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Options September 29, 2008: get moody with me (fill in for Irene)

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Artist Track Album Comments New Approx. start time
John Baker  Womens's Hour (reading your letters)   Options The John Baker Tapes      0:00:00 ()
Beaks Plinth  Dollenique   Options Kai Kohola Leo    *   0:01:31 ()
B. Fleischmann  Hello   Options Angst is Not A Weltanshauung    *   0:04:59 ()
B. Fleischmann  24.12.   Options Angst is Not A Weltanshauung    *   0:08:12 ()
Was (Not Was)  Tell Me That Im dreaming   Options       0:12:04 ()
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers  Lonely Financial ZOne   Options Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers      0:16:41 ()
We The People  People Open Your Eyes and See   Options Eccentric Soul: Mighty Mike Lenaburg      0:19:21 ()
Blind Wilie & Kate McTell  Don't YOu Let Nobody Turn You Round   Options Last Kind Words (1926-1953)      0:22:42 ()
After Dinner  A/B-ing The Bird   Options Paradise of Replica remixes      0:31:10 ()
Theo Angell And The Tabernacle Hillside Singers  On The WIllow   Options Auraplinth      0:37:50 ()
Kevin Ayres  Crying   Options What More Can I Say...      0:42:05 ()
The Starlight Mints  Rosemarie   Options Drowaton      0:46:34 ()
Calexico  Victor Jara's Hands   Options Carried TO Dust    *   0:49:52 ()
Marianne Dissard  Le Lendemain   Options L'Entredeux      0:53:11 ()
Robyn Hitchcock  The Dust   Options You & Oblivion      0:56:14 ()
Roky Erikson  Dust   Options I Have Always Been Here Before: The Roky Erickson Anthology      1:04:34 ()
Mij  Two Stars   Options The Yodeling Astrologer      1:08:36 ()
Anker / Courvoisier / Mori  Morning Dove   Options Alien Huddle    *   1:12:44 ()
Fennesz  47 Blues   Options Split Series 9-16      1:16:38 ()
Alarm Will Sound  Logon Rock Witch   Options Acoustica: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin      1:19:29 ()
Alejandro Franov  Cubierto   Options Aixa    *   1:23:00 ()
Thee Moths  Twenty Bees- A Side   Options Glytchvolk Musique      1:26:25 ()
Gorecki  Prelude For Piano   Options David Arden,, Piano      1:34:02 ()
Helena Espvall and Masaki Batoh  Polska   Options Helena Espvall and Masaki Batoh      1:35:21 ()
Koen Holtkamp  Sky Flowers   Options Field Rituals    *   1:38:34 ()
William Barklow  Coyotes Calling WIth Loons   Options Voices of the Loon      1:52:55 ()
Hannu  Haapavesi   Options Worms in My Piano      1:56:55 ()
Brightblack Morning Light  Opressions Each   Options Motion TO Rejoin    *   2:03:28 ()
Junior Kimbrough  I Gotta Try You Girl   Options God Knows I Tried      2:06:41 ()
Carla Bozulich  Let Loose Dogs   Options Carla Bozulich/Ches Smith      2:11:59 ()
Simone Massaron /Carla Bozulich  Baby, You So Creepy   Options Dandelions On Fire    *   2:15:45 ()
Carla Bozulich  Running Dry (Requiem for the Rockets)   Options I'm Gonna Stop Killing      2:23:08 ()
Falstaff  Nothing Compares 2U   Options II  I know I know -- it is a Prince song. I always, for some reason, associate it w Sinead O.    2:31:12 ()
Pillars Of Silence  The SOng You Sang Me   Options S/T    *   2:36:45 ()
Steva Nikolic  Arnautka   Options       2:45:44 ()
Kayhan Kaylor and Brooklyn Rider  Parvaz   Options Silent City    *   2:48:55 ()
So Percussion  Work   Options Amid the Noise      2:55:09 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 9/29/08 3:03pm stingy d:

first comment! achoo!
  Mon. 9/29/08 3:03pm Sean Daily:

Second comment! Woo hoo!
  Mon. 9/29/08 3:07pm Bad Ronald:

Third Charm!!!
  Mon. 9/29/08 3:08pm bobbi fleckman:

  Mon. 9/29/08 3:10pm C:

Yea! Maria at 3
  Mon. 9/29/08 3:12pm Bad Ronald:

What's wrong with being sexy?
  Mon. 9/29/08 3:16pm nando:

stop that bassline
  Mon. 9/29/08 3:18pm jim frm b-burg:

Hey Maria, welcome back! Good to hear you..
  Mon. 9/29/08 3:18pm Bad Ronald:

the luddite, nice!
  Mon. 9/29/08 3:26pm GP:

Red Stripe on the mic? Is this the Reggae show?
  Mon. 9/29/08 3:35pm maria:

Hi Peoples

there is a red stripe on the microphone that points to where to speak into it and I often cannot find it right away. greetings to jim from B-bg, nice to know yer out here
  Mon. 9/29/08 3:44pm jim frm b-burg:

Yes! Actually, I am listening frm upstate NY right now, otherwise it would be big cat country music only.
  Mon. 9/29/08 3:46pm GP:

I see..well not really, "see" beacause their is no studio cam, but I have a rather vivid imagination
  Mon. 9/29/08 3:55pm Gp:

their = there
  Mon. 9/29/08 3:58pm stingy d:

don't worry.
their is no studio cam either
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:02pm stingy d:

yea yea i smoke dust. i get it.
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:02pm stingy d:

my whole life is a schooly d song
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:05pm Maria:

Stingy get a life
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:06pm GP:

Stingy...put down the hot melted butter....please
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:07pm stingy d:

i'm on it! you're doing good.
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:07pm north guinea hills:

damn, i missed "victor jara's hands". i'm a huge fan of victor jara and how he was executed, kills my soul. he was executed in a stadium (after pinochet's coup) in santiago, chile and asked to recant his political views. he refused, so they dragged them onto a stage w/ a guitar, and chopped off his hands, and made him try to play the guitar. again, he was asked to recant. he refusted. they cut out his tongue and he died there w/ his guitar still strapped to his body.

to all you folkie pretenders out there, this nuevo cancion folkie (who phil ochs tracked down in better times), walked the walk and talked the talk......
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:08pm stingy d:

by the way... i'm sensitive.
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:08pm north guinea hills:

i apologize for my poor punctuation.
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:09pm stingy d:

by the way... i'm case-sensitive
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:11pm GP:

Dang North Guinea,
Talk about hard core..that guy should be saint or something. I had no idea..
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:11pm maria:

dag, I really love this comment activity today, REALLY
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:11pm GP:

10-4 stingy
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:18pm sebastian in santiago:

hi ngh.
victor jara is a major figure in our famelic cultural landscape. i still get the chills when i hear el derecho de vivir en paz. still, the story about his death seems to have been slightly exaggerated. i mean he was tortured and beaten and they broke his fingers once they know who he was, but the chopping-off part appears to be more myth than anything else. still, they did shoot him many, many times, which shows that particular violence was inflicted upon him.
why? sadly, because he stood out. because he thought. you can't imagine the what it was to grow up in this cultural wasteland during the eighties.
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:22pm north guinea hills:

my account comes from a phil ochs bio..... which i can't cite until i get home and find the book.
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:23pm Harvey:

HOLY SHIT!! I cannot believe this orchestral version of Aphex Twin exists. My mind has been blown.
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:25pm Parq:

NGH, I had also always heard that his hands were smashed and he was shot. I first learned about him from the Arlo song and from the reference to him in the second verse of Holly Near's "It Could Have Been Me." And yes, regardless of the details, what happened to him was a singular black mark on the repudation of the Pinochet government, a regime that had black marks too numerous to count.
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:26pm john:

I just noticed that you played Lonely Financial Zone. Got that right.
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:26pm Parq:

for "repudation ", read "reputation"
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:28pm GP:

What is happening on Wall Street now? Any rioting? This is one krazy day hombres...
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:29pm stingy d:

just a buncha suits gambling.
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:29pm Sean Daily:

Dow's closed down 777 points... 7 percent. Methinks someone's trying to tell us something.
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:31pm Sean Daily:

And NASDAQ's down over 9 points, almost 200 points. NASDAQ just does NOT move that much in one day.
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:31pm GP:

Sevens are usually lucky, although at one time I looked today the market was, no kidding, at 666.66! Now that is scary.
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:32pm GP:

I meant down 666.66
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:33pm Sean Daily:

It was the ee-vill stock market, GP... EE-VILL I SAY!

But you already knew that...
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:36pm stingy d:

  Mon. 9/29/08 4:38pm stingy d:

i don't trust these dudes cus i can't chuck em
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:38pm GP:

Just so WFMU can stay funded we can get through this.
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:39pm stingy d:

i'm actually working hard to be prepared to make a sizeable donation to fmu this yeaar
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:41pm GP:

Maria, this Sky Flowers is nice and calming
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:41pm you know:

for someone my size anyway
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:42pm Parq:

I wonder if it's still possible to get in as an additional investor in Ken's network of mattresses. And Scott, think of all the listeners who will be available as volunteers after they've lost their jobs (or should I say, we've lost ours).
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:42pm plinky:

does wfmu stay on air solely through listener donations?
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:43pm Harvey:

Yeah, this sky flowers is beautiful
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:43pm Parq:

It woudn't fit in with what Miss Maria is doing this afternoon, but someone in the next day or two ought to play the Tom Waits track "Whistling Past the Graveyard."
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:44pm stingy d:

you guessd it plinky
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:48pm GP:

What is that other band that sounds like this?
Godspeed You! Black Emperor?
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:50pm plinky:

man, such supportive listeners.. which is great.

loving the koen h. track, you're doing it maria
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:50pm stingy d:

theys kinda similar
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:52pm sebastian in santiago:

hey ngh, you know our latin american folk movement of the 60s-70s did incorporate much vernacular music, but it was heavily influenced by the likes of bb dylan and joan baez, etc... then nueva trova (silvio rodriguez mostly) kind of fed us up with its baroque arrangements and "flowery" lyrics and LA folk music was kind of heretic for fifteen years... until the new american folkish singers that i believe you are denouncing started strumming the wooden guitar once again. predictably, new folk singers "who always liked victor jara, violeta parra and atahualpa yupanqui, but could listen to my bloody valentine as well", sprouted like mushrooms after rain.
not that i have anything against folk music. my thing is strictly against opportunism. well. what do i know.
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:52pm GP:

I'm going to search for this Koen Holtkamp. I likes it
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:53pm stingy d:

there's an excerpt and some other stuff on the KH myspace
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:54pm stingy d:

maria, i love loons!
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:55pm HV:

Koen Holtkamp reminds me of Books (Albums: The lemon of pink; Thought for Food)
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:57pm stingy d:

this is stil the william barklow record???
  Mon. 9/29/08 4:58pm GP:

Thanks Maria,
HV, stingy d,,until next time...everyone have a great afternoon.
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:02pm HV:

Also check out Mogwai, the CODY (come on die young) album.
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:07pm plinky:

  Mon. 9/29/08 5:11pm stingy d:

are you maria levtisky the photography when you are not maria levitsky the dj on wfmu?
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:11pm whiterussian:

Thanks Maria!!!
I haven't heard Junior Kimbrough in years!!
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:11pm plinky:

whats your favourite show on wfmu?
anyone listne to jeffery davsion?
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:13pm stingy d:

brownyn knows best, or otherwsie whatever is on. i am usually satsfied just to hear thign si have never heard before
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:13pm maria:

yup that is what it is
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:17pm stingy d:

ah cool status!
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:17pm plinky:

carla is so naughty
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:21pm maria:

carla is so deep and, well maybe naughty too, but I dont know her that well.
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:24pm north guinea hills:

more carla!!!!! THANK YOU!
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:26pm maria:

there was something about previewing that Junior Kimbrough that made me want to play a mini Carla Boz. Set.
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:27pm stingy d:

yo, i'm fin ta jet... come back again maria!
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:29pm maria:

happy jettin sstingy
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:29pm Parq:

I'm not familiar with the folks being played, but today's show has been great -- moody and ethereal. (Q- use "ethereal" in a sentence. A- "I ethereal for breakfast every morning.") Keep it going thru the home stretch, Miss M.
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:37pm Sean Daily:

This is the best Sinead O'Connor cover EVER!
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:48pm vinh!:

I only started listening during the Brightblack Morning Light song... but the show has been wonderful so far
  Mon. 9/29/08 5:57pm sebastian in santiago:

hey, nice photo montages. check www.snishimura.com.
  Thu. 10/2/08 5:30pm MoryOxXon:

Maria, that first track was f__kin' cool! I love your taste. You create great f__kin' playlists! You the (wo)man!
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