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Options October 22, 2008: Where a "split seven-inch" isn't as painful as it sounds

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Rosie Smith  Why Do You Keep Hanging Around Me After You Said So Long   Options 0:00:00 ()
Jiminy Cricket  I'm No Fool   Options 0:06:45 ()
Eddie Murray  Tonight the Stars Are Out   Options 0:08:15 ()
Thomas Merlo  Our Flag   Options 0:11:18 ()
Ernie Banks  cereal box single   Options 0:18:19 ()
Gary Strivant  Young Girl   Options 0:20:52 ()
Peter Pan Singers  Puff 'n Toot   Options 0:23:28 ()
Ginny Kennedy  Miss Irene   Options 0:27:07 ()
The Milt Herth Trio  Egyptian Ella   Options 0:29:13 ()
Roy Smeck  Limehouse Blues   Options 0:32:07 ()
The Pismo Beach Elementary School Band  To You I'm Not Home Anymore   Options 0:34:53 ()
Julian Street Dance Band  Too Fat Polka   Options 0:41:14 ()
Mickey Mouse Club Singers  Anything Can Happen Day   Options 0:42:57 ()
The Duke Spirit  The Step and the Walk   Options 0:45:58 ()
The Amway Singers  What Is Amway?   Options 0:48:52 ()
Fountains of Wayne  Red Dragon Tattoo   Options 0:51:30 ()
Absolute Albert  Noises   Options 0:54:45 ()
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy  I Ride a Tractor   Options 0:57:20 ()
Lucas and Friends  I Love Rock and Roll   Options 0:59:49 ()
DeBarge  Rhythm of the Night   Options 1:05:45 ()
Mark Savage  D'Ya Think I'm Sexy?   Options 1:09:31 ()
Ben Light (piano), Herb Kern (Hammond organ), Lloyd Sloop (Novachord)  Mama Inez   Options 1:12:28 ()
Cal Andrews with Trio  Sundown at Sea   Options 1:15:22 ()
Kid Baltan  Song of the Second Moon   Options 1:17:19 ()
Tom Dissevelt  Electronic Movements: Syncopation   Options 1:19:57 ()
Tom Dissevelt  Electronic Movements: VIbration   Options 1:22:57 ()
The Humbards with The Four Year Old Twins Drusilla and Susanna  I Found a Hiding Place   Options 1:32:34 ()
Children's Record Guild  Eensie Beensie Spider   Options 1:35:17 ()
Gary Strivant  Something   Options 1:39:40 ()
Audio Artists  May I Come In?   Options 1:44:19 ()
cast of 'Rainbow Brite'  The First Part of Friendship is "Friends"   Options 1:46:28 ()
Frazier Chorus  Sloppy Heart   Options 1:48:37 ()
Game  It's Shocking What They Call Me   Options 1:54:24 ()
Lawrence Wood  The Day the Gipper Waved Goodbye   Options 2:01:03 ()
Think  Once You Understand   Options  
Fred Astaire, Nanette Fabray & Jack Buchanan  Triplets   Options 2:11:02 ()
Frank Perry and the Big Action Sound  I Can Fly   Options 2:13:19 ()
The Peter Pan Orchestra & Chorus  I'm A Little Teapot   Options 2:15:28 ()
Denise James  Come On Home To Me   Options 2:17:17 ()
The R. Stevie Moore Big Band  Meadowbrook   Options 2:27:21 ()
Getatchew Mekuria  Almaz Yeharerwa   Options 2:29:54 ()
Mike Pedicin Quintet  I'm Hip   Options 2:34:14 ()
Run-D.M.C.  Walk This Way   Options 2:36:48 ()
The Hold Steady  Joke About Jamaica   Options 2:41:57 ()
Hugh Sorrell and the Sorrell Singers  The Man   Options 2:46:37 ()
27th District Optimist International 11th Annual Convention  I'm An Optimist   Options 2:48:47 ()
Jimmy Sapienza  I Love Pittsburgh   Options 2:50:05 ()
Prince  Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)   Options 2:53:37 ()
Judy James & Bobby Colt  The Doobee Song   Options 2:57:26 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 10/22/08 3:04pm Bad Ronald:

Woo hoo
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:04pm AnAnonymousParty:

Bring on the crap!
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:05pm Parq:

So glad you decided to go along with the gag. Ken played "Montreal Canada Blues" this morning, but as far as this listener is concerned, feel free to play it again.
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:06pm Bad Ronald:

"boring" as in trepenation or ennui?
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:06pm AnAnonymousParty:

WFMU - Home of the seven inch turds.
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:07pm otis:

from someone in montreal - i'd love to hear it if it's sitting about. and i'm no FOOL!
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:08pm Sean Daily:

Seventh comment! Woo hoo!
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:08pm otis:

the needle drops and pick ups - keep em coming. hell, freestyle and do a needle pickup/dropdown solo on a cut. ha ha.
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:09pm otis:

"Home of the seven inch turds."

dear lord i hope that refers to records.
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:09pm Sean Daily:

Perhaps trepenation, Bad Ronald... skull trepenation, with the attendant pagan voodoo rituals. That would be SO metal.
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:10pm Parq:

Oh yes, Eddie Murray, pour it all over me!
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:10pm Bad Ronald:

\m/ '_' \m/
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:14pm Sean Daily:

You know, it's not the words to this Thomas Merlo song that annoy me. It's the baboon that he has on the piano PLEASE GOD MAKE IT STOP.

Or maybe this is what it sounds like when a beat poet tries to get patriotic...
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:16pm ?:

save it for your art parties
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:18pm Cecile:

"now divide the following stats by 464"

I like this record - reminds me of those ESPN Home Run Derby re-runs...
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:21pm Sean Daily:

(In Peter Lorre's voice) Ya wanna know how to work on your wrist, young boy... heh... heh... Do you want me to... SHOW you how to work on your wrist, you pretty little boy... heh... heh... hehhhhh...
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:21pm Cecile:

ah, the craddle robber's national anthem
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:23pm Joe:

That's my kinda choo-choo.

Seriously, I rode that train for a while.
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:24pm another old man:

turn the page!
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:24pm zedprophfer:

  Wed. 10/22/08 3:24pm Cecile:

wow, that's a lot of words to memorize for a little kid.
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:24pm Trish:

Hi Irwin, glad to find you in this time slot.

Any Bozo the Clown in that collection of kidscarp ?
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:25pm Bad Ronald:

Yeah me too Joe Puff -n- toot -n- chug!
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:26pm Bad Ronald:

wottabout some MAD flexi-discs?
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:26pm Sean Daily:

Luckily, Casey Jones is at Puff'n Toot's controls, so this is gonna end REAL well.
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:28pm bzul:

  Wed. 10/22/08 3:29pm Pete Townsend:

  Wed. 10/22/08 3:36pm bzul:

Speaking of Pete music, I thought when red-suited Sarah was on SNL the other night, she should've sung, "You betcha, you betcha, you bet...(wink, wink)..ooh-ooo.."
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:38pm Bad Ronald:

"Your dog keeps licking my nose and chewing up all those letters that say 'you better'".
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:40pm Cecile:

yes it is working for me.
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:40pm Sean Daily:

  Wed. 10/22/08 3:40pm otis:

best version of too fat polka EVER.
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:45pm disappointed:

no calypso 45s?
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:46pm Ike:

It was working for me at that exact moment of polka! Polka, hooray!

I was skeptical about the idea, but it has worked out well on most shows so far. (Well, one unnamed DJ was playing some horrible vile drivel earlier, but then he's *always* playing crappy vinyl from landfills anyway.) Maybe not this one. Hmmm. I'm going back and forth. I hope for reams of new sounds next week to counter all the oldies.
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:48pm Parq:

Ike, you say "horrible vile drivel" like it's a bad thing.
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:49pm Cecile:

WOW. In that soap there is hope....

not cult-like at all...
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:49pm Sean Daily:

Yes, Amway. It's not just a job. It's a Ponzi scheme cult.
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:51pm Cecile:

WIth Amway, Fountains of Wayne dude could get his Red Dragon Tattoo.
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:51pm stuartlt:

what happens when Kings of Leon bathe in Fountains of Wayne?
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:53pm Bad Ronald:

with a box of frogs?
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:53pm Ike:

Sorry Parq, I wasn't being clear enough. I mean the kind of horrible vile drivel that isn't funny or amusing. I mean the kind of horrible vile drivel that makes your soul bleed. Like bathing in excrement-flavored acid. Not the kind of hilarious drivel that Irwin plays. That's different.
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:54pm Sean Daily:

This Absolute Albert song is the soundtrack of my life...
  Wed. 10/22/08 3:59pm Parq:

It says here in Wikipedia that the LSC now calls himself "The Ledge". Well, why the heck not? Say, was that a John Deere letter?
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:02pm Wes:

What's up internet playlist people? Great show Irwin.
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:04pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Nothing much.
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:05pm bzul:

John Deere letter...?
Just another furrow from Irwin's Small Track Tour.
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:05pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Irwin you've gone too far with this DeBarge. See you next week.
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:05pm otis:

i saw debarge live in 1984 at a fair in san diego. the jets were playing with the debarge family. talk about flashback.
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:06pm ?:

  Wed. 10/22/08 4:06pm horrified:

WOW! you have actually hit the bottom of the barrel. I DARE you to find something worse than this, other than a field recording of babies crying or people retching....
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:07pm Cecile:

WOW. that is a flashback.
Can you play some more parrot training records?
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:07pm Wes:

Ouch is right...my ears can't handle this mess
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:07pm otis:

yea, but irwin's adding the cool factor to debarge - now the price for the 12" single at the record fair will go up from .25 cents to .50 cents
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:08pm jan:

deBarge certainly lives up to the expectations we were given for this show. fortunately I have to leave and will not be able to listen for about an hour. maybe it won't be worthwhile listening to the archive later. I hope while I am gone you play dirty dancing
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:10pm still horrified:

Irwin, where did you find this marvelous atrocity?
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:10pm Parq:

Actually laughing out loud at this Mark Savage.
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:10pm ?:

debarge was awful. this is awful, but also hilarious.
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:10pm rolf:

why? mark savage is working hard
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:11pm Cecile:

Best version of this song EVER...

thanks, Irwin!
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:12pm AnAnonymousPary:

Mark Savage is sexy in a Borat kind of way, eh?
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:15pm Cecile:

I was thinking more of Chris Tucker channeling Will Ferrell, but six of one, half dozen of another
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:20pm AnAnonymousPary:

Why it's ... music of the .... FUTURE!
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:23pm Cecile:

If this is the future, I want to have a jet car with a robot that makes me martinis.

  Wed. 10/22/08 4:25pm rod hurling:

submitted for your approval -- a show on the radio dial -- transmitting over tubes known as the internet -- an ordinary show featuring an ordinary style of music -- music that is of the past and the future -- hosted by a man who in a few minutes will transmit directly into -- the twilight zone
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:26pm Laura L:

It's actually the music of the past--we seem to have skipped the future and moved right on to the present.
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:26pm Parq:

'Cile, shazam, you're martinis.
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:27pm north guinea hills:

kid baltan was dick raaijimakers pop electronic project from 1957
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:28pm north guinea hills:

and raaijimakers also worked for philips....
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:28pm Sean Daily:

"Rolled in balls"? Well, I guess if you're into that, Irwin... but I didn't know you swung that way.
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:29pm Cecile:

the pork chop on a stick at the MN State Fair used to be amazing.
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:30pm otis:

yer making me hungry
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:30pm Laura L:

He ain't kiddin. Here you go--
Fried cake on a stick. It's served on a stick!
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:30pm Parq:

Oh please stop! My arteries are closing up just from listening to this
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:31pm hazmania:

The Chicken Fried Bacon is everything you imagine. Your man in Dallas, Brian
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:31pm otis:

fried cake on a stick. good lord, someone start making out my tombstone
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:32pm Sean Daily:

Cheesecake (made with lard, of course), dipped in cornbread batter, basted with fudge and Snickers bars, fried in more lard and injected with bacon fat... Oh God YES...
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:32pm Laura L:

Otis, your tombstone:
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:33pm Cecile:

Jesus is keeping the twins in his basement?
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:34pm otis:

that song makes you want to find a hiding place
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:35pm Cecile:

I heard it as "weensie"
I do not accept this song as authentic
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:35pm bzul:

Hmm. Wyatt Errrrp was the marshal in Tombstone.
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:36pm Cecile:

man, these kids on your records, Irwin, sound very mature and break into choral harmonies at the drop of a hat...
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:36pm Parq:

Wasn't that the same dogs-and-cats cue that Judson Fountain used on "Old Woman of Haunted House"?
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:36pm felix:

the inimitable Tony Randall narrates!
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:38pm Negator:

I will attending the NC State Fair on Sat where I'm looking forward to such delicacies as: Fried redneck fat infused with Snickers and caramel, whipped with a yellowcake, fried again (deeper), then quickly coated in more redneck fat, then quickly fried again, then dusted with powdered sugar on a stick. Mmmmmm...... I hear they're smoking endangered species as well. Can't get Panda paw anywhere you know!
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:40pm C:

better beatle
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:41pm bzul:

If I had to choose between a session of this and waterboarding...I don't know, no , I don't knowwwww..
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:42pm Negator:

Gary Strivant is real hip with those hip finger snaps, claps and missed key changes. I don't think even he knew....
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:46pm Mike Nelson:

"You know, at this point I think I'd rather be watching David Crosby eating a McRib sandwich."
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:47pm Turnstone:

I love this chuffing Friends song
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:47pm Jonathan Steinke:

Gary Strivant...strivING for tone deaf excellence!!
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:47pm Sean Daily:

Great! I've got diabetes now! Thanks a lot, Irwin!
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:48pm Lizardner Dave:

Miley has to be coming up soon. Or Star Country.
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:48pm Cecile:

Now I want a McRib.
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:50pm AnAnonymousParty:

"Eensie Beensie" spider? I always thought it was the "Eensie Weensie" spider. I wonder what else mom lied about.
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:52pm AnAnonymousParty:

This doesn't sound anything like Kelsey Grammar.
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:53pm Cecile:

I know! I know! It's "weensie"!
  Wed. 10/22/08 4:58pm JCityJensen:

billionth comment woo hoo!
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:01pm AnAnonymousParty:

Speed and size don't matter? What if someone said:

"I want seven inches, and I want it now!"
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:01pm bzul:

Itsy Bitsy round here. Always has been. The different camps of spider characterization should fight it out with crude homemade hide-rippin' weapons like Gangs of New York.
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:02pm Negator:

This Gipper song is choking me up, Irwin. Is this Elvis?
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:02pm ?:

this gipper? :
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:04pm Bad Ronald:

I'm with Itsy... *grabs a chain*
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:05pm AnAnonymousParty:

From now on, I'm going with "diminutive insignificant arachnid".
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:08pm Parq:

On the edge of my seat waiting for the payoff on this "things get a little easier" . . .
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:09pm Negator:

Shoulda listened to his fuckin mutha!
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:10pm Turnstone:

i'm in bits now. Who saw that coming !!!
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:10pm HotRod:

Holy shit. That was intense.
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:10pm AnAnonymousParty:

Read a book ... or DIE!
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:10pm spiderman:

turns out itsy and eensie are both right, tho wikidedia seems to be leaning toward itsy:

  Wed. 10/22/08 5:11pm HotRod:

Great show title, by the way.
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:11pm Cecile:

I love this Triplets song.
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:13pm AnAnonymousParty:

Well, if that's what Wikipedia says, then I suppose there's really no need for further discussion. The matter is settled.
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:15pm Cecile:

"tea" and "pot"
I get it now.
a drug song.... shocking.
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:15pm Parq:

Gee, I never knew that "Little Teapot" had a bridge. And a nifty one at that.
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:17pm Wes:

I'll take that "tea" over the drug coffee or the drug alcohol, both of which make me feel anxious, worried, and basically like crap
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:17pm volunteer:

more rainbow brite please - we'll take strawberry shortcake too!
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:18pm AnAnonymousParty:

The Peter Pan Orchestra? Wow, who knew? ... and how many metaphors are colliding in that song?
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:23pm spiderman:

yeah, I'm well aware of Wikipedia's lameness, I've seen no shortage of errors and misinfo there. The spider entry is kind of an amusing read tho, especially the bit about the spider as Sisyphian absurdist metaphor. Oh, and other variations are footnoted:

Or "Incey Wincey" or "Teensy Weensy" or "Inky Pinky".

Inky Pinky!?!?! Seriously? On what planet?
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:28pm AnAnonymousParty:

Hey, somebody bump New Jersey, it's stuck.
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:33pm Parq:

Spidey, "Inky Pinky" is French -- as in "Inky Pinky parlez vous".
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:34pm Sean Daily:

This is kind of like Frank Sinatra in his Rat Pack days saying that he was a real hep cat...
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:35pm Cecile:

it's like your grandma saying "da bomb"
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:39pm listening john:

Irwin Chusid
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:51pm Cecile:

you can also get a salad with fries on it in Pittsburgh, too.

Later, Irwin, this was fun!
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:55pm Sean Daily:

A SALAD WITH FRIES? It's healthy AND fried! My God, I think I've glimpsed the Promised Land.
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:59pm Parq:

Outstanding show, Irwin. Bravo.
  Wed. 10/22/08 5:59pm AnAnonymousParty:

That's it. from now on I'm a shoe cleanin', ear washin', pet lovin' sonofabitch!
  Wed. 10/22/08 6:00pm Bad Ronald:

Ciao! - nice show!
  Wed. 10/22/08 6:00pm Lady Rachael:

Bye, Beautiful!
  Wed. 10/22/08 6:00pm otis:

great show!
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