Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Dec 11, 1998

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
AnathemaMemento MoriPentecost Iii
PikThe Holy Water Doesn't WorkThe Heritage Of Past Gods
ThalarionGoddess Of Beauty Sleeps For EvermoreTales Of The Woods
In The WoodsWeeping WillowOmnio
BethlehemDie Anarchische Der AugenzeneligionDictius Te Necare
Count RavenTraitorHigh On Infinity
ImmortalThroned By Black StarsBattles In The North
King DiamondNo Presents For ChristmasDark Sides
SleepAquarianHoly Mountain
At The GatesColdSlaughtersun
Morbid AngelImmortal RitesAltars Of Madness
CrematoryIn My HandsJust Dreaming
Divine EveA Somber BlossomingAs The Angels Weep
Mass PsychosisSignatureNecroporno
SuffocationSeeds Of The SufferingEffigy Of The Forgotten
My Dying BrideThe Bitterness And The Bereavement
IncantationThe Ibex MoonThe Forsaken Mourning Of Angelic Anguish
ImmolationThe Devil I KnowFailures For God
DerangedKilling SpreeRated X
AcGloves Of Metal40 More Reasons To Hate Us
NoctesLamiaPandemonic Requiem
AtrocityUnspoken NamesLonging For Death
Babylon SadGothic SpringKyrie
Grief Of EmeraldWinds Of VengeanceNightspawn
DeadGo Go Babe From Outer SpaceVip
Nuclear TribunalSentencedAttack Of The Salami Smokers From Venus
Aura NoirThe Beautiful Darkest PathDeep Tracks Of Hell
SolsticeAlchemiculteNew Dark Age
Negura BungetBlaznitZirninou So
Mercyful FateSatan's FallMelissa
HeresiarhHorns Of WarElven Witchcraft
CandlemassDemon's GateEpicus Doomicus Metallicus
FuneralUnder Ebony ShadeTragedies
As Divine GraceGashLumo
NightwishMymphomaniac FantasiaAngels Fall First

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