Dunedin Sound Otago Arts Festival ReBroadcast

Various WFMU shows, April 17th-May 3rd (times listed below) WFMU at 91.1 NYC/metro NJ, 90.1 Hudson Valley, streaming live on www.wfmu.org
It's no secret that the New Zealand underground of the 1980s and 90s (in particular, the Flying Nun and Xpressway record labels) has had a profound impact on many WFMU DJ's and listeners, so when it was announced that the Otago Arts Festival would be held in New Zealand this past October featuring some of the most stellar lights of the southern hemisphere (some of whom were reuniting after years), we were completely excited and yet dismayed at being so far away. Well, our freeform brothers Grawer and Pete Dixon at KFJC in California DID fly down, and not only that, set up shop and recorded the entire festival. And they're sharing it with us. So, starting April 16th, WFMU is pleased to present entire performances of your favorite Kiwis, for a three week span only. We will be broadcasting them on the web as well, but we will not be archiving the shows, so don't miss your chance to hear these incredible sets from Dunedin, New Zealand.

Monday 4/16 8-11pm w/Andy Waltzer: THE VERLAINES (85 minutes) Literate, powerful, and electric pop in full flight with Graeme Downes and the entire band.

Monday 4/16 11p-2a w/Donna Blicharz: ALASTAIR GALBRAITH (56 minutes) Galbraith's solo snake-charm is one of the more incredible dark light experiences from NZ.

Tuesday 4/17 3-6p w/Brian Turner: THE CLEAN (88 minutes) The band that started it all in 1981 return in great form every few years. David and Hamish Kilgour with Robert Scott perform all the classics you know and love. Drummer Hamish K. (now a New Yorker and member of the Mad Scene and Mood Expansion Chamber) hangs out with Brian in the studios to talk about the festival first hand as well.

Thursday, 4/19 3-6pm w/Terre T: SNAPPER (60 minutes) Before Stereolab, NZ's Snapper took the one-chord buzzing synth experience to dizzying heights. A very rare document of performance.

Friday, 4/20 2-6am w/Rich Hazelton: DEAD C (78 minutes) Some of the most singularly alien music around, the Dead C's blues have very little to do with the rest of the world's. This 78 minute jam plows right into your head as guitarists Bruce Russell and Michael Morley wrestle spuzzed-out amplifiers and (effects pedals with their own minds) into submission, drop it around a stray drum and steamroll it all right into the wall.

Saturday, 4/21 5-7pm w/Gaylord Fields: DAVID MITCHELL 10/10 (48 minutes) Mitchell of such groups as the 3Ds, Goblin Mix, and Exploding Budgies returns home and fronts a rock trio, completely frying everything with his freakout guitar action that has actually shorted out many an amp.

Sunday, 4/22 7-9pm w/Stork: THE RENDERERS (51 minutes) Rosemary & Brian Crook and company offer up sweeping and gorgeous songs of dark rural folk, in between wrestling with the most sublime guitar feedback this side of early Dream Syndicate. They've also ventured stateside and we were lucky to have them visit the WFMU studios on two occassions.

Monday 4/23 8-11pm w/Andy Waltzer: JAY CLARKSON (39 minutes) Haunting stark melacnholy folk based songs. Formerly leader of pioneering jagged folk/restrained punk type band They Were Expendable, also has a recent cd called Kindle.

Tuesday 4/24 3-6pm w/Brian Turner: PLAGAL GRIND (63 minutes) Peter Jeffries, Alastair Galbraith, David Mitchell and Robbie Muir created an amazing EP in the early days of Xpressway, and here together for the first time in ages create music so dizzying you'll fall over drunk. Surging drum crashes, cosmic folk, incendiary solos, a stupendous set indeed.

Thursday 4/26 9am-Noon w/ Douglas Wolk: THE CHILLS (46 minutes) Martin Phillips and company may have been the highest-profile NZ act stateside, melding Brian Wilson harmonies with 60's garage influences into a distinct yet doubtlessly NZ indentity.

Thursday 4/26 3-6pm w/Terre T: THE PUDDLE (56 minutes) George Henderson's outfit takes all the goodness the NUGGETS sound applied to the Flying Nun world, and dose it all in a liberal helping of loopy psychedelia, and Television Personalities-style primitivity.

Friday 4/27 2-6am w/Rich Hazelton: ALASTAIR GALBRAITH (56 minutes) A second broadcast.

Saturday 4/28 5-7pm w/Gaylord Fields: THE CLEAN (88 minutes) A second broadcast.

Sunday 4/29 7-9pm w/Stork: PLAGAL GRIND (63 minutes) A second broacast.

Monday 4/30 8-11pmw/ Andy Waltzer: CLOUDBOY (73 minutes) Sweet sounding soft pop full of curious suprises. Features Demarnia Lloyd.

Tuesday 5/1 3-6pm Brian Turner: DEAD C (78 minutes) A second broadcast.

Thursday 5/3 9am-Noon Douglas Wolk: THE VERLAINES (85 minutes) A second broadcast.

Thursday 5/3 3-6pm Terre T: DAVID MITCHELL 10/13 (48 minutes) A different set from his other broadcast, Mitchell fronting electric trio.

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