Stereo Odyssey

with Yancy Yohannon

Sunday mornings 3 am - 6 am

Playlist for Apr 29, 2000

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Bernard Hermannpsychoa history of hitchcock
red house painterskavitaold ramon
unit 4 + 2concrete and clayrushmore
icebreaker internationalphillipine seatrein maersk
shannon wrightazaleaperishable goods
mr. mixel pixelsubhuman levelsmappy land
blue thingshigh lifeblue things
jamie lidellentroscoopermuddlin gear
the fire showpilate fthe fire show
memphis jug bandrukus juice and chittlinfolks, he sure do pull some bow
xtcgenerals and majorsblack sea
destroyerthe bad artsstreethawk: a seduction
the carl stalling projectanxiety montagemusic from warner brothers cartoons 36-58
tim buckleysong to the sirenthe dream belongs to me
fifth columna picnic at the bottom of a frozen riverindiscreet music 76-80
yma sumacxtabaythe spell of yma sumac
peabody hermitagefearpsycheldelic experience vol. 4
celluloid matabarbarous coastsable
president lyndon b. johnson signing of the civil rights bill -
386 dximaginethe best of
signalmencapture the moonfalsetto teeth
puffy ami yumi dec. -
beatles your mother should know -
john oswaldmargo integerplunderphonic 69-96
george sarahkid aplastic mutations
the miller sistersit only hurts for a little whilesun's singing sweethearts
chillsi'll only see you only againsecret box
avengerssummer placethe avengers VI
moondogviking I/ chaconne in gin europe
2001: a space odyssey blue danube blue danube
bee geeschildren of the worldchildren of the world
ed reavyreilly of the white hillthe music of
vic chestnutcashleft to his own devices
beckpressure zonemidnite vultures
warthey can't take away our musicanthology
the rip-off artistswayelectro stuff
two-step schottische american fiddle tunes -
dustin hoffmanblah, blahlenny
of montrealit's a very starry nightconquelicot
orangera view of the city from an airplanethe quitevibrationland
al greenhow can you mend a broken heartbest

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