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Ken and Andy further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards as the program enters its death throes. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Options December 12, 2007: Long Foreplay, Comment Record and Focus Groups

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Listener comments!

  Wed. 12/12/07 6:03pm Tom:

Go Andy!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:04pm Raj:

Is this the first comment?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:04pm C:

  Wed. 12/12/07 6:04pm James:

Second post!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:04pm marliemarl:

blah blah hot air and windinesssss
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:04pm Torbj&#248;rn:

One sentence in English, one comment per person.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:04pm evan:

oh, for the love of god!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:04pm James:

Fifth post!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:05pm Listerner Goatse:

Comment This!!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:05pm Sean Daily:

Ninety-sixth zillionth comment! Woo hoo!!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:05pm Raj:


Happy Belated Birthday Harry!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:05pm Irwin Chusid:

James and Raj don't count.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:05pm matt in Indy:

No fair--Ken has a 3 hour show, you guys only have 1
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:05pm WOE IS ME:

I miss Andy's old catchphrase, "Heil Hitler!!"
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:05pm Laurie:

Merry Christmas to my fellow half Jewish friends who celebrate Christmas. I am eating a candy cane.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:05pm Jonathan:

Here's a comment: Pretty lame about the bar mitzvah !
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:05pm me:

blah blah and hot air and windineesss
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:05pm Austin:

I have to blog about this at http://sevenseconddelay.blogspot.com , so keep it interesting.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:06pm travis:

  Wed. 12/12/07 6:06pm Theo:

Consider this a blow against the culture of commentery.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:06pm Irwin Chusid:

Sean "Woo hoo!" doesn't count either. These are listener-bots.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:06pm Faust Gertz:

The comment ain't no zero. Let's go for the records!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:06pm Marcus:

Alright, alright, keep it interesting, folks...
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:06pm Eric:

Wow! Love the show! Can't believe I got through!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:07pm Raj:

Are you battling ipods again????
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:07pm GLaDOS:

Quit now and - CAKE - will be served immediately
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:07pm Tony in Brooklyn:

WTF? No Bar Mitzvah?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:07pm matt in Indy:

I agree about the bar-mitvah--that's twice you guys stood us up!!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:07pm DJ Stig:

Whoo! For the love of Crap!

P.S. the answer to the mathS question in 636
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:07pm mouse:

I'm talking to you!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:07pm Sean Daily:

I think the only requirement for commenting on Seven Second Delay is that all comments must have words.

And there are special dispensations even for that...
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:07pm J.T.:

Ken wins. Sorry Andy. First time commenter, long time listener.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:07pm Gregory:

Sorry, Ken
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:07pm Commentarian:

Hope we win the comment contest!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:07pm Rick Swerve:

I'm not sure why, but I'll help you get the title Andy.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:07pm nicole d:

No, now I'm talking to YOU!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:08pm Mark Perv:

Where's the hookers???
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:08pm Faust Gertz:

I would post more comments, but the math problems it makes me solve to post a comment are too difficult.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:08pm adr:

Are you talking to me?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:08pm Mike:

Greetings from Poland! hope you gonna reach 147+ tonight
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:08pm Ike:

You should've just grabbed some random bum off the street and given him a bar mitzvah with a live klezmer band.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:08pm Skeptical:

Don't think you're gonna do it, Andy!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:08pm Marcus:

"ok beautiful eyes straigt great smile great body you are the most amazinggirlihave seen do your videos if you want cus if ur having fun who cares what others think.."

Courtesy of: http://stupidfilter.org/random.php
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:08pm chaki:

uncle andy is a bad uncle
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:08pm oliver:

i have a spade, it has a nice wooden handle. i find it useful in the garden..
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:08pm Markie from Helsinki:

WTF is uuuup wit no Barmitzvahh??? Hi from Finlandia-land!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:09pm Icy Shoulder:

IC sez "James and Raj don't count."
Wrong, Irwin. YOU don't count.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:09pm Com Ment:

Can't believe I love the show . . .
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:09pm Faust Gertz:

Love the show. Can't believe I got through. Ok. That's the best I can do. Thanks. Good-bye.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:09pm Dieter:

Long time listener, first time commenter. LOVE the show!!!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:09pm Danosaurus:

every time that the comments change I have to do math about it in order to for to say anything.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:09pm tgl:

hey ken, hows your dog?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:09pm Mike Fun:

Hope you beat his record.

Play some music already!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:10pm waste:

to get here was a waste
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:10pm Markie from Helsinki:

Who likes gaming?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:10pm Brian:

Andy wins, no question. HAPPY HANUKKAH!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:10pm Raj:

Allright Irwin, well I'm not gonna take the cardboard boxes out to the trash then.

  Wed. 12/12/07 6:10pm Amanda:

Is commenting fun? If this doesn't turn out to be fun, I'm going to be totally mad. MATH??
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:10pm Rolf:

No comment.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:10pm Ike Turner:

I'm dead and I REALLY can't believe I got through.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:11pm Montana:

As a none Jewish person I was hoping to learn more about the Jewish culture. I guess I will remain uniformed. Nice work Andy.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:11pm Listener Oz:

This counts as ten comments, 'cause I'm from Australia (it's a time zone thing)...
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:11pm ryan:

great show tonight guys!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:11pm Faust Gertz:

Hey Andy. How is the strike working out for you? Do you have any new slogans or chants? I loved "Pants Down!"
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:11pm guy:

wher re da ladis
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:12pm schokolade:

sugar and fat
cannot beat
beat it
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:13pm greg geldart:

I have to attend a bar mitzvah saturday and i was told to get a hair cut. So I say I don't need to since my hair is long enough in front to look orthodox witha yarmulke..I'm not jewish and my s.o. who is, forgot to light candles all 8 days this year....she only usually forgets after 3rd or 4th night
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:13pm Kat:

This long-time shiksa listener was REALLY looking forward to the mitzvah show. For shame.

  Wed. 12/12/07 6:13pm Tim Wink:

This episode sure has a lot of guap!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:14pm Eric:

I'd like to make a long distance dedication to my sweet, sweet Dorothee. We met on the Jai Alai courts in Nome, Alaska, and well, you can imagine the rest. She's currently in the Pacific Rim researching the behavior of muon particles, and well, could you please play Making Love (Out of Nothing At All) by Air Supply. Thanks Casey, I appreciate it and keep rocking us all.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:14pm air play:

I want you to readme on Air:

"I love later"
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:15pm Mickey Mephistopheles:

Smash the watermelon! Wait...hold that...zipper schtick!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:15pm Doug:

G'morning everyone. Who has the snacks?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:15pm flops:

are you discounted if you commented in the morning too?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:15pm Pamela:

No snacks, but have hot tea.
Confused - isn't this called the friendly noose, by big blood?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:15pm Matt in Indy:

We should stop commenting at 146!!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:15pm Listener Oz:

149 !
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:15pm Ken:

I've got the opposite of The Snacks. My BPPV is acting up today and I feel like crap today. But happy to be here as usual!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:15pm Cultcha O'Comment:

Harry Bris Now!
Harry Bris Now!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:15pm Tom:

love the show!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:16pm Ken:

Maybe Fire on Fire / Bog Blood are playing some kind of trick...
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:16pm Willy:

Andy doesn't always speak in sentences, so we don't have to either!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:16pm Sean Daily:

I am not a robot, Irwin biological unit!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:16pm adr:

This is a negative comment.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:17pm Listener Oz:

253 + 6 = 259
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:18pm Snortley:

No bar mitzva? How about a bris? Would that not be... umm... circumscribed?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:19pm Joe:

As the old codger sayeth: please don't be a "sawed-off, hammered-down, pusillanimous lollipop" this holiday season.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:19pm Doug:

Hey, can you guys help me name my new band? It's like Can crossed with DFA and Radio 4.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:19pm Daarlink:

Andy doesn't speak sentences, so don't to !
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:19pm Negator:

Oh yeah, Ken, my goiter is bubbling up on my neck and oozing this repulsing odor. Glad you're here too!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:19pm Disappointed:

You can pour maple syrup on poop but it doesn't make it take like pancakes, just like this episode.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:19pm Doug:

The most common cause of BPPV in people under age 50 is head injury.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:19pm Milarepa:

This is a meta-comment
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:20pm Tom from North Caldwell:

Great show! When will we see Andy do a walk on on MonK?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:20pm me:

Note: This playlist is still being updated.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:20pm mouse:

I'm posting twice; I posted twice on Ken's this morning.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:20pm Parq:

Lower back pain here. It's fun being middle aged!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:20pm Codger, The Ol':

Full Sentences? Fuck that!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:20pm bc:

is it time to start the show?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:20pm Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

No complaints. :) Ah, youth.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:20pm Harv:

good point, Disappointed !
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:20pm Listener Oz:

something something something dot no-one cares dot com
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:20pm Ralphie:

Fantastic Banter boys
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:20pm Bill:

Love your last track, Maria.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:21pm Ken:

Doug, call your band "Bubbling Goiter."
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:21pm Steve Polatnick:

I want to be quoted so badly I'm likely to say anything.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:21pm seanh:

love the orange bit
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:21pm Negator:

Scabid testicles, here! Odds Bodkins!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:21pm Mike Fun:

My previous post wasn't a full sentence, so I'm back with better grammar this time so my vote counts. I hope you break the record. Love the mat quiz. Please play some music soon!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:21pm KickTheBobo:

Shandeh far di kinder, there's no Bar Mitzvah to be had here.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:21pm andy zack:

maybe a few days here in Rincon will equalize you. disfrute feel better
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:22pm every last one of you:

oh yeah. except for my fishes who of course can not comment because of their lack of englishness and are not grammatical except when they're swimming makes letters that i can spell togethetr. too bad they're in boxes like us.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:22pm Mr. Monk:

Let's just agree to disagree.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:22pm gonnorhea pal:

Andy, you need to gimme a call.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:22pm Irwin Chusid:

Icy Shoulder is correct -- I don't count. Nor does he/she. Check IP #'s. Seventy-nine of these comments are from the same listenerbot.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:22pm Eric:

Who's gotta a good joke or riddle?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:22pm Fred:

Thank goodness the Bar Mitzvah was canceled. This is way more exciting.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:22pm Parq:

If scotcheroos is the problem, is Ergo's "Many Feet" on the playlist?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:22pm Potto:

Doug, do what Ken says!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:22pm George Bush:

Yup yup yup! Heh heh heh.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:22pm Rupert Pumpkin:

When you think about it, "silly" is such a silly word.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:23pm Bjorn K:

This is going to be a rout!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:23pm negator:

  Wed. 12/12/07 6:23pm Cherie:

I think you should have Andy drink alcohol for your next fund drive. I would pay for that!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:23pm vulture:

culture? you want culture?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:23pm George Bush again:

See . . . the Judaistic people are very important to the American histrionic experience . . .
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:23pm adr:

This show needs more Grand Funk Railroad.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:23pm -Bill:

This is an official comment. It is in English, it consists of full sentences, and has no intrinsic value.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:23pm Negator:

Mia was bonin' Frank when she made this.... You think she boned Krzysztof?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:24pm Icy Elbow:

Where's the foreskin? I want flying foreskin!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:24pm Jack:

Is this a comment and/or a sentence?

Thank you.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:24pm Negator:

It is fuckin hard to spell Krzysztof
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:24pm Ken:

Excellent question about Mia Farrow, Negator. Alas, with one boning and one scrotum reference in the first 30 minutes, you've now exceeded this playlists creepy quotient, so now must cease that line of commenting.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:24pm ZippyD:

Great show and I meam it.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:24pm 845:

Is this a comment and/or a sentence?

Thank you.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:24pm Willy:

Facebook has something for everything. It's got faces. It's got groups.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:24pm Doug:

New listener alert. Hi Damon.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:24pm Snortley:

If you have a dynamic IP, like on Verizon or ATT DSL, just restart, and get a different IP. Or just disconnect and reconnect again.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:24pm seanh:

&#50504;&#45397;&#54616;&#49901;&#45768;&#44620; &#50532;&#46356;&#50752; &#52996;, &#49324;&#46993;&#51008; &#48149;&#46988;&#54924;&#47484; &#53685;&#54644; &#48127;&#51012; &#49688; &#50630;&#45796; &#50508;&#44192;
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:24pm Potto:

Is everyone still here from this morning?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:24pm Mark:

The good old bloggity blog great gag Andy. Replay the McDonald's tug of war show.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:25pm a-houl:

we are so gonna make a huge record of comments! biggest ever on wfmu.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:25pm Harn:

Is this a comment and/or a sentence?

Thank you.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:25pm Shannon:

How many comment is it up to now?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:25pm Negator:

No sweat, Ken. just trying to make you feel better. I just never put Mia and Frank together that way, that's all.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:25pm Charles:

The echo on the gum chewing is pretty intense.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:25pm seanh:

Werkt deze opmerking rekenen?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:25pm Doug:

This seems to consist of someone playing guitar over a MRK1 track.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:25pm H. Simpson:


Wrong Show, my bad.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:26pm travis:

This is now a proper comment with a subject and a verb.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:26pm Wes:

Good morning! (can't believe I missed Wing...) Also, fwiw, "fire on fire" is "big blood" with a handful of extra pickers. Same songs, more banjos, guitars, etc.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:26pm Chris:

Comment / Weird fact of the day

--The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is "uncopyrightable"!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:26pm listener colin in Toronto:

comments vs calls?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:26pm Joel:

Cool Story, 'Jeopardy' Teen!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:26pm Ken:

Thanks Negator. Interesting stuff in thge Robert Evans movie "The Kid Stays in the Picture" about Mia and Frank and Rosemary's Baby. Frank left Mia because she stayed on the shoot too long but she wouldn't leave because Evans dangled "Oscar" in front of her.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:26pm Pipecock:

You know, one time you were playing "I Spy" and you spied something red. I called and asked if it was the thing that comes out of a dog's penis when he gets excited and Ken hung up on me. Therefore I am supporting Andy's cause today.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:26pm Snortley:

Let's have some hippie noise!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:26pm krex:

too. much. pressure. I listened to Ken's show this AM. I like both because Andy doesn't really participate in either one.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:26pm Jeffersonic:

Hi Ken,
In my formerly subconscious desire to someday resemble "Jabba
the Hut", I've spent too much time at the computer and now I've recently developed some deep chronic shoulder pain. Is there a limit to how many old cranks you allow on your playlist, bitching about their pain?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:27pm Nihilistic Spaz:

"By the end of 2010s, we'd like to see these robots working at every street corner of the city," said Tomohiko Kawanabe of Honda's Fundamental Technology Research Center.


Once they're both driving the cars and wielding the squeegees, what'll be the point of humans? Come to think of it, what's been they're point to begin with?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:27pm a mathemagician:

I think an important point is that these comments have probably already gone beyond the rate of commenting on other shows. This is only one hour. Also, if multiple posts are rejected and IP addresses are checked then the same standard must be rigorously applied to the 140 supposed record.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:27pm Cynthia:

Since you are 2 people, maybe you should technically have twice as many comments. Or maybe 50% more.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:27pm Listener Oz:

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing. He concludes by saying: "Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed."

"OH NO!" the President exclaims. "That's terrible!"

His staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the President sits, head in hands.

Finally, the President looks up and asks, "How many is a brazillion?"
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:28pm 192/168.1.69:

Hey, what's yer IP address bastord?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:28pm Listener Oz:

facebook shmacebook
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:29pm hanging chad:

i'm afraid my last comment didn't count.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:29pm Sean Daily:

Ok, ok, you got me. I'll break down and admit it...


Now can you stop the waterboarding?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:30pm guy smiley:

i am not gonna call!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:30pm deathgiraffe:

torurous! won't please someone call??
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:30pm Listener Oz:

I'm sorry, I didnt catch the one per person rule, my bad. OOH! Hang on! I did it AGAIN!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:30pm JM in the AM:

  Wed. 12/12/07 6:30pm Listener Oz:

  Wed. 12/12/07 6:31pm Catskill Pete:

One more comment without anything to say. The end of the world is coming. Whoa...
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:31pm The crying tooth kid:

Andy - I just lost a tooth last night - how about $120? XD
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:31pm Listener Oz:

  Wed. 12/12/07 6:31pm Doug of Canada:

7-second delay is just an extension of Ken's show ... it's like the 6-hours in between is just filler (sorry programmers), and then the show just continues ... except Andy has shown up for some reason. Amd then there's this pretense of a "concept" ...
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:32pm Lurking Grue:

Listening to you streaming on my cellphone... Don't know your show but love the blog.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:32pm daisy:

hi y'all..listening online from the outer banks of NC. Hi ken.why don't you have andy come up with a music playlist for one show,since he thinks your show is so lame..
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:32pm mouse of chilltown:

I agree with Doug of Canada
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:32pm kenIzTheBiz-nich:

hellooooo ladies
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:33pm Listener Bob:

How long before Andy wants to take his life? I was looking forward to the Bar Mitzvah....
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:34pm Tony Martini:

Note: This playlist is still being updated. What do you give a girl who has everything?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:35pm china gierl:

pu-pu platter, pleasee!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:36pm carly:

Why does listener "Lynne," who claims to be 19, sound exactly like DJ Trouble, who is also named "Lynne," and is a bit older than 19?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:37pm Willy:

Lynn sounds suspiciously similar to a WFMU DJ.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:38pm ~L:

  Wed. 12/12/07 6:38pm Snortley:

If you pour maple syrup over a pupu platter, would that then be a plate of pancakes? Waffles? French toast? Merde!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:39pm wise man:

Three girls does not a focus group make.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:41pm jarvis:

Hey, can I shop online, using the focus group of course?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:42pm Mickey Mephistopheles:

@Snortley: No, but if you melt cheese on it and pour chicken wing sauce on it it's pootine! Thank you, I'll be here all week. Tip your bartender.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:44pm Jason:

Dae Jo Young rules !!!!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:45pm Listener Oz:

And if you stick a banana in it, it's poonani...
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:45pm disagree bull:

Dae Jo Young does not rule. Might Joe Young does, however!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:45pm Jake or Heewack:

Moneybags Laurie... with the fancypants Criterion Collection suggestion.

Why Oh Why did I tune it 45 minutes too late!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:46pm brother lucy:

poutine does not rule. i had it once and it made me feel sick.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:46pm Kanye South-by-southwest:

these ladies are perfect examples : "I ain't sayin she's a gold digger..."
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:47pm brother lucy:

  Wed. 12/12/07 6:48pm dumb-da-dum-dumb:

Quick! Someone please tell me what 734 + 3 is!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:48pm Listener Oz:

Mighty Joe kicks Da Jos butt. Look...

  Wed. 12/12/07 6:48pm Catfish J. Rivers:

  Wed. 12/12/07 6:48pm Jake or Heewack:

Imagining Andy masturbating was a gift to us all
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:49pm Listener Oz:


  Wed. 12/12/07 6:50pm mouse:

I can't believe the listeners are so young, wow!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:51pm charlie:

has andy been to wal mart for the eagle cd?
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:53pm Jake or Heewack:

A Telescope is fantastic gift! Good for those interested in space and being creeeepy.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:54pm Vincent:

I just got home and am out of range but if not for a culture of comment, you would have no culture at all.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:56pm Jason:

Dae Jo Young survived being shot with an arrow, stabbed with a dagger, & thrust through with a sword. Remember, the comet's foretelling, "He has imperial energy"
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:56pm commentarian:

  Wed. 12/12/07 6:58pm Frank:

The time in LA is 3:58.
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:58pm Listener David:

No Comment!
  Wed. 12/12/07 6:58pm Tron Jeremy:

worst show ever
  Wed. 12/12/07 7:00pm Listener Oz:

Yeah, but Mighty Joe Young is a big friggin gorilla!
  Wed. 12/12/07 7:18pm Jason:

Gorillas are mere primates.
They can't top IMPERIAL ENERGY !!!!!
  Wed. 12/12/07 7:21pm Jason:

One more word about Mighty Jo Young & I'll have the Dongmyungchung League put you on their hit list, ahead of Bu Kiwon ....you saw what happened to Sa Bugu !!!!!
  Thu. 12/13/07 1:23am Andrea:

Oh my gosh! I can't believe I missed this live episode. Comments are, like, my favorite thing, second only to bar mitzvahs.
  Thu. 12/13/07 1:42am geoffrey:

How close are we to the record ?
  Thu. 12/13/07 2:39am A.M. Thomas:

Another commenter making a comment!
  Thu. 12/13/07 9:37am Listener Dave:

  Thu. 12/13/07 10:33am Ken:

Congrats everybody, this is the 219th comment. A new record, unless we tape into account the 197 comments that Andy's son Josh made under assumed names.

Just kidding.
  Thu. 12/13/07 2:10pm David:

Podcaster listeners unite! The tyranny of the record is over.
  Thu. 12/13/07 2:20pm Ffrank:

Can I still post a comment?
  Sun. 12/16/07 1:23am Listener zero:

The bells are tolling.
  Sun. 12/16/07 1:36am chooch:

too late?
  Sun. 12/16/07 11:47am gbr:

*tumbleweed tumbles by*
  Mon. 12/17/07 2:28pm Nate diggity dogg:

SSD doesn't have a culture of commentary but does have a culture of podcasting which is why this comment is 6 days late.
  Mon. 12/17/07 4:27pm fissionc:

Long live SSD.
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