Stereo Odyssey

with Yancy Yohannon

Sunday mornings 3 am - 6 am

Playlist for Sept 30, 2001

Hear this show! --- tony schwartz * the sounds of new york city part 2
Philip Glassthe gridkoyaanisqatsi
tony schwartz the sounds of new york city part 1 Smithsonian / Folkways
moondogstamping groundmoondog
drew newmansirne of sanchiindustrium post mortem: china
secret chiefs 3ship of foolsbook m
the embarrassmenti'm a don juanheyday 1979-1983
douglas fultonbowling for bloodcomputer music currents
reid paleywhat you deserverevival
warren burtparts of speechmachine messages
stuart dempsterstanding wavesmusicworks 73
mono-litascheatedfor the greater good
dream syndicatedays of wine and rosesdays of wine and roses
sparklehorsemore yellow birdsit's a wonderful life
paul robesonthe house i live insongs of the free man
13th floor elevatorsfire enginethe psychedelic sounds of
legendary pink dotsthe golden age?the golden age
dallas string bandso tiredghost world
gene clarkis yours is mineechoes
preston school of industrywhalebonesall this sounds gas
mahjunsilkskin dawnseventies
strokessomais this it
goodiepaltigerbeat 6 inc.
supergrassi'd like to knowi should coco
elvisheartbreak hoteltiger man
dock boggssugar babycountry blues
miracle legionziggy stardustout to play
buffalo springfieldout of mindbox set
ramoneslet's danceall the stuff and more
quasisword of godsword of god
judee silldown where the valley's are lowheart food
pipes you see, pipes you don'tsleep come easyindividualized shirts
schwimmer/caine/feldmanthe neighborstheremin noir
bee geesmassbest
becksexx lawsmidnite vultures

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