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Riff rock for riff raff, pop fizzle for the frazzled, chord changes of life for the menopausal teenagers, a safari in the jingle-jangle jungle. (Visit homepage.)

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Options September 5, 2008

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Artist Track Album
Half Japanese  Thing With A Hook   Options loud and hrrible ep 
doug gillard  call from restricted   Options Call from Restricted 
beck  Gamma Ray   Options modern guilt 
the boo radleys  barney   Options v/a volume seven 
maroon 5  i won't go home without you   Options new album 
badfinger  Flying   Options best of 
dukes of stratosphear  your gold dress   Options 25 o'clock 
elton john  i want love   Options mp3 
violet archers  first the wheel   Options mp3 
zest of yore  you were dead   Options quality of life 
what made milwaukee famous  for the birds   Options what doesn't kill us 
starbelly  every day   Options everyday and then some 
neil halstead  oh! mighty engine   Options oh! mighty engine 
Simon & Garfunkel  baby driver   Options the essential...... 
david bowie  sorrow   Options pinups 
tracy ullman  they don't know   Options You Broke My Heart in 17 Places 
philipa lewis  get along without you   Options V/A Folk Rock & Faithfull: Dream Babes Vol 5 
the changes  house of style   Options today is tonight 
kevin ayers  crystal clear   Options What More Can I Say... 
keegan dewitt  JuneBrooklynNY   Options sadness to relate ep 
woggles  flash flood   Options the zontar sessions 
glen cambell  these days   Options Meet Glen Campbell 
counting crows  you can't count on me   Options you can't count on me 
Wadsworth Mansion  sweet mary   Options Super Hits Of The '70s: Have A Nice Day Vol. 4 
epicycle  girls don't rule my world   Options jingo jango 
brian wilson  oxygen to the brain   Options that lucky old sun 
the temple cloud country club  indestructible   Options when we were invented 
the donuts  end of an error   Options 545 
Dino, Desi & Billy  since you broke my heart   Options the rebel kind 
Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby  "trotters"   Options wreckless eric & amy rigby 
sparks  goofing off   Options Introducing Sparks 
The Ruby Suns  oh, mojave   Options sea lion 
ben kweller  different but the same   Options on my way 
Brazilian Girls  berlin, strangeboy   Options new york city 
the feeling  I Thought It Was Over   Options unknown 
beekeeper  Job   Options last & first 
Shannon McArdle  that night in june   Options the summer of the whore 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 9/5/08 8:09pm Laurie:

I would probably love Beck if he weren't a stupid $cientologist. :'(
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:10pm pseu:

now c'mon scientologists aren't all that stupid, like.........uhhh....uhm....ohhh
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:10pm Rumplekinds:

thank you for not turning your back on beck, pseu! you are the nick harcourt for a new generation! just kidding! if KCRW offered you $50,000 a year to sit in a swivel chair in Los Angeles, would you do it????
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:11pm Mark:

You got me feelin' all Inland Empire-y...
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:13pm pseu:

i'll tell you what...i've seen that guy ONCE on one of their video'd broadcasts with Jim Noir. That DJ is one smug fuck - he's got a cookie-cutter operation going on there -- treated the artist pretty shitty if you ask me.
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:17pm Rumplestein:

Well, you mop the floor with the guy week after week, no contest! Your smugness is of a much more appealing variety. The REAL best show on WFMU!! etc
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:19pm Rumpleonious:

Maybe Harcourt had some sort of British-guy beef with Jim Noir that he doesn't have with American musicians? Jim Noir probably stole Nick's girlfriend in Tower Hamlets in 1982 etc etc
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:24pm Jill:

Great set so far, you've got 2 of us on the hook. love the mix
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:31pm epc:

i am dying here ... too funny
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:37pm pseu:

don't die until after you pay your pledge to this show in 09 for chrissakes, i'm gonna need you people.
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:37pm Laurie:

Was this the album where Elton John was featured in Interview Magazine and hot young gays made cameos on the album? Like, Rufus Gainwright did a guest thingy on his album, and I had to buy it because I was totally faghagging it out for that kid, but now I don't really care about him anymore and didn't even bother seeing him when he came here to Miami. Or has he yet to come? Idk.
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:40pm Laurie:

Here's how much I don't care about him: I couldn't remember if it was Gainwright or Wainwright. Or maybe I was trying to call him Gaywright, idk. I listen to Loudon more than Rufus these days, and I went through a period where I listened to Martha's "Bloody Motherfucking Asshole" daily. Yeah.
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:41pm h:

Just wanted to let u know u are running an awesome program. best of the day
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:43pm gromppp:

  Fri. 9/5/08 8:44pm Laurie:

IDK!!!!! I've been reading too much ONTD. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME. Go DIAF.
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:46pm pseu:

thanks, h. Ladies and Gentleman, Heroin droppin' in with a compliment...
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:49pm Bobby B:

The music is great but I just wish I could get a decent slice of pizza out here in Hawaii.
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:50pm pseu:

get yourself a pineapple slice with mutt-sa-reller.
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:55pm tahoe bob:

ahh to be sittin on my stairs on 5th st jersey city drinkin brook lager, listenin to
pseu. i miss it.
  Fri. 9/5/08 8:58pm bartelby:

Mohawks introduced me to Hawai'ian pie (not the haircut connotation)
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:10pm Laurie:

Someone get Pseu some ventolin already!
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:13pm bartelby:

tracey ullman?
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:14pm mike tp:

sorrow from rick derringer and the mccoys. liked the original better
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:16pm pseu:

you again, spreading the sunshine...and 2-ply.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:17pm C:

Was that the real Tracy Ullman? The comedian?
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:18pm Jim:

Yeah, don't you remember? That was a pretty big hit.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:19pm pseu:

yup, c -- it was one of those '80's things. She's back I hear on cable. Cable TV. I have rabbit ears and a box that makes jello cubes.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:20pm C:

I never knew she sang. Just saw the TV show. Yeah, the new show is pretty funny. I only saw one episode, but she did all those transformations and was pretty good.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:22pm bartelby:

I must admit I kind of have a thing for Carol Burnett. Is that O.K.?
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:24pm Jim:

I liked "When I Wake". Remember when you were talky talky? Oh, also, that Maroon 5 song is not bad at all, but what a huge flop it was on the charts!
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:25pm bartelby:

It's probably from having so many women being unable to control their laughter around me. Seriously though, I'd show Carol Burnett a good time, or make an honest attempt at such.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:25pm Jim:

Your show is basically my mp3 collection (20,000 strong) on shuffle.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:26pm pseu:

hey jim -- it hasn't "flopped" -- it JUST came out!
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:26pm bartelby:

That thing she did with her ear when she talked about Jimmy Stewart, and the Tarzan yell. Wow, I'd better stop.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:27pm pseu:

bartles, no one is jumping on your thread -- time to change it up..
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:27pm Jim:

It was out in November, trust me.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:28pm pseu:

i just heard it on the radio a couple of times already...
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:28pm bartelby:

it's cool, I'm just saying
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:31pm ~L:

What label is the Keegan Dewitt on? It's good! Had my teen dancin' too.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:32pm epc:

I pulled my earlobe. Did he see?
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:33pm Laurie:

Speaking of crystal, did anyone see that Heidi Fleiss documentary HBO put out by the gays at World of Wonder? She is LOOPY.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:35pm Jim:

I know but I had heard it on Z100 last November. I put it on my year end top 30 singles list. I ended up bumping it off when I realized that I had unfairly underrated "Tattoo".
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:38pm C:

Heparin killed people cause of Chinese ingredients
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:42pm mike tp:

brother of old fmu dj dougs johnson. 1985 bud stiple used to bust his bulbs.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:43pm e:

I didn't know: Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is a potentially deadly skin disease that usually results from a drug reaction. Another form of the disease is called Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, and again this usually results from a drug-related reaction. Drugs that have been linked to Stevens-Johnson Syndrome include NSAIDS (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs), Allopurinol, Phenytoin, Carbamazepine, barbiturates, anticonvulsants, and sulfa antibiotics. In some cases, the condition is caused by a bacterial infection, and in many cases there is no known cause for the onset of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome or Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:43pm Laurie:

Yeah, I have a question about carpal glove syndrome I'd like you to address...
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:46pm Jim:

Sick show.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:46pm pseu:

and Illeus, Laurie, don't forget -- go ahead and ask him...
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:47pm C:

He'll try in vain to take away the pain of being a hopeless unbeliever
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:48pm Laurie:

I feel so Illeus.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:49pm Laurie:

Is this Counting Crows?
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:50pm Laurie:

It is. Oh man, I once saw a production of Sweeney Todd. Adam Duritz was a few rows in front of me and fortunately a few seats over. He had major Sideshow Bob pineapple hair. I would hate to sit behind him.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:50pm pseu:

it is....OVER
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:51pm Laurie:

Ha. Ugh, I nearly stood behind him in the mile long drink line, too, but I'm no dummo. I went to the mezzanine bar and there was no line. You heard it here first, guys: Adam Duritz is a dum dum.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:51pm john:

Greetings from temporary West Coast HQ. Trying to catch up on the comments, and I must say I'm not unconfused. Pretty thrilled to hear counting crows cut off in our prime, though, especially in favor of minor 70s AM pop hits!
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:52pm e:

PS: NSAIDS are like over the counter pain relief. YOU did a great public service this evening!
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:56pm Jim:

It's gotten less sick, I must say.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:56pm Bobby B:

Darn...the Mets just lost to the Phillies.
  Fri. 9/5/08 9:57pm e:

I guess like Mr. S. Martin said, know your audience. Epicycle is great, I hve never heard this before
  Fri. 9/5/08 10:09pm Laurie:

So, guys, Pseu did her public service announcement. Here's mine: DO NOT TAKE THE ASS BLAST CLASS AT DAVID BARTON GYM. I am literally BUTTHURT. :'(

You can thank me later.
  Fri. 9/5/08 10:13pm bartelby:

is the apostrophe supposed to be a tear? or is it a bruise like a black eye?
or a nose? you kids
  Fri. 9/5/08 10:15pm bartelby:

or like a tattooed tear?
  Fri. 9/5/08 10:18pm Laurie:

Tear, obvi.
  Fri. 9/5/08 10:21pm Mark:

Is this that "Horizon's In My Way" guy? If not, can I be so bold as to make a request: "Horizon's In My Way" by that guy with the name I can't remember.
  Fri. 9/5/08 10:27pm Jim:

Rock it out.
  Fri. 9/5/08 10:30pm Ghost Brain:

  Fri. 9/5/08 10:47pm Joe:

In defense of this song, fools -do- make much better lovers.
  Fri. 9/5/08 10:48pm pseu:

"Horizon's In My Way" guy is DAn Bryk - THE BRYK!!!
  Fri. 9/5/08 10:49pm john:

Speaking from both sides of that debate, Joe, I'd suggest--respectfully--that's not invariably true.
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