Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Nov 13, 1998

Anatomical Inferno
ArtistSongAlbum (format)
KrisiunCreationsApocalyptic Revelation
AutopsyRidden With DiseaseSevered Survival
Amon AmarthWithout FearOnce Sent...
Mercyful FateCome To The SabbathDon't Break The Oath
GothicFun Projects And DeathPrelude To Killing
Haemorhhageenshrouded In Putrilage
ImmolationThe Devil I KnowFailures For God
Grip IncForesightSolidify
ProphesyHuman AtrocityForetold...Foreseen
ApohisEin Mer Aus TranenHeliopolis
The CrownGive You HellHell Is Here
The Great KatCarmen FantasyBlody Vivaldi
DichoticLove-Stained SpatterColapse Into Despair
HimenbjorgJourney Through The Nine WorldsWhere Ravens Fly
EvokenTo Sleep EternallyEmbrace The Emptiness
Sad LegendDawn Of DespairSad Legend
SaturnusConsecration For The LovelessLonely Nihgts
Mercyful FateInto The CovenLive Bootleg
BethlehemVartimnenReflektioner Auf's Sterben
Shoobee TaylorStout-Hearted ManThe Human Horn
Blood AxisElectricityBlot
SethDans Les Yenx Du SerpenLes Blessues Des L'amt
CianideMindscapeThe Dying Truth
NecrophagiaThe Cross Turns BlackHolocaust De La Morte
Meese NoirHeralds Of PestilenceMandal Gate Of The Calling
Lunatic GodsSmileSitting By The Fire
BethzaidaBrief Is The FlameLxxvii
CandlemassMourners LamentNightfall

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