Greetings, inquiring listener! This piece of music (Matto, caldo, soldo, morto... giorotondo), by Ennio Morricone, is from the soundtrack of the film, Vergogna Schifosi, from 1969. The soundtrack was available on a CD reissued by Hillside House, with another Morricone score (for the film, La Stagione Dei Sensi) and was also available through Footlight Records, in New York, but neither of them seem to carry it anymore. It's also available on a rare limited edition 2-cd import collection of Morricone music, called Eviva! Morricone, on the Japanese Avanz label, which is what I play it from. It's an amazingly great collection, but really hard to find and usually expensive.

Anyway, here's a picture of the original album covers for Vergogna Schifosi and La Stagione Dei Sensi, from the ItalianSoundtracks website:
I wish I could help you hunt down the Vergogna Schifosi soundtrack... If you want some Morricone music, you could do a lot worse than Rhino's 2-CD Ennio Morricone Anthology: A Fistful of Film Music, or Virgin's two volumes of his Film Music.

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