Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Nov 27 1998

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
KrisiunVengeance RevelationApocalyptic Revelation
Ripping CorpseRift Of HateSplattered Remains
ElendDu Trefonds Des TenebresUmbersun
High Power??
Mercyful FateSatan's FallMelissa
WarcryWicked WarlockDemo
ViolationThrough The Gates Of InfinityBeyond The Graves
Trail Of TearsThe BurdenDisclosure In Red
BloodthornKarsimyksien Vaaleat KadetWar Vol 1
Enochian Crescent?Babalon Patrale De Telecuvim
AnataThose Who Lick The Wounds Of ChristThe Infernal Depths Of Hatred
Black MessiahSceptre Of Black KnowledgeSceptre Of Black Knowledge
Nebular MoonFlamesMourning
AnasarcaLike Thorns In My HeadGodmachine
SoulsearchCythronAbred Vs Annwn
EminezConspiracy Of The WitchesAnti-Genesis
EisrigenAbglanz Vom LichtKrebskolonie
ImmolationThe Devil I KnowFailures For God
SeanceForever Laid To RestForever Laid To Rest
DichoticTouching The TimelessCollapse Into Despair
AlasSurmounting The MassesSo Mote It Be
Mercyful FateA Corpse Without A SoulReturn Of The Vampire
ProphesyAssembled By DeathForetold...Foreseen
PurgatoryYour Soul Will Never RestBestial
Gardens Of GehennaIconoclasmMortem Saluta
Malevolent CreationManic DemiseThe Fine Art Of Murder
Pungent StenchA Small LunchFor God Your Soul
VenomSeven Gates Of HellThe Singles
SindromeRapture In BloodInto The Halls Of Extermination
Thorr's HammerTrollDommedagsnatt
CarcassExhume To ConsumeSymphonies Of Sickness
Amon AmarthAmon AmarthOnce Sent From Te Golden Halls
CandlemassThe Well Of SoulsNightfall
Paradise LostWeeping WordsIcon
TherionFloating BackLucid Dreaming

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