Stereo Odyssey

with Yancy Yohannon

Sunday mornings 3 am - 6 am

Playlist for Nov 19, 2000

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smokeclean white bedsmoke
Clara RockmoreSong of GrusiaThe art of the theremin
the causey waygeological lustecstacy of the agonies (comp)
Gary Lucasit's like a wheelstreet of lost brothers
Egneknlonelytime8 track magic
jon spencer blues explosiondissectorange
xhol caravanelectrip
nyckelharpa orchestrasamlingsmarschbyss-calle
johnny cashbird on a wireamerican recordings
ana duda urtsualive on morning becomes eclectic
monroe mustangweren't gonei am the only running footman
jayhawkstroublesound of lies
lee ranaldothe bridgeeast jesus
evil stigsecond skinevil stig
mecca normalvacant night skysitting on snaps
bernard falaiseredobernard falaise
sunshinel.i.p.velvet suicide
concentrickmusic for tunnels
webb wilderrocket to nowherethe science fiction collection
the sprague brothersi don't need herforever and a day
john lennon/plastic ono bandisolationjohn lennon/plastic ono band
canterbury fairrussian operacanterbury fair
microstoriame-too-modulamodel 3, step 2
****************interview with Pat Croce***************************
butch engle and the styxi'm a foolno matter what you say
os mutantesa minha meninaos mutantes
gemtime wasgem
amber asylumblack lodgethe supernatural parlour collection
richard goodeno. 29 b-flat major, opus 106the late sonatas

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