Marathon Info

WFMU's 2015 Marathon: March 8-22!

Words never spoken on WFMU:

"Support for this program is provided by..."
"We'll be right back after a word from our sponsors..."
"This broadcast was made possible by..."
"And now an important message from..."

On WFMU, the things you never hear are sometimes just as meaningful as the sounds we transmit.

It is by choice and necessity that WFMU has remained completely ad-free throughout our history. Relying on our community for support means that WFMU remains a place where the freedom of speech can be practiced, and it also frees us to spotlight underappreciated and mind-blowing sounds from the past and present.

Please support WFMU during our 2015 Fundraising Marathon, so that we never have to jeopardize our commitment to providing incredible non-commercial programming 24-7-365. Make your tax-deductible pledge today!

This year, we've got big infrastructure projects to tackle: modernizing our transmitter at 91.1 FM, overhauling and redesigning our website, and renovating a water-damaged section of our building.

We can get it all done, but not without your help! Your support has made us the radio phenom we are today, and your Marathon pledge will ensure we can take on the infrastructure challenges in the coming year.

Here's how you can help WFMU:

- Make a tax-deductible pledge!

-Help us spread the word about WFMU's fundraising Marathon by posting a badge or insta-pledge box on your website or blog.

- Pursue your company's matching donation program. Check out our list of participating companies.

- Consider making a bequest to WFMU in your will or trust. More information and sample language here.

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