Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for July 30, 1999

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
GriefWorld Of HurtCome To Grief
BrickCarrionSecured In Darkness
ElendDancing Under The Closed Eyes Of ParadiseHoly Bible Ii
BethlehemSchudunjres Knochrigen FaltpferdGummo
Septic FleshThe Eldest CosmonautHoly Bible Ii
AbrymDark MysteriaKaliyuga Bizarre
Gloomy GrimMy DomainHoly Bible Ii
Celtic FrostSorrows Of Te MoonInto The Pandemonium
LegendaWhere The Devils DanceHoly Bible Ii
Dead Can DanceI Am Stretched On Your GraveToward The Within
TristitiaThe Other SideHoly Bible Ii
Mercyful FateInto The CovenMelissa
TartarosThe 5th And The HereticThe Red Jewel
KataklysmThe Unholy SignatureTemple Of Knowledge
Filthy ChristiansParty And Fight For Your RightsMean
Amon AmarthWithout FearOnce Sent From The Golden Hall
Melancholy PessimismDeperation Of HomelessInconsistent World
AtrocityLife Is A Long Silent RiverHallucinations
King DiamondTwilight SymphonyThem
SodPmbSpeak English Or Die
Evil IncarnateHeaven Lay BurnedBlood Of Souls
AutopsySlaughterdayMental Funeral
Viral LoadMy Mighty SwordBrutalized Beyond Belief
Broken HopeShe Came Out In ChunksSwamped In Gore
Dying FetusPermanently DisfiguredBlunt Force Trauma
SkinlessMilk And InnardsProgression Toward Evil
Wicked InnocenceThe GraysOmnipotence
DichoticGod ComplexCollapse Into Despair
IniquityDesiderated ProtigencyThe Hidden Lore
CemetaryScarsAn Evil Shade Of Gray
Celestial SeasonWill You Wait For The SunSolar Lovers
BrutalityCrushedScreams Of Anguish
ImmolationThe Devil I KnowFailures For Gods
King DiamondThe Wedding DreamConspiracy
Black SabbathAfter ForeverMaster Of Reality
DesecratorCorpse By DayDemo 88
Malevolent CreationPremature BurialTen Commandments
SummoningLong LostStronghold
SanctuaryTermination ForceRefuge Denied
CasketInner ScarsUnder The Surface
Count RavenThe Final JourneyDestruction Of The Void

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