Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Sept 10, 1999

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
SatyriconHavoc VltureRebel Extravaganza
Abbadon IncarnateThe Sharing Of The Thoughts With The DeadThe Last Supper
Malignant EternalMillenium PsychoAlarm
Lacrimas ProfundereThe Crown Of LeavingMemorandum
Lost SoulMy KingdomNow Is Forever
Darkthrone?Ravishing Grimness
CenturianIn The Name Of ChaosChoronzonic Chaos Gods
DerangedBy Knife...High On Blood
BloodthornSound Of DeathOnwards Into Battle
The Kuntaut CultUse Your DaggerFrom The Pits
Septic FleshThe Underwater GardenMystic Places At Dawn
Whispering GalleryMy Final Hour On EarthPoems Of A Forgotten Dream
TristitiaDance Of The SelenitesOne With Darkness
AnathemaSleep In SanitySerenades
HeresiarhDragons DomainMythical Beasts And Medieval Warfare
CenotaphPromiscuous Masculine's PersonifiedPuked Genital Purulency
NecrophagiaDevil EyesUnholy Sounds Of Demon Bells
Amon AmarthThe Might Dors Of The Speargod's HallSorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds
Mercyful FateBuring The CrossReturn Of The Vampire
BloodthornThe Embodied Core Of DarknessIn The Shadow Of Your Black Wings
Gloomy GrimThe SummoningBlood,Monsters,Darkness
MalignancyIntestinal SodomyIntrauterine Cannibalism
OzFire In The BrainFire In The Brain
Upside Down CrossCoffin Of SurprisesEvilution
TristaniaMy Lost LenoreWidow's Weeds
SilentiumWhatever The PainInfinite Plenge Vulnera
Butcher ShoppeInsanities Of LifeMeat
Celestial SeasonAfterglowForever Scarlet Passion
CemetaryAdrift In Scarlet TwilightGodless Beauty
MorgothFemale InfanticideThe Eternal Fall
CarnivoreMale SupremacyCarnivore
Mercyful FateNight Of The UnbornDon't Break The Oath
The Year Of Our LordManchild In The Poisoned LandThe Frozen Divide
Psychic ScreamEmbrace In SolacePanggilon
Long Voyage BackTowards The SunLong Voyage Back
UnruhLayman's GallowsSetting Fire To Sinking Ships
OverkillOverkill IiTaking Over
ManowarGates Of ValhallaHell On Stage
Celtic FrostProcreation Of The WickedMorbid Tales
As Divine GraceGashLumo

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