Subject: Stereo Odyssey sept 25 Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 07:55:39 EDT From: To: Yancy: Playlist for DATEDATEDATE

Stereo Odyssey

with Yancy Yohannon

Sunday mornings 3 am - 6 am


Pluxus /fudge * pluxus vs fudge vs. fudge.
Pluxus /fudge pluxus vs fudge vs. fudge. -
Elliot Sharpchaa ballet sequenceknitting on the roof
Gandalfgolden earringsgandalf
Peter Langturnpike terrorthe thing at the nursery room window
Roy Woodwake upboulders
swell maps full moon
ny dollsdon't start talkinglipstick killers
Bobby Hughes Experiencefusa riotfusa riot
Cremetoadoff the top
The dragonsbad reputationlive at the casbah
David Peel and the lower east sidehey mr. draft boardthe rest is
historyJohn Barrymidnight cowboymidnight cowboy
Tim buckleysing a song for youonce i was
Uberhundfun & funnyinexpensively embalmed
guy klucevsekscenes from a miragescenes from a mirage
rolling stonesshe smiled sweetlybetween the buttons
broadcastilluminationextended play 2
Yoko Onoshiranakatany rock
The stepsdibawah bulan purnamakrontjong warna-warni
The Redsack ack ack ackthe reds
les thugsas happy asas happy as possible
pramthe owl servicethe museum of imaginary animals
tindersticks tindersticks -
Osso exotico (Patricia machas)lisbon cathedral organchurch organ works
robert wyattlitte red robin hood hit the roadrock bottom
Queentie your mother downa day at the races
Manish kalvakotaoxmanish kalvakota
John faheylionthe essential
Wilcoshe's a jarsummerteeth
Laura Cantrellthe whiskey makes you sweeternot the tremblin kind
Doug Salm and the sir douglas quintetsunday sunny mill valley groove daybest of
The National gallerydiana in the autumn windthe national gallery
The kinkseverybody's gonna be happyhigh fidelity
autopoieses la vie a noir -
x-tonesplanet weirdx-tones
Speedball babythe al green shuffleuptight
Giant sandromance of fallingramp
the causey wayplan cwwcd
clinicinternal wranglerinternal wrangler
saintsprivate affaireternally yours
the hivesdie, all rightveni vidi vicious
vanilla fudgethe sky cried-when i was a boyrenaissance
autour de lucieselon l'humeurImmobile

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