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with Yancy Yohannon

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Playlist for Aug 12, 2001
bill lee interview

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sun rateenager's letter of promisesthe singles
**************** bill lee interview ************************
warren zevonbill leebad luck streak in dancing streak
gene clarkshooting starroadmaster
captain soulmankilleryour time 7"
u.s.ofailing strings seq 2aanite
the singing dictionaryboom-boom-boom-
z'evradio station kpfkone foot in the grave
the ex & tom corastate of shockscrabbling at the lock
ennio morriconethe man with the harmonicaonce upon a time in the west
quasif hollywoodthe sword of god
dale clevenger & the franz liszt chamber orchestraconcerto no 4 for horn, k 495 (mozart)masters at work
sam phillipswasting my timefan dance
charles mingustonight at noonpassions of a man
christine 23 onnaspace age batchelor pad
lilysaccepting applicationsthe 3 way
clem snideloneliness finds her own wayyour favorite music
long lost pony expressthe great divideincomplete pony express v.1
john lennonfirst trip, across the universei don't wanna die
the robinsriot in cell block #9lieber and stoller present the spark records story
young marble giantsthe taxisalad days
new orderelegialow - life
stereolabblack ants in soundsound-dust
omdmotion and hearto.m.d.
marmosetthe tuesday hornrecord in red
yardbirdshe's always thereultimate
major organ and the adding machinewhen father was away on businessmajor organ and the adding machine
glass candyhang on to yourself7"
flat duo jetsstring alonglucky eye
built to spillthe hostancient melodies of the future
the ethiopianshong kong flubest of
the clashlondon's burningthe clash
mighty hannbalplease take a chance on mehannibalism!
john barryvolarethe emi years
ronnie ronaldemockingbird hillthe magic of

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