Stereo Odyssey

with Yancy Yohannon

Sunday mornings 3 am - 6 am

Playlist for Aug 26, 2001

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philip glass/robert wilsonscene bthe civil wars
marmosetwinterrecord in red
danfrielnosebleedbroken man going to work
hoven drovensyenhippa
andrew carrollwar letters
john faheymy grandfather's clockdays have gone by
surpriezeklasziekzeer oude klanken en heet nieuwe geluiden
andrew carrollwar letters
the etchingham steam bandhard times of old englandetchingham steam band
januaryi heard myself in youi heard myself in you
andrew carrollwar letters
sandy salisburycome softlysandy
andrew carrollwar letters
louis armstrongwest end bluesambassador satch
solventnot for salesolvent city
guy klucesekphantom polkamanhatten cascade
hydroplancemerry-go-roundthe sound of changing places
taraf de haidouksa stork crosses the danube in the company of a ravenband of gypsies
herbert eimertklangstudieohm
denise jamesno stars tonightdenise james
sparklehorseit's a wonderful lifeit's a wonderful life
frank sinatramy funny valentineclassic sinatra
holly golightlyvirtually happysingles round-up
outsidersthe bearcq
stark effectgreen eggs and hamthe singing dictionary
sonic dragolgotigerbeat 6 inc.
quasi it's raining -
fuguvibravoxfugu 1
pixieshead ontrompe le monde
john littlejohni'm tiredslidin home
craig ventrescoscalding hot coffee ragghost world
elis reginafascinacaoos sonhos mais lindos
my bloody valentineto here knows whenloveless
pale saintshair shoesin ribbons

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