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Options December 24, 2008: No Ken Do xmas cake filling for Ken

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
A Handful of Dust      0:00:00 ()
Lionel Hampton  After You've gone   Options Blackout  0:09:29 ()
Supermayer  Please Sunrise   Options Save The World  0:09:32 ()
mARK bARRAGE  Poisoned   Options Delays  0:16:34 ()
fLAMING Fire  Astral Traveller   Options When the High Bell Rings  0:18:30 ()
Religious Knives  Downstairs   Options The Door  0:24:30 ()
Theo Angell  Born To Burn   Options Dearly Beloved  0:29:41 ()
Carpenters  First Snow/ Let It Snow   Options Xmas Portrait  0:33:21 ()
Porter Wagoner  Shopworn   Options The Cold Hard Facts Of Life/Soul Of A Convict  0:36:47 ()
Cornershop  Camp Orange   Options Woman's Gotta Have It  0:46:47 ()
Ignatz  All Your Love   Options II  0:49:42 ()
Johnny Largo  Winter Wonderland   Options Johnny Largo At The Optigan  0:55:27 ()
Sasame-Kai  Family Affair (Sly Stone)   Options Seventies Mutation (VA Comp)  0:57:23 ()
Vashtin Bunyan  Winter is Blue   Options Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind  1:00:47 ()
The Books  A True Story of a Story of True Love   Options The Lemon OF Pink  1:03:42 ()
James Blackshaw  Skylark Herald's Dawn   Options Sunshrine  1:08:02 ()
Hall & Oates  I Ken't Go For That   Options Private Eyes  1:11:13 ()
Charo  Donde Esta Santa Claus   Options Cratchit Crutch Joe Mcgasko;s xmas comp  1:16:04 ()
Patrick Pulsinger  Rouleur   Options Dogmatic Sequences  1:19:07 ()
The Focus Group  Through The Green Lens   Options We Are All Pan's People  1:24:13 ()
Mr Wright  Lost In Space   Options Startime  1:34:27 ()
Arthur Russell  Don't Forget About Me   Options Love Is Overtaking Me  1:40:41 ()
Falstaff  Nothing Compares 2 U   Options II  1:44:34 ()
Dirty Duck  Suzanne   Options Live from the Stork Club July 30, 2000  1:50:08 ()
Starlight Mints  Rosemarie   Options Drowaton  1:54:11 ()
Wendy & Bonnie  Winter is Cold   Options Genesis  1:57:22 ()
Howling Hex  Big Chief Big Wheel   Options Earth Junk  1:59:59 ()
Death Sentence Panda  No Enemies   Options Insects Awaken  2:02:54 ()
Matthew Herbert Big Band  nonsound/onelife   Options There's Me And There's You  2:05:27 ()
Salsoul Orchestra  All I Want for Christmas   Options Christmas Jollies  2:21:41 ()
Gang Gang Dance  Bebey/First Communion   Options Saint Dymphna  2:25:45 ()
Deerhunter  Little Kids   Options Microcastle  2:33:32 ()
Hush Arbors  Follow Closely   Options Hush Arbors  2:37:35 ()
V/A  Stratfield (142)   Options Awake My Soul/Help Me to Sing  2:41:48 ()
Squarepusher  Greenways Trajectory   Options Go Plastic  2:43:16 ()
Mystery Guests  White Christmas   Options No Two Flakes The Same  2:48:21 ()
Fripp & Eno  The Heavenly Music Corporation (reversed)   Options No Pussyfooting reissue  2:52:23 ()
Fire on Fire  squeezbox   Options The ORchard  2:56:25 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 12/24/08 9:03am annie:

morning all. hi sean!!
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:04am annie:

hhhmmm. christmas cake. remember "Lane Cake" yummy... happy xmas eve to all..
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:07am jan:

ahh, thanks for taking off the first cut, "a handful of dust" Sounded like cutting sheet metal with a hacksaw.
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:10am Lloyd Bentsen:

Maria, I served with Ken: I knew Ken; Ken was a friend of mine. Maria, you're no Ken. Then again, Ken is no Maria, either.

Happy Holidays!
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:15am maria:

I am not ken I ken not be ken I knet be ken I will knever be ken ken is ken ken kens ken yhou ken ken but ken aint present in the tense sense in this space place, so Maria will be knot -Ken but whot? WE shall find out
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:17am Lloyd Bentsen:

Exactly. Ha!
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:17am annie:

i only hope and pray larry will have a safe and prosperous holiday season. has he decorated his tree? will he have plum pudding.? who will pour the brandy? and what about the donuts?
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:19am frenchee:

Hooray, Ms. Maria is on the air again.
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:20am frenchee:

fill-in season on WFMU is the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR.
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:20am maria:

Larry larry larry larry Larry Larryyyyyyy whyyyy larry?? why??? oh larry
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:22am maria:

oh. HI Kids, people. Yup, nice to be hear hear here
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:22am Swami:

Maria, might you be Kent?
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:23am dave in vermont:

i've missed your show Maria-glad to have you on air this morning
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:23am Swami:

Kant be Kent.
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:23am emma:

  Wed. 12/24/08 9:31am Kant:

The categorical imperative insists that Maria not be Ken.
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:31am maria:

Simmply kennot happen, ever
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:32am catcher:

And, Emma, that name game's double apropos at this here calendar point, ain't it?
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:36am Andy Williams:

I sure miss these kids.
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:37am Richard Karpenter:

Karen kant dance.
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:43am emma:

Merry Festivus as well. I just kent emmambah when it is.
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:44am Bernie Madoff:

Can you play "Brother can you spare a dime?" Thanks.
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:46am annie:

maria, didn't you get his postcard?
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:46am Bernie Madoff:

Not even my request? It is boring in this apartment.
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:51am Jane Goodall:

Give monkey-ass, banana-gorged Bernie a gift to keep him occupied in his seclusion...my latest book on chimponzi schemes: "Ashamed to Share So Much DNA."
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:55am Bernie Madoff:

Did you read in the paper about Kovachev.


You call that a ponzi scheme? Piker.
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:57am rinkmaster:

"All skate
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:58am stev:

no artist for this track?
  Wed. 12/24/08 9:59am stev:

  Wed. 12/24/08 10:02am Kovachev:

Indeed. Piker's Peak.
Megastaggerbucks is the new peanuts.
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:07am maria:

purple panda
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:09am stev:

kung pow purple pandomime
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:12am JJZ:

You can't go wrong with Hall and Oates.
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:13am jan:

I can't go for hall and oats-my radio is off for now!
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:14am dlp:

this is the first time i've ever heard hall and oats before noon.
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:14am maria:

oh boo hoo hoooooooo hoo hoo Im gonna turn my radio off too.
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:15am Lloyd Bentsen:

Jan - I Ken.
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:15am swami:

Tis a jam. ..
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:18am stev:

  Wed. 12/24/08 10:18am Charo:

Did you know my real name is María Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Moquiere de les Esperades Santa Ana Romanguera y de la Najosa Rasten? Really. Check it on Wikipedia if you think I am lying. Cuchi-Cuchi!
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:20am Ghost of Xavier:

Mas cuchi!
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:21am stev:

cuchi cuchi! how do you fit that on a drivers license?
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:22am maria:

I Loves you Charo
did you know my real name is
maria de los Diablos enteros en el camino santo de los angeles hija de dios madre mientras tanto aun que sea mentira!
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:22am Swami:

Rasten? Get outta here. I but everything but Rasten. . .and I am suspicious of "y de la" as well.
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:23am Charo:

Stev - I do not drive, but my name fits on my passport:

  Wed. 12/24/08 10:24am Swami:

"buy", not "but"
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:26am Charo:

Swami - Did you watch the video? Have I convinced you?

Maria - Hugs and kisses.
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:27am maria:

Merci Buckets Charo, y besos y embrazos para todos
ranas incluidos
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:29am stev:

charo -
I watched, and I saw you still have your pelvic thrust in full swing

swami's just a non-believer to your cuchiness
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:36am Steven Wright:

All those who believe in psychokinesis raise my hand
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:41am Steven Wright:

OK. You can put it down now. This is starting to hurt.
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:45am Bernie Madoff:

Woo-Hoo! I just found $1.32 in change between the cushions of my couch. It is the couch in the front sitting room, not the couch with the plastic slipcovers in the formal living room. We never sit on that couch.
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:45am stev:

That's good for a candy bar.
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:47am Maria:

I dropped a nickel down the sewer grate
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:48am m:

mr wright is now $.99 richer
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:48am Bernie Madoff:

Maria - I just don't understand people like you. No respect for money.
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:49am maria:

Bernie maybe you can get on the bus with that. "THE BUS" you know
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:51am stev:

buses are bloody expensive nowadays.
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:52am annie:

not sure if i should laugh or cry...
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:52am maria:

aren't the short ones free?
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:53am Maria:

please laugh, please please
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:53am annie:

yes, but if i laugh, will lenny come find me and do bad things to me?
  Wed. 12/24/08 10:53am stev:

not if you're going into nyc. :/

this is helarious btw
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:00am HotRod:

GREAT show, Maria. That "Rosemarie" track is a cover??? Why does it sound sooo familiar?
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:09am Irwin:

Welcome home, compatriot. Nice to hear you back on zee aires. Done takin' pitchers o' N.E. barns? Iz dey posted webwise?
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:10am Raj:


Hey, welcome briefback (mountain). I'll hafta catch the archive when I get back from work. Happy Holidays!

Garlic knot Ken!

  Wed. 12/24/08 11:10am maria:

thanks HR-- I'm almost sure it is original from the starlight mints, but I have not verified that

hi Irw- yup back in Bkly have a few pix pposted on Flickr but have a lot of printing to do yet.
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:12am Stacy:

Hey Maria del Lobo, Great playlist.... getting me in the mood for who's knows what, but I'm ready!!! Big kiss girlfriend. Anastasia
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:17am texas scott:

love your set, Maria...Merry Christmas to all!!!
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:18am tombom:

""not a word" backwards" thank you amazon
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:20am Harvey:

That Falstaff cover owns my soul
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:25am maria:

yup Harvey, I am in agreement with you there
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:26am annie:

big question of the day... do i watch holiday movies or listen to the radio? which cheer do i choose?? hhmm.. who's up next?
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:26am stev:

listen to the radio.

ears > eyes
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:27am Maria:

Heloooooo Stacyyyy! hey for listening!
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:28am annie:

good point. i can always languish later..i see kenny g is up next..
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:30am Maria:

you might want to wear some earplugs
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:33am annie:

as tiny time said, the proof is in the pudding.
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:33am annie:

hey, where did that "e" come from?
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:37am Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:50am stev:

Maria! Thanks for turning me on to James Blackshaw - I'm just finishing the other track on Sunshrine and loving every second.
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:53am listener mark:

hello maria, fabulous show I'm only half as depressed as I was before thanks
  Wed. 12/24/08 11:55am annie:

maria, thanks for the great tunes.... merry festivus!!
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