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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options September 12, 2008

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Artist Track Comments
Nazakat & Salamat Ali  Raga Gavti   Options  
Parween Sultana  Sajani Jaye Base Kawana Nagarwa   Options Raga Amba Manoharil 
Brij Bhushan Kabra  Raga Hansadhwani   Options  
V.G. Jog  Raga Kirwani   Options  
Pannalal Ghosh  Raga Shri   Options  
Lakshmi Shankar  Raga Dhani   Options  
Emani Shankara Shastry  Raga Shri   Options  
Satya Pawar Dev  Raga Maru-Bihag   Options  
Karnataka College of Percussion  Ghatam Quartet   Options  
Kamalesh Maitra  Raag Bhupal Todi   Options  
Ghulam Ali  Kabhi to Meherban   Options  

Listener comments!

  Fri. 9/12/08 12:05pm stingy d:

i dedicate this post to Sean Daily!! woohoo
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:07pm Hugo:

second comment!
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:07pm north guinea hills:

that cracked me up, stingy.

new keyboard, you owe me one!
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:09pm Sean Daily:

Fourth post! Woo hoo!

(Ok, I haven't had my coffee yet... I'm slow on the draw today...)
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:14pm Sean Daily:

FREEBIRD! WHOOOOOOOOOO! (passes out drunk)
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:19pm Hugo:

Listening to this, you feel like throwing away your watch. Time doesn't matter any more ... blissfulness ...
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:21pm annie:

i was playing some kuwaalis in my store one day and someone walked in, recognized the peice and started to sing along.. wow, what a trip!!
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:24pm Matt:

Every time I hear a Bryce show I spend the whole weekend buying and listening to whatever type of music he played.
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:24pm znoringprophfet:

mmmsitars, mmmtablas, mmmAaAaAaAaAaAa
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:26pm ?:


Any info on this raga? Morning? Tabla player?
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:29pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Matt, that could get expensive!
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:37pm annie:

bryce: any roop verma?
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:40pm Matt:

DCE- yeah, I've had my share of pocket emptying record store visits.
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:48pm Hugo:

Hearing the violin may indicate that it's a South Indian raga - carnatic. I've heard this music played on mandolin and even electric guitar.
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:50pm bryce:

hi annie, i'll check around here, but no mr. verma on hand.

anonymister: doesn't say, but i *think* hansadhwani's a nighty raga. the tablar was Ananda Gopal Bandopadhyaya.

hey everyone: thanks for the ridiculous niceness. i've noted all your ip's and will soon visit your home with a squeegee.
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:50pm stingy d:


large hadron collider pictures
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:51pm bryce:

hugo! i thought you were lost at sea!

(almost brought some u. srinivas today.....)
  Fri. 9/12/08 12:57pm Hugo:

Yes, that's the one and Prasanna does them on el-guitar

(me purely on-shore)
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:13pm m:

man this is beautiful
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:17pm ?:

thanks, Bryce. I think I saw Anand Gopal once with Manilal Nag back in the day. I believe he's Benares gharana. If you (or anyone else) dig(s) solo tabla, make sure you know about Kishan Maharaj, also from Benares . . .
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:19pm Jack:

Annie (from Utica?)

Roop Verma plays frequently here (a mile from my house) He - and his son - are wonderful musicians and nice folks, too.


Bryce, I'm loving your show and this music. Thanks!
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:21pm raga:

the best show i saw recently was Visha Mohan Bhatt. he plays a variant of the slide guitar he designed called the Mohan Veena. awesome stuff.
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:21pm Harvey:

Bryce, your show is delightfully beyond my comprehension once again.
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:28pm Hugo:

Comprehension is an impediment to blissfulness ...
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:28pm stingy d:

i think this show and the last show have been especially good.
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:29pm g:

Hugo, now you sound like a Republican! ;)
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:30pm annie:

jack he lives in my town.. oneonta!! wonderful family, i've known them for years
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:34pm stingy d:

i'm from utica!
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:37pm barbara:

i had been feeling pretty tense and your show is making me feel so relaxed i might lie down under my desk and call it a weekend. thank you.
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:39pm Hugo:

I don't associate either word with Republicans ...
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:41pm stingy d:

barbara - i'm with you.. i took my shoes off and everyhting... this set may well have effectively saved my day/life
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:41pm Parq:

Ah, Stingy, so that's how you know from Utica Club. My godmother from St Johnsville took me on a tour of the Ut. Club brewery when I was a kid.
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:42pm bryce:

push the power strip out of the way!
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:43pm Jack:

Sorry! I was corn-fused from last weeks' show.
Parq! Don't you miss the Message Board? I surely do...
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:44pm bryce army chairman:

once again, bryce ends the week on a good note, playing inspiring music.
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:46pm stingy d:

you can still go on a brewery tour. its fun, and they give you two drinks at the end of anythign they make. they recently introduced soda, if you're not a drinker. but the soda's i think are too sweet.
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:47pm Parq:

I first heard Bryce's show a year ago, when he took this time slot over from Scott. Its brainy, centering music is now an indispensible part of my Friday afternoon work.

Jack: Sure do, but FMU is always evolving. Who knows what's next?
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:48pm stingy d:

its not a lot of fun, but if you are accidentally in utica and need to waste an hour, its perfect!
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:49pm annie:

the ommegang tour is good as well and the cooperstown brewery. then there' s bear pond winery in cooperstown
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:52pm stingy d:

i feel like we talked a whole lot about beer last friday... does drinking have to happen soon for everyone? i work till 10 bluch
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:55pm trent:

I first heard Bryce's show a year ago, when he took this time slot over from Scott. Its brainy, centering music is now an indispensible part of my Friday afternoon work.

Jack: Sure do, but FMU is always evolving. Who knows what's next?
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:56pm annie:

i definitely passed the elevensies hour... and beer is starting to sound pretty damn good. hmm, can i wait til 4???? wine time..
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:56pm whiterussian:

Your music seriously raised my productivity at work:
I'm popping out TPS reports for big oilmen company
at the alarming rate and consistency.
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:57pm R. P.:

Ah,brand new JVC headphones! And some heavy raga music to feed them. Thanks!
  Fri. 9/12/08 1:59pm Parq:

I'm going to join Annie in a glass of wine (assuming there's room for both of us [rimshot]), but I have to wait until 7.
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:01pm annie:

i am happy to pour you one and wait.. here's looking at you kid..
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:03pm Hugo:

Yeah, I reckon I'll drop by a watering hole in town - getting timely, that is to say NY time plus six hours - in other words European time ...
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:05pm PG:

greetings all ...
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:08pm stingy d:

  Fri. 9/12/08 2:09pm Ike:

Suggestion, Bryce: Marathon premium of this style. You'd just need two or three of these tracks! Heh. Or an MP3CD of lots of these tracks. Get started now, punk.

Stingy: "Sodas" not "soda's". What belonged to the soda? Sorry, can't help it. Must. Compulsively. Correct. Apostrophe abuse.
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:09pm annie:

  Fri. 9/12/08 2:10pm annie:

stingy i was just gonna let it go...i have editor in me, too and iw as laughing at your chakras...
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:12pm stingy d:

yo i be spellin bad an all type a shit cus i don't eb carning about dat typa stuff and al thante

but i love you guys hardbody no homo
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:13pm Ike:

I am laughing, but the compulsive editor in me is crying.

The chakras post was a riot.
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:13pm Hugo:

The only sad thing about this show is that it will end. Time catches up with us, inevitably ...
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:13pm Jack:

Bryce, thanks again for this wonderful afternoon of music. What a beautiful surprise, even for WFMU. Now I'm wondering how the transitional moment into Billy Jams' show will go...?
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:14pm stingy d:

its the nihilistic delusion in me,

  Fri. 9/12/08 2:14pm annie:

mecca bodega...
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:17pm stingy d:

i know how the transitoion will go...
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:18pm raga:

as awkward as always?
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:20pm annie:

45 minutes to a smooth transition from this to raga dubs..... ?
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:24pm Hugo:

Smooth may not be the operative word ...
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:27pm bryce:

i take full credit for all awkwardness.
it's a way of life.
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:27pm 3rd eye bloodshot:

  Fri. 9/12/08 2:35pm stingy d:

rugged neva smoove?
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:37pm Doug:

  Fri. 9/12/08 2:38pm stingy d:

  Fri. 9/12/08 2:41pm annie:

and so it begins!!!!
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:44pm annie:

  Fri. 9/12/08 2:44pm Mac:

Ah Dead air! Always my favorite at FMU!
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:45pm Jack:

Shhh! Quiet! I'm deep listening...
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:46pm raga:

tabla tarang! my favorite. pandit kamalesh maitra, i presume??
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:47pm bryce:

  Fri. 9/12/08 2:48pm mary:

I have been to Karnataka...as a pathetic Western yoga student... Thanks for today's ragas! There is plenty of dead air in Karnataka...very, very polluted death air.
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:48pm Hugo:

Sounds a bit gamelan-like, from what I can hear (which ain't much)
  Fri. 9/12/08 2:51pm raga:

nah. there are like 14-15 variously tuned tabla drums arranged in a semicircle. the artist then goes into a trance and sprouts 6 more limbs to make such a sound. needless to say, there aren't many people that can play it. oh, it really is one guy, btw.
  Fri. 9/12/08 3:00pm bzul:

Repeating last week's experiments in yin and yoiks audio contrasts and partnerships: Frank sang "My Way" on the radio to my left, while Satya Pawar Dev powered through his finish. I liked it. But then a cloying truckload of ABBA "I Have a Dream" ran over KC of P...and now I don't feel well. Mamma effin' mia, indeed. Ain't enough wine or beer in any hemisphere for a sufficient rinse...
  Fri. 9/12/08 3:38pm bryce:

it's not her serene highness, princess anni-frid synni lyngstad reuss, countess of plauen....you just need more radios.

good week, everyone!
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