Stereo Odyssey

with Yancy Yohannon

Sunday mornings 3 am - 6 am

Playlist for May 13, 2001

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emmylou harrisi still miss someoneanthology
life without buildingslet's get outany other city
the experimental makeupstudyxprmntimkp
dudley saunderssomeone who diedbrian woodbury songbook
carl stalling projecthillbilly haremusic from warner brothers cartoons 1936-1958
the g d luxxe & solventquiet lifesnow robots
the triffidsbright lights big citylove in bright landscapes
burd boysthe memories live on
safety scissorstwo letter u'sparts water
american analog sethigh fidelity vs. guy fidelitysingles
dr. zaiusall apologiescocktail tribute to nirvana
ht3bootsthe ht3
vic chestnuthermitageleft to his own devices
john oswaldwhiteplunderphonic 69-96
perry comomoonglowby request
magazinegoldfingermaybe its right to be nervous now
destroyerenglish musicstreethawk: a seduction
david candylullaby from rosemary's babyplay power
the orangerthe quitevibrationland
perry comoonce upon a timeby request
osso exoticochurch organ works
wall of voodooring of firethe index masters
blomiss sagitphases 72-82
remall the way to renoreveal
matt keatingsunday songtiltawhirl
the byrdshickory windgram parsons anthology
whiskeytownthe ballad of carol lynnpneumonia
patti smithhymnwave
clem snide1989your favorite music
bill black's combosmokie part 2the hi records years
portastaticsweethearts organ mixlooking for leonard
brad poundersfour chambersshe shakes
omdbunker soldiersomd in the dark
herbertforeign bodiesbodily functions
hemlazy eyerabbit songs

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