Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Apr 2, 1999

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Upside Down CrossUpside Down CrossUpside Down Cross
Amon AmarthBurning CreationAmon Amarth
Long Winters StareInto The DarknessBefore The Dawn
Scattered RemnantsAt Te Right Hand Of NothingnessDestined To Fail
Evil IncarnateBlood Of The SaintsBlood Of The Saints
Gloomy GrimWarBlood,Monsters,Darkness
CompulsoryChangeAnd The Death Of Vanity
DeicideSacridicial SuicideDeicide
ChoronzonCrimson AwakeningMagog Agog
Paradise LostEternalGothic
King DiamondMother's Getting WeakerThem
KilenedTemporary SkinInto The Ancient Moon
Guidance Of SinFatedSoulseducer
BloodthornThe Embodied Core Of DarknessIn The Shadow Of Your Black Wings
ImmolationThe Devil I KnowFailures For Gods
KorovaStrangulation AlphaDead Like An Angel
DiabolicWicked InclinationDiabolic
King DiamondBehind These WallsThe Eye
EurythmicsLove Is A StrangerSweet Dreams
In AeturnumWhen The Vultures LeftForever Blasphemy
Theatre Of TragedyThe Masquerader And PhoenixVelvet Darkness They Fear
Dark FuneralThe TrialV.A.
MiseryAct Of WarRevel In Blasphemy
SeanceThe Blessing Of DeathForever Laid To Rest
AnathemaSleep In SanitySerenades
OdhinnBridge Of BifrostOdhinn
KorovaDer SchlaffmannDead Like An Angel
Celtic FrostProcreation Of The WickedMorbid Tales
WitcheryFast As A SharkWitchburner
AsphyxThoughts Of An AthiestAsphyx
HouwitserTerror LegionDeath But Not Buried
Dimmu BorgirThe Insight And The CatharsisSpiritual Black Dimension
Mercyful FateBlack MassesThe Beginning
Dim MakInsect To InsectEnter The Dragon
BrutalityElectric FuneralWhen The Sky Turns Black
Gloomy GrimPope Of The Black ArtsBood,Monsters,Darkness
CandlemassWell Of SoulsNightfall
GraveBanished To Live?

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