Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Aug 6, 1999

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
DiabolicRack Of TormentSupreme Evil
SeanceWho Will Not Be DeadForever Laid To Rest
Aura NoirBlood UnityDeep Tracks Of Hell
Paradise LostBreeding FearLost Paradise
MalignancyPost Fetal DepressionIntrauterine Cannibalism
SlayerHell AwaitsHell Awaits
King DiamondThe JonahFatal Porrait
Evil IncarnateRaised From The DeepBlood Of The Saints
Celtic FrostThe UsurperParched With Thirst
SodSpeak English Or DieSpeak English Or Die
Black SabbathJohny BladeNever Say Die
BrutalityFoul Lair?
Mangled TorsosGodlessGodless
JigsawSky High?
Melancholy PessimismHatredInconsistent World
Gary NumanTracksPleasure Principle
AbortedHiwhay I 35The Purity Of Perversion
David BowieCygnet CommitteeSpace Oddity
Wicked InnocenceThoughtsOmnipotence
RushNatural SciencePermanent Waves
CasketWarhammerUnder The Surface
Immortal SufferingEntangled Upon LiesThe Images Of Horror
Don HoTiny BubblesBest Of
DichoticLove Stained SpatterCollapse Into Despair
AtrocityLast TemptationHallucinations
ImmolationDespondent SoulsDawn Of Possession
Celestial SeasonSoft Embalmer Of The Still MidnightSolar Lovers
PucciniTre Sbirri. Una CarrozzaTosca
AnathemaUnder A Veil Of Black LaceSeranades
CandlemassAcry From The CryptAncient Dreams
EsotericDominion Of SlavesThe Pernicious Enigma
ElendDu Trefonds Des TenebresUmberson
Mass PsychosisNecropornoNecroporno
Mercyful FateBurning The CrossReturn Of The Vampire
Amon AmarthAmon AmarthOnce Sent From The Golden Hall
Brutal TruthLord Of This WorldMasters Of Misery
UsurperThe Ruins Of GomorrahDiabolosis
TristitiaReminiscence Of The MournerOne With Darkness
ThergothonEverlastingStream From The Heavens
Sad LegendDawn Of DespairSad Legend
GriefHate Grows StrongerCome To Grief

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