One Donation of $1 Million

WFMU is seeking one donation of $1 Million

The station has some lofty goals that we'd like to tackle over the next few years, but we can't afford to take them on without an extra stimulus. What we raise during the Marathon is barely enough to cover WFMU's operating expenses, so we'd need a hefty boost to help go above and beyond -- turning some exciting dreams into reality.

If we can find one person to donate $1 million, we'll transform the ground floor of our building into a kick-ass performance space, expand our live music studio, and make urgent repairs to the rear of our building.

Here's a breakdown of the costs and our 3-year-plan:

Renovating the ground floor of WFMU's building - $650,000
Expanding WFMU's live music studio - $150,000
Repairing the rear side of WFMU's building - $200,000

Year 1: Draw up architectural plans, apply for zoning approval, and begin demolition.

Year 2: Continue demolition, begin renovation and carpentry projects.

Year 3: Finishing touches, purchase and install performance space equipment, and open our doors.

More information about the project:

Currently, WFMU rents out the ground floor of our building to a business tenant, and this has been an important source of income for the station during rough years. But on the flipside, WFMU is bursting at the seams and has a dream to grow and better serve our listeners. We'd love nothing more than to be able to afford to take back our 2,500-sq-ft ground floor and transform it into a space where freeform radio reigns supreme.

Our live music studio is about the size of a matchbook, which presents a challenge when we host any band that has over 4 members. Sure, we've crammed up to 18 musicians in our little studio, but it isn't pretty (and you wouldn't want to smell it, either). Expanding our live music studio will open the doors to us hosting an even wider range of artists -- more comfortably, and without the unpleasant odors.

The rear side of WFMU's building suffers from cracked masonry, which has caused substantial leaking, and has led to a moderate level of structural damage to our building. A rubber membrane was installed to prevent further damage to the building, but this is only a temporary solution. The rear side of our 3rd and 4th floors must be torn out and built anew within the next 5 years to preserve the building's structural integrity.

These projects would vastly expand WFMU's capacity to host live music, allow us provide better outreach to our listeners and the community at large, and preserve and protect the station's second most important asset, our building. But these extraordinary plans can't come to fruition without substantial backing. To discuss helping WFMU expand and grow stronger, please contact Station Manager Ken Freedman (201-521-1416, ext. 225).

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