  Thu. 1/22/09 12:54pm paulthepostman:

Mama Béa Tekielsk voodoo too! Spooooookeeeeee....
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:00pm annie:

still here, listening, cutting wood, fixing things, ......drinking coffee.. no water yet...
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:04pm Hugo:

Mama Béa Tekielski - that was really spectacular!
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:06pm Doug in DC:

The Father Murphy tune is a cool discovery, thanks for playing it.
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:06pm Cecile:

who's playing keys on this John Fahey?
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:09pm Scott:

Hugo, I'm with you! Doug, a pleasure! They're Italians, got lotsa stuff online I think. Cecile, that was "Flea" on organ with Fahey. The other Flea, not the one currently playing with The reformed Faces. But that's another story...
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:10pm johN:

Doing dumb dances in the office chair thanks to you. Gonna close the door now.
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:11pm Cecile:

scott, I know it's early, but some vicious, poisonous biker rock would be most appreciated.

Thanks for the info!
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:12pm annie:

embrace the madness, johN, enjoy it..
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:12pm stingy d:

hey scott, feel fantastic...
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:12pm Doug from DC:

I thought this was Dr. Chadbourne before I checked the playist.
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:16pm C:

oh no. were the faces the red hot chili peppers of the 60s?
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:17pm HotRod:

So what song should we perform this year, Scott???
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:18pm Hugo:

Aaah, Edgar Broughton! Takes me back to the early 70s, does it. Regulars around town. Unfortunately missed him last year. They actually recorded one album in town, but later than this one.
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:19pm Scott:

And Hugo, it was you I thought of while that one played.
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:20pm johN:

Dumbness of my dance has increased. Closing blinds now.
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:21pm Hugo:

Scott, I had a feeling that you thought so ...
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:21pm annie:

this weekly test happens alot.... i think they do it on purpose..
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:21pm stingy d:

i have been drinking this sam smith brown ale. everybody should get drunk
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:23pm Cecile:

I wish I could.

Say hi to Gladys for me, she sounds like a swell pup.
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:25pm stingy d:

yea gladys is a good bitch. she is under the covers with her legs very very stiff sticking straight out, and belly up, it looks weird
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:26pm The Most:

Great show Scott, first time listener. Feeling good in Minnesota.
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:29pm efd:

wow. Thanks for the extra effort, Scott!
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:29pm Cecile:

Does she do "frog dog", ie laying on her tummy with her legs splayed behind her so it looks like she's wearing breeches? THat's so funny!
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:32pm stingy d:

ha! not when lying down so much, but she sits like that and slides backward on the floor a lot, like a tab of butter down a wall
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:35pm annie:

i had no idea i could have so much fun just reading!
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:37pm Scott:

Hey HotRod! That's a great question, and one I was thinking about, re: YOU!, just this morn. What you got in mind??
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:38pm Scott:

Thanks The Most! Welcome aboard...
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:38pm stingy d:

this would blend nicely with "days" by us girls
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:40pm Doug from DC:

Twisty bread. Thnaaaaks!
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:40pm GP:

This is freaky.sounds like that creepy serial killer dude from Silence of the Lambs
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:40pm Scott:

You got me Stingy! Was all cued up and everything.
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:41pm stingy d:

weird... you smell fantastic scott
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:43pm Cecile:

Please call Stella!
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:43pm Hugo:

De-centered Bread!

BTW, thanks for the golden disk. Specially liked the Irwin guide to become a WFMU DJ. But laughs a minute on that one, for sure ... fortunately, I can't judge your Italian ...
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:44pm HotRod:

I have one song in mind, but I got some soul searching to do.
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:44pm Scott:

Cecile: yes, exactly like that. Hugo: wasn't my Italian! Was babelfish's Italian.
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:44pm Scott:

Search HotRod! I can't wait...
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:45pm HotRod:

One thing I can tell you is that I'll be singing twice this year. It's a surprise!
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:45pm stingy d:

this here lustmord, is like bill murray's brother or something
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:46pm Cecile:

I think all ya'll should do Thin Lizzy's Emerald.
It's a great song.
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:53pm Hugo:

Why not "Hot Rod Lincoln" by Commander Cody? But maybe that's too obvious ...
  Thu. 1/22/09 1:56pm Camos:

Lustmord, crazy!!! cool...
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:01pm GP:

Is this Bjork?
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:01pm GP:

Never mind..my playlist magically reappeared
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:02pm stingy d:

free jaegger shots for guessing whats next.
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:03pm GP:

  Thu. 1/22/09 2:11pm blood:

Scott, you are a human. Stop it!
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:12pm annie:

would walter pigeon have been able to continue living on the forbidden planet had the astronauts not shown up? and what would have happened to robbie the robot?
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:16pm Cecile:

Walter would have built him a girl partner, and the two would repeat all the mistakes humans did in the Garden of Eden.
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:18pm annie:

and is huey still wandering about remains of the tripod ship? watering and tending?
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:19pm these are questions:

that beg to be answered.
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:19pm Cecile:

darn skippy!
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:20pm Ike:

I was thinking about listening to Broadcast and then you played it, Scott. Thanks, o psychic DJ!
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:21pm Matt:

What's the quote? "I can't tell...how do I know...you don't..." it's killing me
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:21pm stingy d:

and thats a shot in the arm of jaeggermiesiter to the man with the tie!
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:22pm stingy d:

broadcast is reminding me of slumber party for some reason
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:26pm Cecile:

I didn't know Carol Channing was into prog rock.
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:28pm tspot:

Y pants kind of recalls child pornography (the band) from yester years..
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:30pm Scott:

Hey Matt: "I can't tell when you're telling the truth"
"I'm Not"
"How do i know anything you've said to me is--"
"You don't"
Ike: I expect it was the Julia Holter that got you thinking of B'cast. Where was stingy??
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:36pm stingy d:

i was over there giving him a shot man. get with the program.
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:41pm Parq:

Wow, Scott, you played that Association single unaltered. As a long-time fan of that tune, I'm grateful.
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:45pm Ted Nugent?:

Luego Fuego needs to be followed by Wango Tango...a lesson learned and not to be forgotten next time...I'm just sayin.
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:51pm annie:

cecile have you ever seen any of the extra junk on "silent running"?
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:51pm Miss E:

....and then Oingo Boingo, and possibly Polmo Polpo...
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:52pm esch oder anarchie!:

Yo Matt, Scott -- for the original, mind-blowing version of the liar's paradox quote, try Kafka "On Parables": http://frogcircus.org/kafka
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:53pm Glenn L:

Let's not forget Bingo Gazingo.
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:54pm Miss E:

uhmmm... is that a Marx Brother??
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:56pm stingy d:

i like big blood. and i have been coherent about that, to some degree. and i appreciate that they are covering this song. but god damn i wish whoever this was would shut up and not ever do this.
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:56pm ~L:

It may be the green tea I've been drinking talking, but Loud Loud Loud reminds me of Patti Smith's Piss Factory.... maybe it's the piano... or the antioxidants?
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:58pm stingy d:

man.... i know how to call 'em
  Thu. 1/22/09 2:58pm Ike:

Nope, I was already thinking of Broadcast before you played Julia Holter.
  Thu. 1/22/09 3:21pm Tara:

hey, awesome show today Scott! was able to catch most of it while cruising around the North Jersey Wilds today, good times~~~ much to check out.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:45pm Marie:

Fan tastic show Scott. Thanks. I love "Never My Love"--always have.
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