Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Dec 4, 1998

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
ImmolationNo Jesus, No BeastFailures For God
Celtic FrostVisual AggressionMorbid Tales
AsphyxEmperor Of SalvationAsphyx
Mercyful FateYou Asked For ItReturn Of The Vampire
Count RavenDestruction Of The VoidDestruction Of The Void
AvengerKoreny ZlaShadows Of The Damned
ObituaryCause Of DeathDead
DeicideChrist DeniedOnce Upon The Cross
RepulsionThe Stench Of Burning DeathHorrified
HeresiahrThe Horns Of WarElven Witchcraft
VaderBeast RapingBack To The Blind
CathedrealAll Your SinsIn Memoriam
Paradise LostForever FailureForever Failure
BethlehemReflectionen Auf's Sturben?
HypocrisyRequest DeniedThe Final Chapter
TristitiaReminiscences Of The MournerOne With Darkness
Celestial SeasonTogether In SolitudeForever Scarlet Passion
DisembowelmentExcoriateTranscending Into The Peripheral
ImmolationInternal DecadenceStepping On Angels
St VitusDarkworldDie Healing
Mercyful FateNightmareLive
ElendDu Trefonds Des TenebresUmbersun
CarnivoreJesus HitlerRetaliation
Paradise LostDead EmotionGothic
Black SabbathTomorrow's DreamLive At Last
ViogressionMaggot SynodExpound And Exhort
SeanceThe Blessing Of DeathForever Laid To Rest
Morbid AngelChapel Of GhoulsAbomination Of Desolation
CastleThe Emperor's ChildrenCastle
Count RavenAngel Of DeathDestruction Of The Void
GorefestThe Glorious DeadDeath Is Just The Beginning 2
WarcryWicked WarlockDemo
MorgothWhite GalleryThe Eternal Frost
High Power??
GorgutsStiff And ColdThe Erosion If Sanity
Twin ObscenityTribute To MortalityWhere Light Touches None
DesecratorCorpse By DayDemo
Mangled TorsosExperienceGodless
Dismal EuphonyIn Remembance Of A ShroudAutumn Leaves

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