Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Oct 19, 1999

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Wicked InnocenceRagsdale StoryWprship
AtheistAn Incarnation's DreamUnquestionable Presence
PavorCorpsesA Pale Debilitating Autumn
Hate EternalDogma CondemnedConquering The Throne
Mercyful FateNight Of The UnbornDon't Break The Oath
SlayerAggressive PerfectorReign In Blood
Cannibal CorpseHammersmashed FaceTomb Of The Mutilated
Morbid AngelBlessed Are The SickBlessed Are The Sick
IniquityEncysted And DormantSeranadium
Theory In PracticeCarnage EarthThe Armaggedon Theories
CoronerReborn Through HateCoroner
HellhammerTriumph Of DeathApocalyptic Raids
Scattered RemnantsDestined To FailDestined To Fail
AsphyxVerminThe Rack
Gloomy GrimCrucifixionBlood Monsters Darkness
AngelcorpseSolar WillsThe Inexorable
AllfatherUnbonding Of Thine Forgotten WillDemo
AbortedWrenched Carnal OrnamentsPurity Of Perversion
Upside Down CrossUpside Down CrossUpside Down Cross
MiseryMorbid DreamsRevel In Blasphemy
CandlemassIn The Unfathomed TowerTales Of Creation
NecrosisCrown Of ThornsActa Sanctorum
ObituaryFind The AriseCause Of Death
TortchureSinister SeductionThe Essence
ParadigmaWhen The Storm Comes DownMare Veris
Amon AmarthAmon AmarthOnce Sent
HeresiarhOf LamentMythical Beasts

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