Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Nov 6 , 1998

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
EvokenLost Kingdom Of DarknessEmbrace The Emptiness
13Triumph Of DeathIn Memory Of Celtic Frost
Celtic FrostThe UsurperParched With Thirst...
DeathWithin The MindSpiritual Healing
ImmolationOnce OrdainedFailures For God
KrisiunAborticideApocalyptic Revelation
Mercyful FateBlack FuneralThe Beginning
Paradise LostMortals Watch The DayShades Of God
PyrexiaDemigodSermon Of Mockery
UnlordInferno BizarreGehwarswold
Shoobee TaylorStout-Hearted ManThe Human Horn
In The WoodsI Am Your FleshOmnio
Sad LegendUtter Emptiness...Sad Legend
ImmolationFailures For GodFailures For God
Theatre Of TragedyBlack As The Devil PaintethA Rose For The Dead
Mercyful FateInto The CovenMelissa
ViolationBitternessBeyond The Graves
Blood AxisSarabade OratoriaBlot
FleshgrndLurid ImpurityDestined For Defilement
RaventhroneVision DementiaMalice In Wonderland
GoreaphobiaDemented Omen Of MasochismDemented Opmen Of Masochism
CandlemassA Cry From The CryptAncient Dreams
...And OceansBreeding The Evil InsideWar Vol I
My Dying BrideErotic LiteratureAs The Flower Withers
AzureThe EroicanMoonlight Legend
AnataSlain Upon His AltarThe Infernal Depths Of Hatred
Appalling SpawnBy Sword And HeartFreedom Hope And Fury
DichoticUnholy ExhumationCollapse Into Despair
Theatre Of TragedyFair And Guling Corpsemate DeathVelvet Darkness..
GothicSmile A Day Prelude To Killing
King DiamondA Visit From The DeadConspiracy
SkyforgerKurshiKauga Pie Sailes
DissectionWhere Dead Angels LieStorm Of The Lights Bane
GzrSeance FictionPlastic Planet
PucciniE Lucevan Le StelleTosca
Infernal MajestySosNone Shall Defy
SkepticismBy Silent WingsStormcrowfleet

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