Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for June 25, 1999

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
SeanceWho Will Not Be DeadForever Laid To Rest
NoctesPersiphoneVexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni
Crown Of ThornsBeautiful Evil SoulEternal Death
Mercyful FateCurse Of The PharaohsReturn Of The Vampire
CarcassReek Of PutrefactionSymphonies Of Sickness
PessimistPsychological AutopsyBlood For The Gods
Evil IncarnateDie By The SwordGateway To Hell
TartarosDark Red Light Upon The Bones?
EvilutionCowering MessiahShrine Of Desecration
MardukScortched EarthPanzer Division
VomitoryAshes Of Mourning LifeRedemption
Infernal MajestyNight Of The Living DeadNone Shall Defy
MalignancyProfitable ExtinctionInrauterine Cannibalism
PavorSymbols Of DepravityA Pale Debilitating Autumn
Paradise LostEternalGothic
Mass PsychosisNecropornoNecroporno
Wicked InnocenceThoughtsOmnipotence
NecrosisPsalm Of SorrowActa Sanctorum
NecrophagiaDevil EyesUnholy Sounds Of Demon Bells
ThergothonThe Unkown KadathStream From The Heavens
KorovaAfter The FruitsA Kiss In The Charnal Fields
CasketInner ScarsUnder The Surface
MonstrosityDestroying DivinityIn Dark Purity
Gloomy GrimWarBlood, Monsters, Darkness
CathedralSoul SacrificeSoul Sacrifice
CorruptureThe Seeds Of HatredDemo
ProphesyEbolic RegurgitationForetold... Foreseen
TrelldomGlave Til En KommedenattTil Et Annet
TulusTarantulusEvil 1999
Old FuneralSkin And BoneThe Older Ones
Novembers DoomThe Jealous SonEvery Leaf That Falls
BelphegorImpalement Without MercyTh Last Supper
Vital RemainsCome To The SabbathUnholy Sounds Of Demon Bells
Mercyful FateBlack FuneralMetalstorm
DesecratorCorpse By DayDemo
AtrocityArchangelLonging For Death

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