Stereo Odyssey

with Yancy Yohannon

Sunday mornings 3 am - 6 am

Playlist for April 22, 2001

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okros ensemblekalotaszegi mulatonotak invirtita es cel iute szapora es keservesi left my sweet homeland
red house painterswop-a-din-dinold ramon
sirthe night i met my second wifethe night i met my second wife
clocked out duotwo views of the cityevery night the same dream
micromarsshe's into the cha cha chametro
unwoundtreacheryleaves turn inside you
moondogfrost flowera new sound of an old instrument
ken nordinehelloa transparent mask
kammerflimmer kollektiefgrasmaander
fifth columnhorror of nuclear warthe early fifth column
bob marleyslave drivercatch a fire
shannon wrighthinterlandperishable goods
oompa loompas - -
egneknlonelytime8 track magic
kicking giantdreamland burnsalien id
in one ear out the analogeverything in the right placeplastic mutations
monkeeszilchheadquarters sessions
charles dodge any resemblance is purely coincidental -
brian enogolden hoursanother green world
john lee hookerif you've never been in lovechill out
vic chestnutwe should be so braveleft to his own devices
cat stevensthe trampthe very early songs
of montreallook at the bellcoquelicot
bill withersgrandma's handsbest
bobby blandhow does a cheatin' woman feeltwo steps from the blues
destroyerthe crossoverstreethawk: a seduction
pilot magic -
386 dxsmells like teen spiritbest of
piero unilianicaretera panamericanato-day's sound
francois houlele corps abstrait s'abandonne a la lumierecryptology
trollel vampiroque son los trolls y en que nos ayudan?
ac dclove at first feeldirty deeds done dirt cheap
sovineslong long nightthe sad days of
ramonescalifornia sunbest
andy g and the roller kingsfeelin so goodandy g and the roller kings
jason faulknerroadkill blues4 track years
american cherrygolddiggers of 1999
gina lee and her texas three living free -
al stewartin brooklynlove chronicles
blue aeroplanespre-fab buildingsweird shit

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