Stereo Odyssey

with Yancy Yohannon

Sunday mornings 3 am - 6 am

Playlist for Feb 18, 2001

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charlie musslewhitechristo redemptorharmonica classics
epic soundtrackssteal awaychange my life
rock a teensdown with peoplethe rock a teens
miniaturesron gersin (enter brain)miniatures
chet bakerevery time we say goodbyelet's get lost
babe ruth's farewell to baseball great speeches of the 20th century -
theselahuryneno sleep more fun
ernest hemingway (kimmo pohjonen)the fifth column (anastaja)kielo
flux information sciencesdollar daysprivate/public
astor piazollapia-sol-la-solpiazzollissimo
led zeppelinfour sticksled zeppelin
stereo totalrock that harpsichordharpsichord 2000
ulan batoretoile astreego: echo
beny moreconoci la pazbefore night falls
steffen basho junghansmovement part 1inside
lenny brucepoint of view klu klux klanamerican comedy
pj harveyjoedry
mia doi toddzigguratzeroone
laura cantrelllittle bit g-mixthe peel sessions plus
lee scratch perryconquerorborn in the sky
white stripesparty of special things to do7"
melvin van peeblescome on feet do your thingrated x by an all white jury
carl stallingmarching pink elephantsvol 2
the majic shipto love somebodycomplete authorized recordings
queersi'm the boy for youtoday
apples in stereorubyher wallpaper reverie
invertlost springinvert
miss murgatroidmarcello strollmethyl ethyl key tones
lyresstormylyres lyres
dqetimberthe queen of mean
jeff londonlater onmute

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