We’re sad, we’re happy, we’re all mixed up.

We’re doing our last Greasy Kid Stuff on WFMU on Saturday, Oct. 7, 10 a.m. to noon. We already miss knowing about your birthdays, your lost teeth, your breakfast, your pets! And we thank you for understanding about us taking a break over the summer, we really needed some time to think. And we think you deserve an explanation.

When we decided to move to Portland, we were not ready to give up Greasy Kid Stuff. We asked Station Manager Ken and Music Director Brian if we could do GKS live from our home studio as an experiment. They and the staff gave us so much support, and we were very excited to be a part of WFMU from so far away. But there were lots of unforeseen problems about doing the show as a weekly live remote. Getting up early and trying not to wake DJ Waah Waah as we broadcast live was very tricky! We also had to get volunteers who had to be trained, there were technical difficulties that got poor Scott (and Brian, and Ken…) out of bed on too many Saturday mornings. We couldn’t do much from our end to help, and we felt like the staff was taking a lot of burden just so we could do our show. And they never complained about it, they were consistently sweet and supportive to us. But it became clear that the experiment wasn’t really working.

So it is time for Greasy Kid Stuff on WFMU to wrap up its astounding 11-year run. We’re planning a big old Greasy farewell show for Oct. 7. Email us your birthdays, requests, questions – we’ll see what we can get to in two hours! You can never know just how much you have meant to us.

We will always love and be a part of WFMU. Please enjoy the archives, and if you ever need a holler we’ll send you one via email! We are doing radio locally here in Portland, and maybe someday we’ll figure out how to make it work with WFMU again. You can always contact us here at WFMU or at stuff (at) greasykidstuff (dot) net -- or by "snail" mail:

Greasy Kid Stuff
P.O. Box 13774
Rose City Station
Portland, OR 97213-0774

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