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When the musics align, you can stare a future in the eye.

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Options August 29, 2007: Only Good Music, No Bad Music

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments New
Manual  Crockett's Theme   Options            
Tricky  Ponderosa   Options            
Mylo  In my Arms   Options            
Annie  Chewing Gum   Options            
Moose  Can't Get Enough of you.   Options            
Fugazi  Bed For the Scraping   Options            
Mylene Farmer  Libertine   Options            
Lil' Mama  Lip Gloss (Bomarr Remix)   Options            
M.I.A.  Jimmy   Options Kala           
Lupe Fiasco f/ Kanye & Pharrell  Us Placers   Options            
Yacht  The Summer Song (f/ Claire L Evans)   Options            
!!!  Heart of Hearts              
The Ripoff Artist  Vibrating Vegetable   Options         This is like what it looks like:

Global Goon  Jerky Dharma   Options         This shit looks like shit

Wax Stag  Short Road   Options         THIS SONG IS THE BEST SONG   
James Din A4  Pyramiden Ueber den Hoernern   Options Live at Royal Albert Hall           
Hilary Duff  Danger   Options            
Gus Gus  Need in Me   Options         No, THIS song is the best song   
Cardigans  Hanging Around   Options            
Black Lips  Navajo   Options            
Petra Haden  Don't Stop Believin'   Options            
Camera Obscura  Hey Lloyd I'm Ready to be Heartbroken   Options         You're like, didn't I hear this a million times a year ago????   
REM  The Sidewinder Sleeps   Options         Too bad this is an awesome song   
Squarepusher  A Journey to Reedham (4am mix)   Options         Too bad this is an awesome song. (PS - that's how you know it's a good song - I like it so much that i played it so much and it skipped. Then I yelled at it and it stopped skipping...like a very healthy marriage...)   
The Knife  Heartbeats   Options            
Kid Sister vs. Chris Carter  Control vs. Misnomer (JDE Mash)   Options            
S.I. Futures  Eurostar   Options            
Sally Shapiro  I'll Be By Your Side   Options            
Aeronaut  Meridian Sputnik   Options            
Chica Libre  Popcorn Andino   Options Amazonicas!  Barbes  2007  CD    *  
Panda Bear  Carrots   Options            
Yu Miyake  Angel Flavor's Present   Options            
Prick  Comminque   Options            
New Order  Temptation   Options            
Kerrier District               

Listener comments!

  Wed. 8/29/07 9:05am JJZ:

I'm looking forward to some good music.
  Wed. 8/29/07 9:13am Trent:

Me too.
  Wed. 8/29/07 9:13am Hatch:

Remember to watch your filthy dirty mouth this morning, Trent.
  Wed. 8/29/07 9:15am Trent:

It's going to be hard but I'll try. I REALLY love to curse - FUCK! See?
  Wed. 8/29/07 9:18am Parq:

Uh, not to interrupt this Mutt & Jeff bit you two have going, but can a guy just poke his head in real quick to say I'm totally digging the first set? A great beat, and fun to dance to!
  Wed. 8/29/07 9:20am Trent:

Who the hell is Mutt? Sorry, I'm little. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 8/29/07 9:38am Anarchist:

i usually oppose everything I see and hear. yet, oddly, i find myself enjoying the music. go figure.
  Wed. 8/29/07 9:43am TRENT:

  Wed. 8/29/07 9:55am Doug:

Everyone make up a word. I offer "kwimple."
  Wed. 8/29/07 9:58am Trent:

Holy shit Doug you're a genius. ZAZZLE (I made this one up a long time ago, does it count? In fact I don't even know if I made it up or someone else said it...)
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:00am Doug:

I like Zazzle a lot Trent. I'd also like to add "Snurt."
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:03am Dickdong:

avnuenchry - or is that my password?
Chesterfield, UK
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:07am pat:

purkle -- combination of purple and pink
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:07am Briezy:

  Wed. 8/29/07 10:08am Mr. Breakfast:

Children who eat breakfast perform better on standardized achievement tests and have fewer behavior problems in school.

A Harvard University/Massachusetts General Hospital study of children in Philadelphia and Baltimore schools discovered that students who usually ate school breakfast had improved math grades, reduced hyperactivity, decreased absence and tardy rates, and improved psycho-social behaviors compared with children who rarely ate school breakfast. (Pediatrics, January, 1998; Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, February, 1998)

Tufts University, in published statement on the link between nutrition and cognitive development in children, recognized that "Children who participated in the School Breakfast Program were shown to have significantly higher standardized achievement test scores than eligible non-participants."

Eating breakfast has an advantageous effect on late-morning mood, satiety and cognitive performance.

"Eating breakfast of any kind prevent(s) many of the adverse effects of fasting," such as irritability and fatigue, according to Bonnie Spring, Ph.D. , University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School.

"Breakfast can establish the tone for the next 16 hours (of each day after eating it). Why not treat yourself to a nice meal and a quality hour to collect yourself and focus on what's important?" (Ask Mr Breakfast, Where does the word "breakfast" come from?)

Eating breakfast keeps you thin.

Researchers from the National Weight Control Registry, a database of more than 3,000 people who have lost at least 60 pounds and kept it off for an average of 6 years, found that eating breakfast every day was a weight control strategy for 78% of the people in the registry. People who kept off weight long-term also reported eating a low-fat diet and exercising for an hour or more each day.

Breakfast is delicious.

A private study by one Mr Breakfast found that omelettes, pancakes, French toast and other foods commonly considered breakfast foods were delicious if prepared properly.
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:09am Wayne:

My favorite made up word is Bonerrific
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:10am rock:

buttray : for ashtray
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:10am Amanda:

I have three, from a game of fake word Scrabble played recently:

"drammads" - like sand dunes, but they're farther away from the ocean

"staviti" - a kind of pasta

"runtin" - a group of small people, plural of "runt"
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:12am Shappa:

The young son of a friend used the word smout for a short time. We never figured out what it meant.
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:12am Dickdong:

<Bonerrific> Nice one Wayne, in the words of Dr John "Desitively Bonnaroo"
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:15am Wayne:

I also have a junk food I made up called Snackles. It's got just about everything you can think of mixed up and sold in the same bag. So, yeah.... Snackles.
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:15am trent:

butt ray, that's like a band name...BLACK SABBATH with special guests BUTT RAY
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:16am trent:

hey, what do you think about all these songs without words? significantly more boring than songs with words?
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:18am Wayne:

I just made up a great word for songs without words: instrumentals
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:19am trent:

actually fuck that question, here's another stupid word: Gumble
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:23am Wayne:

That reminds me... I sewed my neice a stuffed "animal" a couple of christmas' ago and I called it Chumby. It was a cross between Chewbacca and Gumby. Needless to say it went over well. I think.
Long live Chumby!
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:26am trent:

Wayne, bad bad bad news: http://chumby.com
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:28am Wayne:

That thing sucks. Whatever it is.
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:33am pat:

Yeah that thing blows. Your Chumby is WAY better.
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:35am Wayne:

It's Boneriffic ... Like a terrific boner.
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:36am Nick the Bard:

  Wed. 8/29/07 10:37am EMM:

  Wed. 8/29/07 10:40am Nick the Bard:

Brizingglort - A small bublous berry with an odor reminencent of a hlaxforated ringelplastugh. Most people mistake the smell for a pruimpifcastilonded ringelplastugh though. Those people are TRULY morons.
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:40am Jake:

Fatarded. You get two insults in one word. The only better one is Stoopugfool.
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:41am pat:

OH NO!! Petra Haden did a Rush song??!! I'll have to burn ..Sings the Who Sell Out now...
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:41am Pamela:

Petra Haden song - great! Never heard another version of this song. So great.
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:41am pat:

..I mean a Journey song...
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:42am Wayne:

Fatarded is perfect.
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:42am EMM:

  Wed. 8/29/07 10:43am EMM:

...cut to black. Credits. Stay tuned for John From Cincinatti.
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:43am BoobusTubus:

they should have used this version to end the Sopranos.....
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:44am Negator:

Why? This sucks! The Journey version sucked too! Everything else is awesome, though! THanks
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:45am Bartley:

Oh my god that Petra Haden track is AMAZING! Somehow it manages to pull off 'ironic tribute' without being totally ridiculous and actually quite ear-friendly.
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:46am trent:

negator = hator. but thanks though.
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:47am north guinea hills:

don't hate on journey!
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:49am north guinea hills:

treading carefully, i see, but this is still good REM
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:50am Wayne:

I've got a new verb. Stiped
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:50am Wayne:

I've been Stiped by Trent
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:55am trent:

I stiped al y'all, especially Brian Turner, I'm sure he's really happy with me for having played that. Next comment is 50th!!!
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:58am pat:

I'm 50
  Wed. 8/29/07 10:59am Wayne:

Brian Turner Overdrive
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:00am Dickdong:

Huh! I'm 61 - beat that
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:08am Hendrik:

Please please sing along with "Everybody Hurts" and make my day
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:11am trent:

Hendrik - I would totally do that if I wasn't afriad of Brian coming in here and ripping my face off. Maybe next time I fill in for Ken I'll do that!!!!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:24am JJZ:

It's been pretty good.
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:25am catpatz:

i think the chumby looks kind of cool
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:25am trent:

PRETTY good, or pretty good, or pretty GOOD
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:27am EMM:

  Wed. 8/29/07 11:27am EMM:

Didn't you play this Monday? Not that I'm complaining
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:28am trent:

actually in this context it's maiz de pop. and yes i did. it's that good.
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:29am bobw:

normally, i switch back and forth between 'fmu and brian lehrer on wnyc, but after trent sang along with REM... how can i tune away?! and i thought that kenny g was the only 'fmu d.j. who sings on air! (oh, and nick da bard.) trent does a great show! especially considering that he's only 17 years old!
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:29am JJZ:

You can't go wrong with versions of popcorn.
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:30am EMM:

Gershon Kingsley would be proud.
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:31am north guinea hills:

chica libre rocks!
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:33am Dale:

Shouldn't that device be called an iProd?
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:36am trent:

Yo, here's what I got to say to Brian Lehrer, FUCK Y'ALLLL BRIAN LEHRER!!!! jk. thanks bob. just feeling your presence warms my pre-pubescent pre-pubes.

  Wed. 8/29/07 11:40am Michael:

Back in the '60s they would have called Camera Obscura's "Hey Lloyd I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken" an "ANSWER RECORD" to Lloyd Cole's "Are You Ready To Be Broken?", but the term has gone out of favor mostly because the popular groups of today do not make "answer records" on the hit songs of others (I guess they just want to make their own mediocre originals), or they just use samples (shameless, blatant rip-offs of old & rare songs young and/or mass audiences have never heard before). "Answer records" are really cool. (If you aren't familiar with this trend from the past, you should check-out the 8/2/2005 entry on WFMU's blog <http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2005/08/spazzy_answer_s.html>. This is just a jumping off point, but there were TONS of others made). Thanks for the great show...
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:45am Nick The Bard:

Arjzhaf - The build up left behind from paint stripping a lawn chair
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:45am Barbara:

Maybe you're playing songs about food (vegetable, jerky, chewing gum, popcorn, carrots... ) because you're hungry from not having eaten BREAKFAST!
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:46am Tim Serpas:

The King of all Cosmos is pleased.
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:47am nh_dave:

Wow! Prick! Haven't heard this in years.

Excellent show.
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:50am Nick The Bard:

Zrillflaop - The call of the triple-spangled mlakado. Only heard when it's caught in a pokregl trap lined with kfopr oil.
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:53am BobW:

making up words for trent:
WOOLBEE - noun - a flying insect found on sheep and in the sweater closet.
MISCHNECK OR SCHNECKGAG - verb - to accidentally injest a snail or garden slug.
SCNECKSPULSION - verb - the act of spitting out a snail or slug injested accidentally.
SNECKSHROOM - noun - a snail or slug that resembles a mushroom, sometimes accidentally eaten at evening garden b.b.q.s where the lighting is dim.
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:55am trent:

Tim - this comment feels kind of....electronicky...but it's not big enough! Can't you find me a BIGGER, more ROUND FEELING show????

U guyz r the best commenterz ever, make sure and come back monday mornings 6 - 9 it makes me cry you're so good
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:57am Nick The Bard:

Hretfy - The act of dancing around in a garbage bag inside a large tank of water filled with imaginary goldfish that are real.
  Wed. 8/29/07 12:00pm EMM:

Great show
  Wed. 8/29/07 12:10pm trent:

Barbara you are so right, I can't wait to get my hands on a big stack of food....I'm thinking big stack of mixed Pakistani food on some other type of flat, doughy, white food....NH_dave, yeah what happened to them???? One time at lollapalooza like 10 years ago I saw a guy with a Prick shirt that said "please tour."

Bob, can we go on a nature walk sometime soon...together?
  Wed. 8/29/07 12:14pm Wayne:

I want some cake too.
  Wed. 8/29/07 11:27pm arc hive:


awesome mix BTW!
  Sun. 8/31/08 7:41am gohar:

Dear Mr. Could you please help me....I want some Pakistani songs with out word/lyrics...only music....How can I get them....I am waiting for answer....i appreciate ur self in advance....
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