Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Aug21, 1998

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Celtic FrostUsurperTo Mega Therion
CarcassHepatic Tissue Fermentation IiTools Of The Trade
Angel CorpseWartornExterminate
Jungle RotDeadly ForsceSlaughter The Weak
CovenantDragonheartNexus Polaris
UnhallowedStench Of ImpurityDemo
CemetaryWhere The Rivers Of Madness StreamAn Evil Shade Of Gray
SkinlessMilk And InnardsProgression Toward Evil
VaderOutbreak Of EvilFuture Of The Past
WarheadThe Raping Of AngelsRaping Of Angels
Wicked InnocenceA Level HigherOmnipotence
Between The FrostMy Crystal TowerInstinct Of Surliness
Noctis InvocatEternal Dreams Of FireDepressiva Vox Clamantis
Theatre Of TragedyTo These WordsBehold No Tongue
Mercyful FateDevil EyesThe Beginning
Long Winter's StareTimeless And SlumberCold Tale Eternal
MiseryDark InspirationsRevel In Darkness
Blood RitualSanguine DeityAt The Mountains Of Madness
WitcheryWitcheryRestless And Dead
DeathwitchThe Ultimate DeathThe Ultimate Death
MessiahThe Ballad Of JesusUnderground
KrisiunEvil MastermindBlack Force Domain
DeathPainkillerThe Sound Of Perseverance
DisinterDesecrated CorpseDesecrator
CandlemassAt The Gallows EndNightfall
Mercyful FateSatan's FallMelissa
Gloomy GrimWarBlood Monsters Darkness
CenturionBlasphemerOf Purest Fire
Mucous MembraneAscension Of The DivineShallow Existence
NeuraxisInquisition Of MortalityImagery
NaphobiaTo Lead AstrayOf Hell
Broken HopeBorivoj's DemiseSwamped In Gore
Scattered RemnantsProfanation Of ChristProcreating Mass Carnage
AvrigusThe Final WishThe Final Wish
Ancient RitesFatherlandFatherland

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