Stereo Odyssey

with Yancy Yohannon

Sunday mornings 3 am - 6 am

Playlist for FEb 4, 2001

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etta jamesif i can't have youlove songs
ladytroncska sofia604
moondogautumnthe story of moondog
azure raydon't make a soundazure ray
rice creamparisiennemute
the exay carmela1936/ the spanish revolution
leadbellyi ain't going down to the well no moreshout on
swell mapsblam!!sweep the desert
langston hughesthe story of the bluesthe voice of
jon spencersweatorange
john peel sings the blues badly, etc.variousminiatures
white stripeshello operatordestijl
louis armstronghotter than thatwest end blues
melvin van peeblesthe coolest place in townrated x by an all-white jury
the animalsbury my bodybest of
hugh lecaneorgan experiment with pitch controlcompositions demonstrations
johnny bondstars of the midnight rangecountry & western
robert wyatt5 black notes and 1 white noteruth is stranger than richard
dan brykfingerslovers leap
bartok6 romanian folk dancesivor cutler
beatlesi'm so tiredbeatles anthology 3
stephen malkmuspink indiastephen malkmus
mount floridastatic airwavesarrived phoenix
phil ochsi ain't marching anymoresteal this movie
dqestand by methe queen of mean
aavikkokova laakityoriental baby
wirepractice makes perfecton returning (1977-1979)
billie holidayi'll be seeing youas time goes by
colin blunstonelet me come closer to youyears some years
concentrickbummertender machines
hanayo874 crybaby killerhanayo
troy hessplease don't go topless mothergod less america
themone two brown eyesstory of
norman haskinsnoah and the flooddeep river of song: virginia and the piedmont
flaming starsaction, crime, visiona walk on the wired side
nick drakeplace to bepink moon
radioheadkid akid a
echoboytelstar recoverysingle
the remainswhen i want to knowthe remains
the neckbonesocean of bluethe lights are getting dim
the pixiesrock musicbossanova
lume lumelater, the sky is still clearlume lume

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