Stereo Odyssey

with Yancy Yohannon

Sunday mornings 3 am - 6 am

Playlist for May 20,2001

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mark eitzelchristian science reading roomthe invisible man
magic carpathians projectmaszopdenega
dave tarrasgalatasmaster of klezmer, music volume one
pale saintssight of youep
dj logicmiles awaythe anomaly
sun rathe singles
vivian sistersice cream manvivian sisters
richie valensin a turkish townlost tapes
vic chestnutwe should be so braveleft to his own devices
karlheinz stockhausen3 x refrain 2000
bessie smithmoan you mournersgospel and prayer
weezerisland in the sunweezer
greyboymastered the artmastered the art
beatlesbluejay waymagical mystery tour
akatenchateau du akaten
moondogwitch of endormoondog
the hiveshate to say i told you soep
destroyerthe sublimation hourstreethawk: a seduction
iggy and the stoogesraw powerraw power
melvin van peeblesmirror mirror on the wallrated x by an all white jury
tore elgaroybolgerytterthe sound of the sun
emmylou harrismaybe tonightanthology
wayne fontana and the mindbendersgame of love -
airelectronic performers10,000 hz legend
matching moleinstant pussysmoke signals
radioheadpyramid songcollege ep
greg troopernothin but youstraight down rain
steve wynncharityhere come the miracles
frameworki'm gonna moveskeleton
beachbuggykickin backsport furry
beachboysi went to sleephawthorne ca
hanged uphanged up
bonnie prince billyease down the road

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