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8/30 Eco Zen/Ball Of Hot Iron

9/6 Zen & the Limits of Explanation
9/13 Zen & the Controlled Accident
9/20 Daylight Savings & God/Humor In Religion
9/27 Value of Psychotic Experience Pt. 1

WFMU apologizes to any listeners disappointed in our decision to sideline the Alan Watts Lecture Series, but we indeed do hope to bring it back at a later point. In the meantime, please refer to for more information on the late Mr. Watts, and also which is the unofficial site, offering alternate ways you can hear the show. The following stations broadcast the program, and stream online:

WUOG Athens, Georgia
KPFK Santa Barbara, California
WGDR Plainfield, Vermont

Again, the site can offer much more detailed information on how you can access Watts audio, as well as online articles and publications.

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